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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blayke, Oct 5, 2009.

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    That looks so good! I expected it to look a bit cheap but it’s far from it! Can’t wait
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  2. The trailer really said 'this show is about trauma' and not much more - it really dampened most of the excitement I had.
  3. I was willing to give this a chance but a show about gay people dealing with the aftermath of a shooting is the last thing I need. And why say it's a Queer as Folk reboot then?
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  4. Showtimes YouTube channel is uploading some episodes from the original series for free. I guess cuz Pride month?
  5. This one is obviously not geared towards my demographic, but I can't help but feel we're completely maxing out on the Trauma Industrial Complex. I wonder if we're not far from hard turn away from it.
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  6. I was excited for this until I saw the trailer. Why do we need more trauma when we're living it. Give us levity. Give us growth. Heartstopper should be the template going forward.
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  7. I disagree. Heartstopper worked because it’s an idealised fantasy but this rigid thinking of what queer art should be is constrictive and diminishing.

    Ultimately and sadly, this is a reality for a lot of queer people and art should be allowed to both confront this as well as depicting the beauty, joy, and warmth inbetween, which the trailer showed plenty of too.

    You don’t have to engage with it if you don’t want to.
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  8. Whist it’s terrible timing given the recent shootings, I like the fact we’re exploring Queer As Folk through a more diverse lens this time.
  9. The reviews are in:

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  10. I got to see the first three episodes. Give it a miss, girls.
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  11. I felt the same after the first few episodes. However, I just binged the entire thing and actually think it's really special. They use bits from the UK series to create something really different. Episode 7 has a reference to twin peaks and brings you on a head-fuck trip for a person carrying a lot of shit on their back. It's acted brilliantly.

    But there are cringe bits
    and tbh I just overlooked them given the rest of the quality shit going on. They didn't shy away from diversity. I found they fleshed out disabled and minority characters and gave us time to listen to their feelings. I really liked what they did overall.

    I laughed and cried all over the place and really think it deserves attention after being skeptical myself.
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  12. I watched the first episode and had a hard time getting over the horrible dialog. There weren't any characters I felt drawn to and I found them quite pretentious for the most part. I'm also not sure how I feel about the usage of the Orlando shooting as an inspiration for a fictional storyline. I was quite relieved when the episode was over but after reading @Bonkers post, I might give it another chance and continue watching.
  13. I watched the first episode with very low expectations, but I thought it was really good and engaging. It’s not something I can binge in one sitting but looking forward to the rest of the season.
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  14. I binged the first three and really enjoyed them. Engaging and more than token diversity. Can’t wait to see the rest.
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    Just finished this and I enjoyed it but it was very average.
    the nod to Manchester and the Grindr shot of Nathan was a nice touch
  16. I found this to be the worst in the pilot, but it leveled out in episodes two and three. The pilot I feel was trying to scream that it was modern/inclusive, but by awkwardly telling us, without letting us see it organically. I give them a pass because it is a very diverse cast and you can tell they were trying. It doesn't help that the acting is hit or miss, so the cast isn't strong enough to make the clunky dialogue work.

    I didn't like using a shooting as a jumping off point, but I found the execution worked. I liked that we didn't have to see the shooting and the way the aftermath was shown was balanced so the show didn't get boggled down in trauma. I have a few suggestions, but I want to finish the season before saying them. Since it seems to be improving with each episode, they may end up working out the kinks.
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  17. I just started this and am currently on episode 5, while the first episode was an uneven mess It has gotten better with each one. I truly love Kim Cattrall in this and while there's some old tropes thrown in from the other iterations of the show there's just enough "new" thrown in to keep me interested. I like it overall when it comes down to it.
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    I watched this the other day. Can’t believe the circumstances under which the show was cancelled. I had thought it had just declined in popularity and was not working financially.
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