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Queer As Folk

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blayke, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    Dear God, how annoying. Okay guys, from now on I've decided I'm only interested in stuff with relating to giraffes. If it isn't about giraffes or created by a giraffe I don't want anything to do with it. Let me know when Madonna duets with a giraffe (Justin doesn't count).
  2. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    She's done it! It's called "4 Metres". "We only got 4 metres to reach the leaves!"

    And back on topic, the giraffe is gay and watches LOGO.
  3. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    HA! What I wouldn't give to hear that duet, and get that homosexual giraffe's autograph.

    Well this topic has taken an odd turn.
  4. I noticed you said HAD friends who would only be interested in anything that was about gay life regardless of it's quality.Surely that must have been when you were very young when the main focus for many young men is about discovering their sexuality?

    I know your thinking it's what gives all Gays a bad name! ha ha

    I loved Queer As Folk as I felt it was good quality drama. I think for me it made me realize how lucky I was in my life being in a long term relationship(which I am still in after 21 years) and not having to go to these meat markets just in order to meet someone to settle down with.
  5. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    No, these guys (two separate ones, different cities, they didn't know each other) were my friends when I was about 24 to 28 I guess. They were both older than me as well. One was about 32 and had been out and on the scene since he was 18. Thinking about it, the other one hadn't long come out (a couple of years maybe) so maybe he was doing all his catching up.

    But I do think there are still a lot of gay people out there who will let their sexuality determine their entertainment choices. Sorry, this is getting rather off topic from just Queer As Folk, but I suppose it's sort of related too!
  6. I know the kind of guys you mean SockMonkey - I find it weird as well, but I must admit that in the past I've tuned into soaps I don't normally watch if I've heard they're doing a gay storyline. I think it's partly a holdover from when I was a kid (and such stories were one of the few places I could see gay people) and partly out of curiosity about how it's being handled. I think that last one stemmed from a need to see positive representations on TV, and I found that it became less important the more I got to know other gay people.
  7. It was different at the time the UK version aired, because nothing like that had ever been on TV before. The fact that it was about gays was a perfectly legitimate reason to tune in. Prior to that you'd get the odd gay on a soap that made a big deal about coming out and then never got round to kissing anyone and was promptly written out of the show a bit later. A show about actual gays and real gay lives was pretty new. And as a teenager just tentatively sneaking out of the closet, for me it was complete must-see TV (used to watch it in my bedroom with headphones on in secret). But I suppose I didn't like the fact that it showed only one side of the gay community, the stereotypical flamboyant, promiscuous, hedonistic side. At the time, I didn't realise how true-to-life this stereotype actually was tho...
  8. To put it another way, i think everyone just has different preferences regarding both shows. The US one may have done something to the viewer that the UK didn't (and vice versa), or maybe it was because the UK series was over fairly quickish with the story resolved, the US ran for over five years, so maybe people liked the new stories and characters that appeared over time.

    I certainly don't hate the UK version. Or even actively dislike it, i don't know it well enough. I've never been to Manchester and Canal Street, i only know what i see of it through television, the news or the internet. I'm just saying that people (dis)like one more than the other.
  9. I think you've almost hit the nail on the head. I was about 15 at the time and was equal parts horrified/fascinated/terrified.

    I do agree that some of the acting was quite ropey, as well.
  10. For me it purely comes down to the acting. It was awful. some of the cringiest TV I've ever seen. the writing and storylines were pretty good though. That is my criticism of it.
  11. I much prefer the US version, but I don' think you can start watching it thinking it's going to be a true representation of "gay life". Especially in the American version, everything is exaggerated x100. I remember watching it a few months before ever going out on the gay scene. I was confused at first because I had never experienced what was happening, and certainly couldn't relate to a lot of the characters.

    Once you get over the fact that it's some sort of "fantasy world" and not trying to reflect reality (at least I hope not!), it's pretty great.
  12. The UK version was truly groundbreaking TV. Yes, the acting wasn't great, but until QAF gay men had been largely portrayed on TV as camp and asexual. Other than that, there were dreadful shows like Gaytime TV. QAF was the first show that said, unapologetically, that gay men are sexual animals.

    For the first series the US version largely followed the UK version, but without some of the darker moments, and then went on its own trajectory from series 2.

    BBC Choice/Three bought the two series of the US version, but made a complete hash of showing them as they never broadcast series 2. E4 bought the rights for series 3 and 4, but showed them very late and made no effort to promote the show.
  13. I've been starting to watch this again. I feel like there needs to be a new show in the vein of this one, but perhaps a bit more lighter. I love this show.
  14. I don't think there's that much harm in tuning in to TV shows because they have gay storylines, I do occasionally because I like to observe the way that homosexuality is represented in the media. And it's not just that I like to, I think it's quite important.

    I really tried to watch the UK version of Queer As Folk but Vince got in the way. Every time he spoke I wanted to shoot myself. The US version (whilst better acted) I didn't particularly like either. Just not really my cup of tea.
  15. 'Stuart' is currently starring in ITV's Identity and every time I watch it I can't help but think that the next scene is going to involve him rimming a 15-year old.
  16. slimane

    slimane Guest

    The UK version is much better. The writing is better and the sex scenes are steamier and more explicit (although obviously there is a lot more sex overall in the US version because there's so many more episodes). I hate how choreographed and pop video-y (lots of slow mo) the sex scenes are in the US version and I hate how they got into issues like aids and hate crimes etc (I know they needed to fill out time but Russell T never wanted to write an issue led show).

    oh and charlie H might be a crap actor (he still is for the record) but he 's way more attractive than that freakish baby faced twink that was in the US version playing his role.

    Oh and I love the threesome scene with Stuart and those two guys. I remember rewinding and rewinding that one...
  17. Hahaha! I've been watching Identity too (I love Holly Aird and would watch her taking a shit) even though after the first episode it all went a bit downhill.

    My main problem with the UK QAF (which I generally quite enjoyed) was Aiden Gillen actually. It just wasn't believable that he'd go round shagging all these men simply because he's fucking ugly! They cast the Stuart/Brian character much better in the US version because even though he doesn't really do it for me, I could see why others might find him attractive.

    My favourites were Vince in the UK version and Michael in the US (I think I might like me some geek!)

    I think Hazel was amazing in the UK version, but I also really liked Debbie too. Best characters in it.
  18. slimane

    slimane Guest

    Yeah but Aiden Gillen as Stuart had a lot of CHARISMA. He was very sexually attractive.
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  19. Yeah, Justin is pretty vile.
  20. Not for me. I just thought he was revolting and slimy.
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