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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Bobbyrae, Feb 10, 2018.

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    Yes, the show is so over-produced to the point it feels scripted.

    Jonathan, Tan and Bobby seems quite honest most of the time, but Karamo and Antoni just spew such empty armchair psychology stuff.

    Worst part is you can tell the stories are there, the people they get seem great, but the presentation gets in the way.

    I'm still watching, though, kii.
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  2. The first episode of the new season felt soooo scripted and was such a slog to watch.
  3. It was a kii watching Antoni claim in season one that he wasn't into that lifestyle of being on Instagram in your underwear in Mykonos, then his Instagram since has been like:

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    Antoni was cute before the Internet enabled him.

    I also cackle at his styling.
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  5. I love how the producers of this show are clearly aware that the core audience only give a shit about Jonathan and Antoni.
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    I know this isn't Extreme Makeover Home Edition, but I think they could really focus a bit on how basically a new home improves and changes people's lives. They usually just skim through it.
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    Episode 3 with the ice skating is almost unbearable: Antoni seems to be utterly empty-headed & that 10 yr old with the mannerisms of a middle aged divorcee. Cringe.
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  8. I haven't watched this season yet but what makes you say 'armchair psychology stuff'? Just curious because my psychotherapist employs a lot of similar techniques.
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    I mean trying to "fix" someone's issues with a pep-talk and some shallow insight.

    I think a lot of it is lost due to runtime constraints, though, because I believe the spend quite a lot of time with their subjects. But the editing makes it seem you can get rid of trauma or depression by just having one conversation or changing a few things.
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  10. I've officially given up. The first two seasons were cute but it's bordering unwatchable now.
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  11. My favorite Antoni moment:

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    Antoni and the Corgi was the most scripted bs ever.

    I can't stand precocious children, either. But she was ok in the end.
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  13. This. I knew they’d fuck it up as soon as it was available for streaming. They should have filmed more before the premiere.
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    Some of the way the production is looking for "moments" and "jokes" and "meme" content, reminds me a bit of Drag Race.
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  15. The only episode from season four is with Wesley because my brother’s girlfriend was watching it... but are we really supposed to believe that it was his first time meeting the guy that shot him all thanks to Karamo? And they were that chill with each other’s presence?

    If I met the guy who voluntarily paralyzed me for the first time since it happened I would have thrown hands, not been polite.
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    I mean, I wouldn't know about that situation. I thought the same myself in the beginning, but I literally cannot say anything about their experience from my point of view.
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  17. I’m really sad that I went from adoring this show to not caring enough to watch the new series.

    Karamo is hardcore angling for a daytime talk show. Do you think it will have an exclamation point in the title?

  18. https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2019/07/karamo-brown-queer-eye-season-4-gunshot-victim
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  19. For me 16 episodes a year for a cute throwaway show is overkill. I think fans of the show shot themselves in the foot begging for a second season quickly and now they're just pumping out drivel.
  20. I think they taped 1 and 2 before it aired right? And just held 2 back to see what the reaction was. Which is why (IMHO) the decline in 3 is a bit...yikes. Maybe its time to replace one of them and bring some different energy I don't know.
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