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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Bobbyrae, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. I may have cried solidly for the last five minutes of the second episode. And started welling up every time I think about it.
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  2. I foookin balled last night. I mean there was essentially very little need for the fab five in the episode and I'd be happy watching a spin off of Miss Tammie to be honest. Icon!!
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  3. Byeee!
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  4. Also, they’ve done a really great job at getting all of the five involved (in the first three episodes anyway).

    Bobby is actually a solid cast member now that he’s getting some airtime.
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  5. She seemed to enjoy it and I’m glad they’re happy, but if someone ever proposed to me in that way, I’d want a hole in the ground to swallow me up. No thank you.
  6. Any ANTM hunties clock this song in episode 3? Love.

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  7. The episode with the trans guy. Did anyone else feel that the end bit with Bobby wearing a skirt feel really out of place and tone deaf compared to the rest of the episode.

    Also I’m going to need a trigger warning for Todrick Hall in the future.
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  8. Right?? The whole episode I was like “aww, he’s making her a movie? How romantic! Awww love is her name??? What a guy!!!” until it suddenly dawned on me that this was going to be one of those awkward public proposals where everyone watches on in horror waiting for her to say no. You only should do that if you know the person you propose to wants it!!
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  9. Yes and yes!!!! Ooh I put on some guyliner. Provocative!!!!!
  10. Public proposals... Why?
  11. I would hate a public proposal, I'm not gonna lie to you - but Shannan seemed like the kind of girl who actually would want that.
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  12. He


    Tanmye!! I stan.

    I’m kind of into Bobby. Karamo, Bobby and Jonathan. In that order.
  13. Karamo is my one.
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  14. LTG


    Tan and Karamo are the most gorgeous.
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  15. He



    They’re faces are gorgeous.
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  16. Ari from episode 6 is so hot.
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  17. No, the first episode was awful. I haven’t seen any other episodes yet but I’m tired of this Trump era narrative of ~humanizing Christians (or as they’re often framed - “small town folk”) like they’re some marginalized community that need our love, understanding or compassion. If you had a problem with the Roseanne revival, you should probably have a problem with this too. Don’t look away because it’s Queer Eye and it’s cute and sentimental and has sad music and sweet montages. Like, 95% of the people at that church probably think the Fab 5 are abominations to the human race?

    It made me really uncomfortable, honestly.
  18. Did you ask the people at the church?
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  19. So we should generalise and assume that they were all disgusted by the Fab 5 because we have zero evidence that this is the case?
  20. I love how Antoni got criticized the first season for not doing a whole lot, except guac and hot dogs, and then he starts off season 2 by literally saying he's not going to do anything, just sit back and learn from Tammye.

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