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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Bobbyrae, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Episode 5 proved that Bobby is far and away the best of the bunch.

    It make me like Karamo again too if only for 40 minutes
  2. i wasn't finding the first episode like SUPER engaging, maybe just because i thought the charms had worn off and a couple of the guys have waned for me, but episode two got me misty eyed when he had to say he deserved this so...you got me there again, gay reality tv show.
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  3. I like the mush but I wanna see fashion too and all I've seen this season is the suggestion I could wear Off-White belts on top of loose fit sweat tops, so I guess that's that.
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  4. I wanna know where Jonathan gets his heels!
    I have been trying to find heels that fit for like forever!
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  5. I love everything about this show so much.
    Well, except that.
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  6. Scream at that gif!

    I love Jonathan.
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  7. This show is so healing.
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  8. Season 3 was so much better than the second one. I'm glad they've left Georgia for the Kansas City area, which to be honest I didn't realize how iconic it sort of is. I didn't know that was where the art museum with the giant shuttlecocks are on the lawn until putting two and two together. I stan.
  9. I'm halfway through season 2 and I'm enjoying it for the most part. Jonathan is obviously the most fun to watch. Bobby and Tan I like fine. Bobby has the hardest job (albeit with a huge team to make it happen) and I think the final result is always great. It does seem like Tan more or less picks the same type of clothes for every guy, but if he's limited by brand or something that makes sense.

    Antoni and Karamo are the head scratchers to me because their categories are sort of the most useless. I don't like Karamo and I'll admit that I might have a bit of a bias because this is the 4th or 5th reality show he's been on and to me that goes beyond "I loved the original Queer Eye and wanted to be a part of this" to "I'll just do any reality show that will have me". To me, you can tell he's always going for the "tv moment". Which I recognize is part of the gig, but it also can come across as completely insincere. Antoni is really nice to look at and he seems like a perfectly nice man but he really has the least to do here. With the others there's a big result - JVN, Tan, and Bobby all give a makeover moment of sorts. Karamo gets the big life coach moment (come out to your mother! propose to your girlfriend!). All Antoni can do is hope they'll take a bigger interest in cooking.

    Overall I think the show is sweet and enjoyable and well intentioned. And the 5 guys all do seem to like each other a lot, which helps.

  10. You can use Bershka belts too sis.
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  11. I’m just starting the new series and looked up Jody’s Instagram account.
    Of course. Of course it is.
  12. At least Antoni provides foodsporation and comes across as slightly genuine. Karamo just feels like he will do whatever it takes (with the absolute minimal effort) to get airtime/seem relevant - and completely guided by production. He just seems so insincere and unimportant in the grand scheme of the show to me. I would not be mad at all to see him recast with someone who will consistently bring a certain dynamic to the show.
  13. He


    Karamo uses a bit of the armchair psychology Ru Paul is so adept at. But I don’t know if it’s his doing or mostly the production.

    Also some of those jackets... sis.

    Honestly, I just have time for Jonathan and Bobby.
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  14. Are we watching the same person? Antoni is full on Tom Cruise alien trying to pass off as human.
  15. He


    Anthoni should at the very least make groceries for the person and give them some cook books. Not teach them how to make ONE meal.
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  16. They said in an interview that he does teach them more than one thing but for time its usually cut.
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  17. In his book, Karamo said his dream gig is a daytime talk show, so I’m sure that he’s just waiting for the contract to run out. (And to be fair, would he be any worse than Harry Connick Jr. or Jeff Probst?)

    Some of the “heroes” this series didn’t really strike me as particularly “heroic.” I guess I feel like the more significant episodes are the ones focused on people who have gone through some kind of abnormal hardship, to help them back on their feet, and not so much the “he plays a lot of computer games and doesn’t socialize much.” Although I guess they need to mix it up so that they’re not accused of constantly digging for sympathy.
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  18. I think it’s more that he’s stoned tbh.
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  19. I'm on episode 3, and living for the sisters being like this to Antoni

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