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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Bobbyrae, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Brb crying forever

  2. Jess from Episode 5 is amazing, so glad things are getting better for her
  3. Episode 6 and JVN mentions his stepdad died on his mom and stepdad's 60th wedding anniversary.
    JVN is in his 30s, I am confusion.
  4. I assumed he meant on their wedding anniversary and she was 60. I know it's not what he said but it makes NO sense otherwise.
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  5. In one episode Tan (I think) mentions that JVN is 37, but he just apparently celebrated his "32nd" birthday - what's the tea?
  6. It's rude to quiz ladies about their age.
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  7. He looks older than 32 to me, but it would seem unlikely for someone to lie about their age nowadays when yearbooks and social media and all that that exist. I mean all it takes is someone you went to high school with saying you graduated in 2001 and not 2005 to blow that cover. So if he says he's 32 I imagine he is.
  8. Karamo has a new podcast (it’s on his Instagram bio), his first guest was Antoni and they talk about a feud they had during filming of Queer Eye thanks to a third person that they don’t mention but I’m guessing it might be another cast member. Like they said, as a fan I never though they would be feuding they all seem so close. Now they’re both good according to them.
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  9. Looking for that gif (or a tweet?) of Jonathan as Jesus: 'Can you believe?'
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  11. This is cute, but also dead at how in retrospect, AJ's apartment was clearly messed up for TV because his apartment is amazing to begin with so they had to pretend he was a slob or something.
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  12. Bahahaha series 5 to be shot in Philadelphia. The Gayborhood is gonna be thrilled.

    While I suppose I should be happy that homosexuals are getting endorsement deals, the amount of Instagram sponcon these five put out (in varying levels) is truly astonishing and quite irritating to me. But 2019 gonna 2019, right?
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  13. I've almost finished season 1 I'm such a late flop but only got Netflix this year. Well happy to see improvements coming in season 3 and 4 soon!
  14. I cannot stop watching videos of Jonathan being Jonathan on YouTube. He’s fucking hilarious. His reaction in a Buzzfeed To Karamo shading Thorgy Thor.... face crack of the century, henny.
  15. Can JVN get a spin off so I can watch that instead? Loved season one but everything since then feels so fake and formulaic.
  16. The daughter in Episode 3 of Season 4 is iconic.
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  17. Episode 1 of season 4 already had me in tears.
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