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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blayke, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. Isn’t Melanie Clunie still married to Bryan Singer?

  2. Worse. She had a baby with him.
  3. I'm rewatching the US version now. I'm about halfway through season 1. I am mostly enjoying it but certainly as a product of it's time. No diversity - this is a very white show. But also the optics of our main storyline.... I mean, we're supposed to be rooting for a 30 year old man and the 17 year old high school student he's sleeping with. I understand it is a reality that young gay men often seek out much older partners, particularly depending on where they live and what they feel their options are. But still...this aspect of the show would not fly today. Also Justin is super fucking irritating. I always felt Randy Harrison was miscast in this role for a number of reasons, and watching it again a decade or so later, I still feel the same way.

    Also all the statutory rape stuff aside (what a sentence), it's a little unclear why Brian even likes Justin? Throughout the show all of Brian's other partners are roughly his age - they don't paint him as having some major attraction to twinks or younger men. From a purely superficial view, Justin isn't much to look at. He's insanely overdramatic, in part because of his age, but also just personality. For a love story we're supposed to be invested in, the writers don't do much to make us see why.

    Hal Sparks and the guy who plays Ted are probably the best actors on the show, besides Sharon.
  4. I didn't realize this was getting a reboot on Peacock and casting has started already...

    Also, Hal Sparks and Ted were the better actors after Sharon Gless. Though Ted annoyed the hell out of me.
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  5. I am glad to see that the reboot will have a more diverse crew - the original is insanely white for a show that takes place in a major city. And I am always happy to see nonbinary people cast in projects. But this lineup is almost comical in looking like a Twitter checklist.
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  6. I'm not excusing it, but Pittsburgh is very white.
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  7. Booked and busy.
  8. The entire cast looks pretty amazing. Actual LGBT+ actors and the fact that production is based in New Orleans. This is going to turn out great. Can't wait.
  9. Im actually really excited for this!!

    I never did watch Season 4/5 after losing interest in the third season, are they worth watching?
  10. I don't know... Michael becomes wildly irritating and judgy and really different from how the series started. Ted stays annoying and insecure through the whole run. Emmett is my least favorite character probably so I'm not the best source for saying whether his storylines are worthwhile. Justin becomes more and more tolerable and he and Brian become the only reason to stick around.
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  11. I can’t even remember most of the final season and if I’ve ever actually watched the finale. I did enjoy the theme song change that happened in season 3 and the Cyndi Lauper performance in season 5. Maybe I’ll give it a rewatch soon. Though I’ll have to dig out the dvds so I don’t have to deal with the “Fake” music that they put in to save on streaming rights.
  12. So glad I clicked on to this thread. Seeing Kim getting a role in this sets my heart aflame. She’s always been a great ally and seeing her booked and busy brings me much joy!
  13. I love all 5 seasons! Sure, there are a couple bad episodes in every season that are highly skippable, and that I've probably only seen once. Ted's journey as a junkie makes up a few of those episodes.
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  14. Juliette Lewis is joining the show! It hasn't been officially announced yet but she hinted at it on Instagram. The cast is stellar (they also liked her post) and this is shaping up to be something outstanding. I'm very excited.

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  15. That cast list sounds thoroughly.... sub-optimal. Sense8 vibes.
  16. Out on June 9th. Peacock though?
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  17. It was always Peacock. Happy it is not too far off though!
  18. MB


  19. I can't wait!
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