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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Bobbyrae, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. He


    Ddd Antoni is so overrated in the looks department, to a puzzling point.

    The looks he brings are not it. He also makes every moment about himself.

    But Karamo takes the cake with his Ru Paul arm psychology crap. Hateful.

    I always skip their parts.
  2. I still love this show
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  3. Do you know what I ABSOLUTELY love about this show, is that someone like JVN can have even the most backward seeming guys eating out of their hand!

    As the most flamboyant, their personality just comes through and these men who would possibly shake their head at Jonathan or say something shitty just end up loving them!

    That to me, just makes me so happy! And backs up how a little education can change a lot!
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  4. I watched episode one of the new season last night and it was exactly what I needed to centre myself again after a rocky few weeks.
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  5. For the past few seasons this show has served as the perfect background noise. I don't think I've properly focused on a single recent episode, somehow I always get distracted around ten minutes in!
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  6. I feel that releasing seasons back to back really hurt the show in general. It's the kind of show you have to miss since the episodes can get monotonous. I think it's a great idea to have these location based seasons like the Japan edition because it switches things up.
  7. Three episodes into the new season and it’s the best it’s been for a while. I agree I did feel a bit exhausted by it all when they started releasing seasons so frequently. They should stick to one season a year because too much of it ruins the show’s magic and becomes super formulaic.
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  8. I’d love a UK one!
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  9. This season didn’t annoy me as much as the last and honestly Let Bobby just run all of it, he literally does so fucking much for all of the people on this show. The last episode featuring Macy Gray’s brother made me scream, I was hoping for her to pop up at the party.
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  10. Ru talks out of his ass with his armchair psychology, but Karamo is a qualified psychotherapist and a former social worker. I feel like he knows what he is talking about, unlike RuPaul.
  11. The thing is that the show tries to take sometimes quite deep issues and acts like an hour long chat with Karamo is enough to turn everything around. Lots of 'you've just gotta...' but without listening to what the person is saying.
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  12. Just finished the Dr Yi episode. What a pure soul of a woman!!! I haven’t sobbed so hard in so long. A gorgeous episode.
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