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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Bobbyrae, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. I think they should just give JVN and Bobby their own spin-offs tbh. I'd love to see JVN do a reboot of The Salon and maybe Bobby could do his own Extreme Makeover show.
  2. They're a bit like One Direction in that you can visibly see some of them grimacing through it until they can go solo.
  3. I enjoyed seasons 1-3 but this one has been pretty lacking for me...
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  4. Tan's increasingly awful transatlantic accent is one of the worst things about an already declining show and that's tea. Just give Jonathan a cute Netflix vehicle and we can put this out to pasture, but I've a feeling it does great numbers and seems really popular with ~Gen Z viewers so I think we're stuck with it for a while.

    Watching Antoni making a purple potato salad, in homage to a blue school mascot, except blue potatoes don't exist so "purple is the next best thing", felt like a real low point in my life.
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    The whole cooking class was watching with such incredulity, I loved it.

    Did they even make money for the arts? I cackled that they could have found some actual donors, instead of making a super fancy lounge that no one will use because teachers have no time.
  6. I completely abandoned the show mid season 2, but its issues were already there. I believe that Tan dresses himself well. I also believe that Tan only knows how to dress himself well so he tends to dress everyone like him, instead of what actually suits them. Bobby seems the most capable with his position on the show (albeit with lots of extra help) but he also is the least interesting tv. Antoni and Karamo have harder jobs in that there's no tangible change they can make. Antoni can teach you to cook a couple things but thats not as exciting or visible as a new haircut and a redecorated home. But Antoni also doesn't bring much in personality. Pretty and emotional only went so far. Karamo is the absolute worst, who doles out fortune cookie advice while always desperately looking for a "tv moment" thats forced and cringe inducing.

    JVN seems too aware of what people like about him so he leans into it more and more, but he's by far the most entertaining and seems to actually understand how to do his job on the show for every person they encounter.
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  7. pdf


    Season 4 redeemed by the Chicana episode. There was some real talk in there plus the fact they didn’t giver her a TOTAL makeover was somehow perfect.
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  8. He


    I guess I can watch one more.
  9. I can't get through this season. It is such a slog. The cast was on Watch What Happens Live two nights ago and it felt actually fun and unscripted. Just turn that into the show please.
  10. S04E01, Jonathan addresses the assembly. The editing:
  11. Tan just doesn’t know how to dress women does he. I actually really would like him to be replaced because his makeovers are often so unflattering and I wasn’t into his “age appropriate” comments on a recent episode.

    Antonio and Karamo are attractive but that’s about it.

    Jonathan is obviously essential but Bobby is the one who actually probably makes the biggest impact on their lives, even if he flies under the radar a bit.
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  13. I think it’s a safe bet to assume that’s who this tweet is about.

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  14. In response to the quality of the seasons, I think I’d actually rank them 1 > 3 > 2 > 4.

    I do think the show is getting stale and they will eventually need to switch up the format a bit. Antoni’s segments in particular have never made any sense to me. What good does teaching people one recipe do?

    They need to live up to the true modern day definition of “queer” and have a revolving cast that includes lesbians and trans people. That would freshen things up a bit since each episode could have a different combination of hosts.
  15. I never realized he had such a difficult time until not that long ago. Good for him for coming out, there's still a lot of discrimination towards people with HIV, so positive visibility is always a good thing.
  16. “Explain to me what a farm store is.”

    The confusion with which Tan asked that was amazing.
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