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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Bobbyrae, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. For inexcusable reasons, I only started this show last week.

    It has taught me that:
    • I could have been lusting over Karamo for a lot longer.
    • I dress like crap and Tan would want to burn my entire wardrobe.
    • I want Jonathan's hair for just a day.
    • I most certainly did not cry when the religious guy with 6 kids told them they were loved and accepted in his home. And fuck, he was a DILF at the end.
    I did buy new shirts today to pop some colour though, so it's working.
  2. The new trailer is out! And only 11 days to go until season 3, yay!

  3. Is it just me being slightly put off by the fact that (it seems) they're trying so hard to chase after heartbreaking stories every episode now when what made me fell in love with this show was the simplicity of it all?

    I really like that this was queer eye for the straight guy, and while I don't mind a special episode every season or so, it feels like they're breaking way from the 1st season format.
  4. I get what you're saying about the heartbreak chasing but this series has always just been about 'Queer Eye' no? The diversity of the people that they have been helping and 'coaching' is what sets it apart from the original series to me. And it means more people can relate with the show and the stories they're trying to tell.
  5. Yes, 100%, and I didn't want my post to be about attacking the show, just a personal opinion.

    I just don't know that, if the goal of the show was to effectively go deeper into helping people with issues outside of styling, that these are the guys for the job.
  6. Season 3 discussion!

    Episode 1 & 2: Okay & meh

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  7. I want to stop after ep 3 and sit with it. It was beautiful.
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  8. Cried so during episodes 3 and 4, just on 5 now.
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  9. Episodes 3 & 5 are peak Queer Eye, cried like a baby.
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  10. Episode three has warmed my cold cold heart
  11. Can’t tell if I’m hungry or horny!

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  12. The Jess episode has me in an emotional mess.
  13. Religion is the worst.
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  14. This fucking show...
  15. K94


    Watching this reboot for the first time and started with the first three eps of this new season and omg - I didn't know I was such a crybaby. I'm 3/3 particularly on the Jones sisters - that had me a mess throughout.

    I adore all the guys particularly Miss JVN. Also they need to give Bobby his things when he's making over an entire place in a few days but isn't getting a lot of screentime. Can't wait to watch the rest of it.
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  16. Bobby is so underrated, considering how much of the hard work his job is. I think it's because he isn't as much of a big personality as the others.
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  17. The sisters and their BBQ sauce empire was definitely the highlight so far (although I'm only 3 episodes in). To see people who work so hard with so much passion get time out to spice up their lives was beautiful.
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  18. I cried so many times that episode - I think it was my favorite of the season.
  19. Jess from ep 5!!! Literally blossoming and growing into her potential. Love.
  20. Episode 5 and 6 had me crying for like an hour, whew I’m exhausted!
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