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Queer As Folk

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blayke, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. Sharon Gless, a bad actress!? Who are you?
  2. Debbie was iconic.
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  4. Sharon Gless was the best thing about the show.
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  5. I love how Debbie always called Brian out on his shit. The banter between them was gold. And I adored how she called Justin 'sunshine'.
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  6. I’m sorry but for that scene she really overacted and left a very bad taste in my mouth. And...

  7. They were showing this here in Flanders when I was at uni and for the first few episodes I kinda made my straight gang watch this show and got them hooked on it. From then on they all came out to my dorm and watched it with me eating crisps and drinking beer.

    Oh, the days...
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  8. Thanks, but no thanks.
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  9. The only reason I ever watched this was because I was a closeted gay preteen who had to watch this on mute for the nudity and softcore sex.
  10. He


    This show was very of its time, and while some of the themes are still current, a low budget version isn't going to do it justice.
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  11. Why couldn't Showtime do the reboot? They're going ahead with The L Word. If I were them I would have waited for the response to that show and than decide to reboot QAF as well. They were both huge staples for the cable network back then.

    I don't get this logic. The old cast needs to return in some capacity just like they're going to do with the L Word reboot.

    I mean Jennifer Beals is going to executive produce the damn thing!
  12. I mean just put gays on the TV.
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  13. I'll watch a few episodes... I'm curious. I hated the last American version.
  14. Did a massive rewatch of the entire series today to marks its 21st anniversary today. Put various thoughts/screenshots on Twitter, which I'll just link here rather than repeat.

    Obvs, spoiler-y.

    (this dated the episode like Lex being impressed with the CDROM in Jurassic Park)

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  15. (I probably should've just done one big thread from the beginning but I wasn't planning to the the entire series in one sitting)
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  16. Any news about the revival? I’m actually interested even though it’ll most likely be crap. We get so few shows.
  17. I... I... I've only ever seen the US version, which I love and adore. The fact that they, in the end, had three generations of HIV-positive characters is so amazing. God, I think I'll do a rewatch now. It's so good.
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  18. Just found this from last year too

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