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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blayke, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. Aidan Gillen was (and still is) hot. Except when he had feathered hair - that was shit look.
  2. I haven't watched it in years. What did annoy me at the time is what it did to the Manchester scene. All of a sudden it became like a zoo. Hen parties and stag do's, oh lets go and look at the gays! Yawn!
  3. Maybe it's just me then...!
  4. No no. I want him about as much as I want genital warts. He has no top lip and a very strange little square body. He didn't exude sexuality, he just came across perverted.
  5. Hilarious!
    Personally I've only watched the US series, so Gale Harold is my man!
  6. I think the UK and US versions were ultimately completely different beasts. I find the UK version snappy, oddly poignant and crackling with the energy of a team of people who have something to say. The US version was a shadow of the UK version whilst it tried to replicate the UK storylines, but once it found its own voice and story arcs, it was (mostly) an enjoyably soapy melodrama with more endearing characters. And Gale Harold's performance was masterful throughout.
  7. Ted is the worst character in the whole series. Everytime he has a scene about drugs or something, I skip it.
  8. I still love this. I can rewatch this series over and over again even though I haven't made it to Season 4 or Season 5 yet.
  9. I watched the first four or five episodes of the UK version on 4OD recently, and I thought it was pretty bad. I can't believe Russell T Davies was involved with it. Maybe at the time it was quite revolutionary and daring, but all I saw was blokes having sex with barely any plots in between.

    Plus the acting, especially the teenage guy, was ropey at best.
  10. I haven't seen it since it was first on but at the time it was amazing. Properly revolutionary and as I remember it really well written and acted (Apart from Charlie Hunnan but he was so hot no one cared).

    I own it on DVD but haven't got round to watching it again. I kind of don't want to now in case it is bad. I think I'd prefer to remember it how it was.
  11. SBK


    Maybe you should have kept your hands out of your pants and you might have caught the plot! haha
  12. I've started watching this all over again. I prefer this to Looking in all honesty.
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  13. Aidan and Gale were both brilliant in their portrayals, both exuded sex. Aidan may not have been as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as Gale but he still was bloody hot.
  14. Was I alone in thinking that Cucumber was basically QAF 2.0 and yet felt even more outdated in its depictions of gay men?
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  15. God I love the US Queer as Folk. Even when tackling heavy subjects, it never stops being fun and entertaining. Emmett is just the best!
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  16. Yes! It was light years ahead of the original, which was revolutionary at the time but looking back at it now, the acting was largely awful.
  17. I never made it through the full (US) series. I think I made it part way through the last season and just lost interest. The guy who played Justin was not a particularly good actor and while he may have improved over time, it wasn't enough. That character was also the most annoying, so that didn't help matters.
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  18. I bet if The L Word reboot does well they'll revive this.
  19. To be honest I just loved QAF (both versions) because it was finally something that focused on gay issues alone. A great alternative to all the gimmicky queer storylines on hetero shows.
  20. I remember watching this with one of my gay besties and I just can’t get over how BAD the mother’s acting was. I think it was Hal Sparks’ Mom? And this line stuck with me forever when she was pissed with the cops or something:

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