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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Bobbyrae, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. So I never watched the original but the Netflix reboot is getting rave reviews.

    Just watching episode one right now. Anyone seen this yet?
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  2. I already finished it.

    It's amazing.
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  3. Okay the first episode was incredible!

    Hilarious, warming in parts and just entertaining throughout.

    I’m delighted they did this.
  4. Wait 'til you get to episode 4.

  5. LPT


    Just watched the episode 1. The guy with the long hair is everything!
  6. Sat inside on a Saturday Night with tears streaming down my face. Episode 4 y'all...
  7. I binged the whole season last night and i have to say... This reboot is absolutely perfect. I need more episodes, stat!
  8. I really am enjoying it and was shocked to see it was only 8 episodes. The premiere episode was so touching.
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  9. I remember when my parents used to watch this on Bravo when I was younger, I kind of love the reboot and it's all places I know around metro Atlanta. Dd I should contact the EP and see if I can watch them shoot an episode of the next season, if there is one
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  10. food gay is so hot hjalp
  11. Yas where is he from?!
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  12. The official ranking is:

    1. Grooming
    2. Cooking
    3. Culture
    4. Fashion
    5. Design

    Not attractiveness just how essential they are to the show.
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  13. I need them to announce a second season already. 8 episodes wasn't enough. It's a reality show so if they start filming by the start of summer a new season could be here for fall. GET ON WITH IT.
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  15. wet
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  16. I'm so glad they rebooted this, all 8 episodes are really good.

    Agreed that they need to film the next season asap.
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  17. They probably wanted to wait and see how the reception would be as to why they only did 8 episodes but I agree they best be planning on season 2 ASAP. The heteros at work are even chattering about how good it is.
  18. I've never seen an episode of the original but so many people I know are talking about this so I may need to check it out.
  19. This is so good. I didn’t love the original but I was a naive teenager who thought they were straight.

    I really love this. Especially the episode where they makeover a fellow homosexual.
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