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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Bobbyrae, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. I am 1 episode away from finishing Season 4, so this is a very welcome thing.
  2. Karamo really thinks he's doing something with this Sean Spicer thing

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  3. Through this process, Sean’s trailer has been next to mine and I have literally every day been planting seeds in his heart. When you made this comment, it hurt me as a man. When you made this comment, it hurt me as a person of color. When you made this comment, it hurt me as a gay man. And literally, I could see each week those seeds … blossoming and that’s why he got emotional [when I was sent home].

    Sean is literally someone who I would’ve never thought I could be friends with, and I’m going to walk away from here calling him a friend. I’m going to continue the conversation that we’ve had outside of this. And I don’t think Sean’s going to make it to the end [of the competition], but I’m proud of him. I really am proud of him, because he’s had fun every week and I think he’s exceptional.

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  4. In other news, Queer Eye in Japan just got released. 5 episodes
  5. I need to buy another pack of tissues then...
  6. Aw that was really cute.

    As a British citizen living in Japan and dating a Japanese man, episode 2 really spoke to me. As someone who has never had a problem living openly in England, coming here and feeling like I was being forced back into the closet was really tough on me mentally. Japanese culture is really oppressive in that sense and it's nice that finally we are starting to gain recognition here and things are slowly moving forward in a positive direction for LGBTQ people. Here`s to equal marriage coming sooner rather than later.
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  7. I'm at the first episode of them in Japan and it's quite something. Such a sweet lady.
  8. Have the gays given up on this or what? Season 5 was just released, I watched the first three episodes yesterday and am actually enjoying this season more than the last couple. They seem to be mixing up the format slightly (e.g. showing Bobby designing the houses more, having other members of the Fab Five sit in on Antoni’s cooking classes). There’s a lot more collaboration between the 5 of them this season than previously. Also I feel like the Fab Five are a lot more natural this season, I’m not sure if it’s because they’ve improved in their roles now that they’ve been doing it a couple of years or because they’re not taking themselves as seriously as before, but it’s really working. It seems that they’re all being themselves a little more which is nice to see.
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  9. I gave up during the second season I think. It was trying too hard to make me cry, or have political relevance but it just felt hollow and superficial.
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  10. This. The first episodes were fun but the second set were just like zzz...sob stories galore.
  11. The latest season is the best. I’ve been binge watching.
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  12. I’m still invested in the show but I haven’t felt in the right mood to watch it. If that makes sense? With everything happening in the world I can’t focus on much right now.
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  13. I found it to be cute, utopian escapism. But I can totally see that it feels jarring compared to the ‘real’ world.
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  14. I was feeling the same but it’s been a lightness between everything, especially this fifth season.

    30min of just pure people wanting the best for someone.
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  15. I stopped watching in Season 3 and just forgot to go back.
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  16. The latest ones are really good (or I’m getting soft in m old age). Jonathan is so funny?
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  17. He


    The Japan season was offensive in many parts, and they always lose me after a couple of episodes.
  18. omg I forgot that happened
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  19. I’m really enjoying season 5 after previously giving up on this. The personalities of the people they’re helping are much stronger than usual.
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  20. I’m loving season 5, the show lost me around season 3.

    Why does Antoni have to be so hot?
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