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♔♔ QUEENS OF R&B / HIP-HOP ♔♔ [More eliminations as we near the Top #60!]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by allyshone, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. Yes a voting extension would be lovely!!
  2. I'm cool with waiting a bit longer for the results to begin, if it lets more votes happen. (Especially if you guys are gonna give Janet the high marks she deserves...)
  3. Strange choice of the albums... Janet, but not Rihanna.
    4, but no 'Beyonce'???

    "While her self-titled album scalped everyones heads bald and would have likely dominated the rate, 4 is an underrated classic and I'm interested to see where it will position."
    Well. Understand. But if talking about the decade.... These albums?
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  4. Well, I din't know Janet had an album out, so this was useful
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  5. I'd say Rihanna is more pop than R&B, especially her last few albums.

    Same with Beyonce/4 - it's got more of the traditional R&B sound throughout, whereas the self-titled album had a little bit of every genre.
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  6. How you'd describe Justin's 20/20? Jazz?
    Well, weird choice, but this Tinashe Girl I listened to, now will do more, she's really good.
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  7. Genre: Disappointment.
  8. Ok. Love you

    (Excluding Rihanna's Unapologetic with Pour It Up and way more was a misstep)
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  9. KAG


    I was dreading listening to The Pinkprint again but it is actually nowhere near as bad as I remembered. ‘The Crying Game’ and ‘Pills N’ Potions’ are obviously flawless but ‘All Things Go’, ‘I Lied’, ‘Buy a Heart’ and ‘Favorite’ are gems. I also quite like ‘Grand Piano’ because it somehow manages to be both heartbreaking and hilarious.
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  10. I'd call Phresh Out the Runway the best r'nb/hip-hop song of the decade anytime, but Bitch Better.. got in the way. Not any Nicki (hip hop so desperately, Bieber included, trying to be pop) songs should ever enter instead
  11. If I did the Rihanna rate in like 5 hours, I can do this in... 2? 3? 4? 5? 24? Anyway, I'm doing this.

    I'm just missing Mariah's Infinity
  12. Yes - the rate will be getting an extension! I haven't even finished voting yet and I'm the damn host!
    So relax people, you'll be getting a few more weeks with the albums, i'll make a decision on the end of voting time tomorrow. But I think the rate should start as we enter 2016?

    Rihanna was actually going to be in the rate when I was first discussing it - but the mess she has been recently, and the Rihanna rate going on ... I felt like just giving her one song. Y'know, give her the tough love.
  13. And the decision for not including 'Beyoncé' aka one of the best albums of any genre this decade was well... I thought the results would be more interesting with 4 - because we all know that self-titled would have slayed the competition, as it should have.
  14. 'Buy a Heart' & 'Favorite' have become two of my ... favourite Nicki Minaj songs ever - staples in her catalogue.
  15. Buy A Heart is better than almost anything in this rate. If Tinashe wasn here it'd be an easy 11.
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  16. My Tinashe average is ridiculously high. Yet she didn't get my 11.
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  17. It's the easiest 11 I'll ever give to anything.
  18. My first averages are in:

    Beyonce - 4
    Average: 6,186
    Highest: 1x 10
    Lowest: 1x 2,0

    Ciara - Ciara
    Average: 6,615
    Highest: 1x 10
    Lowest: 1x 3,0

    Nicki Minaj - The Pinkprint
    Average: 6,761
    Highest: 1x 11
    Lowest: 1x 0,0

    I already know my 11 and still have to listen to 3 albums.
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  19. Okay, voting will now close on JANUARY 8th 2016!

    By then I can compile your scores and deliver a nice bunch of eliminations for that weekend.
    Have fun voting!
  20. Ow seriously?! I was hurrying into this, because I thought there was no time. Not that I mind though. It is better if there are more people participating.
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