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♔♔ QUEENS OF R&B / HIP-HOP ♔♔ [More eliminations as we near the Top #60!]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by allyshone, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. I'm starting this today because I am so excited. Perched and parched.

    And can we add a Toni track? Maybe something off of 'Pulse' or a solo song from 'Love, Marriage & Divorce'?
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  2. Would feel wrong without honouring one of the greats of the genre before the rate begins.


    We kind of have a bit of Aaliyah in Tink's Million (see Extras), but nothing beats the original. We will never know what Aaliyah being alive would have meant for the R&B genre today, but she will forever be remembered as one of the greats, after 3 albums no less.

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  3. The Red Album will never get old.
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  4. Rock The Boat is incredible.
  5. KAG


    I'm excited about this rate. I adore four of those selected albums, however I'm baffled about the omission of Jhene Aiko in extras. I'd say 'The Worst', 'The Pressure' and '3:16am' are some of the best female-fronted R&B songs of the last five years.
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  6. Just voted. It was so hard to decide on my 11, I feel like there was one on each album! But I stand by my decision and will accept its departure at like #43.
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  7. Believe me, it was painful putting the list together. About 10 other songs I wanted to include but the list was already big enough. They will get honourable mentions though.
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  8. OK I can get behind this.

    Thank you for showing Teyana a bit of love by including Maybe in the extras. I've been re-discovering VII and forgot how many luxuriously smooth jams were on it. Maybe, Do Not Disturb, Broken Hearted Girl, Dreams, Business, In The Air...
  9. Thanks to those who have already voted.

    A new honourable mention... Miss Jazmine Sullivan. I know some of y'all mentioned her a few pages back and how she should have been a part of this rate, and I actually agree... but it was just so darn hard condensing it down to 112 songs. However, this is her moment to shine.


    She has one of the best female voices in R&B, she's only 28 and she's writes all her own music. Oh and that music that she writes, turns out a little bit like this:

    ... it is a near 10/10. Maybe next time Jaz.
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  10. Thank you for that.
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  11. Can we talk about Candice Glover's complete non-career, despite being one of the best voices on American Idol in ages?

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  12. We cannot forget the Jazmine Sullivan penned Cried, written just for Candice! What a fantastic song that definitely has Jazmine's stamp on it but I feel like Candice holds her own well with it.
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  13. This would've been my 11. Hands down.
  14. Back in 2006, anyone with a right mind was getting down to that whispered bop, Me & U by Cassie. And then she released another bop, Long Way 2 Go and then the album came out and sold over 300k in the US. Not bad for a debut effort. However, then she became Diddy's muse and we haven't had another album since.


    However, she has teased us in the past few years with what should have been a number one around the world, King Of Hearts and in 2013, she released her first mixtape RockaByeBaby, which is actually pretty darn good. So tonight's honourable mention goes to Cassie - we need that second album girl!

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  15. Still waiting for that Tonti Braxtont addition from the good sis @allyshone
  16. Being the master categorizer that I am, I'm trying to rank these heavyweights by how weird they are.
  17. I'd totally forgotten about this rate, oop. How are you doing for votes @allyshone? Any chance of a couple more days so I can panic a little less?

    I know the albums, just need to sit down and put my scores together.
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  18. I have done Nicki today. Pfff. Hoping that was the worst.
  19. Can we extend voting? This fell off the first page and I lost track.

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