Queer Eye

Do you know what I ABSOLUTELY love about this show, is that someone like JVN can have even the most backward seeming guys eating out of their hand!

As the most flamboyant, their personality just comes through and these men who would possibly shake their head at Jonathan or say something shitty just end up loving them!

That to me, just makes me so happy! And backs up how a little education can change a lot!
For the past few seasons this show has served as the perfect background noise. I don't think I've properly focused on a single recent episode, somehow I always get distracted around ten minutes in!
Three episodes into the new season and it’s the best it’s been for a while. I agree I did feel a bit exhausted by it all when they started releasing seasons so frequently. They should stick to one season a year because too much of it ruins the show’s magic and becomes super formulaic.
This season didn’t annoy me as much as the last and honestly Let Bobby just run all of it, he literally does so fucking much for all of the people on this show. The last episode featuring Macy Gray’s brother made me scream, I was hoping for her to pop up at the party.
They/them, he/him
But Karamo takes the cake with his Ru Paul arm psychology crap. Hateful.

Ru talks out of his ass with his armchair psychology, but Karamo is a qualified psychotherapist and a former social worker. I feel like he knows what he is talking about, unlike RuPaul.
Ru talks out of his ass with his armchair psychology, but Karamo is a qualified psychotherapist and a former social worker. I feel like he knows what he is talking about, unlike RuPaul.

The thing is that the show tries to take sometimes quite deep issues and acts like an hour long chat with Karamo is enough to turn everything around. Lots of 'you've just gotta...' but without listening to what the person is saying.
The way the tone of this thread completely changed from the first page to the most recent, you are all too harsh. I always take months to watch each season as I really need to be in the right mood for it (usually Sunday morning when I am bored out of my mind but also feeling extremely lazy) but it always lightens my mood. I love Bobby and have a lot of time for Antoni for spreading awareness about LGBTQ issues in Poland and supporting the community there (he recently started a charity). Tan is probably the only one who really gets under my skin and I absolutely hate the 'French tuck'.
I think a new season is round the corner too? I am subscribed to Tan France his newsletter and he has been filming.

Also... I'm excited for this! But it's €110

Queer Eye's Fab 5 Get a Precious Lego Makeover
And they didn't forget Bruley the Dog

One of the biggest signs of an enduring pop culture legacy is the coveted Lego set. An honor typically reserved for beloved nerdy institutions, rarely do we cross a kit that strays from the likes of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Game of Thrones or other grand fantasy universes.

But the next group of heroes to get the Lego treatment aren’t wielding wands or lightsabers; they come bearing a new wardrobe, a redesigned bedroom and a greater sense of self worth. Oh, and tears. Lots and lots of tears.

Queer Eye has had such a positive impact on so many people’s lives … It reminds us that we need to take time to celebrate kindness and help build each other up. Matthew Ashton, vp of design at the LEGO Group

On Sept. 14, the Lego Group and Queer Eye announced a forthcoming Lego set to salute the Netflix’s hit revival. The Fab 5—Tan France, Karamo Brown, Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski and Bobby Burk—will get to see their plastic counterparts lounge in a toy replica of their famous loft headquarters from the first two seasons, complete with their canine companion, Bruley.

Details, details, details
The set, which includes 974 pieces, will measure over 9 cm high, 35 cm wide and 21 cm deep. Lego Group says that consumers can look forward to a number of easter eggs, from the set’s stylish artwork to accessories that highlight each Fab 5 expert’s strengths. Particularly observant fans might appreciate the lengths that Lego Group went to in order to secure certain details, including France’s hair.

“Our design team has really enjoyed recreating the Fab Five as LEGO minifigs; Tan was the biggest challenge,” says Matthew Ashton, vp of design at the LEGO Group, in a statement. “We didn’t have an element that did his gorgeous hair justice, so we had to make an entirely new wig element—in shimmering silver of course!”

The set will also come with a coffee table book-style instruction manual that delves into the collaborative process between Lego designers and the show’s production company, Scott Productions.

For Queer Eye’s own design guru, Bobby Berk, getting commemorated in a Lego set seems like the ultimate full-circle moment: “Lego bricks played such an important part in my childhood. Clicking those little bricks together really sparked my imagination and creativity. Collaborating with the LEGO team was an absolute dream come true! It would be any kid’s dream and now it’s my reality.”

An unlikely pair… or is it?
While Queer Eye may not immediately come to mind when you think of likely Lego partners, the legacy toy brand is known for saluting immovable figures across the cultural landscape, including the cast of Arrested Development, the band Daft Punk and even Charles Dickens.

Over the course of five seasons, Queer Eye became an Emmy-winning Netflix institution that has heavily impacted queer representation in television. After quickly developing a cult following, the show has remained a prominent example of feel-good television and become one of the most recognizable streaming properties over the past three years, making it a prime candidate for tributes like these.

“Queer Eye has had such a positive impact on so many people’s lives which is why we are excited for this collaboration. It reminds us that we need to take time to celebrate kindness and help build each other up,” says Ashton. “In this set we’ve captured themes central to both the LEGO Group and the show—caring, creativity, learning and fun. While the Fab Five rebuild people’s lives, we are on a mission to inspire people to get creative and help rebuild a more positive world.”

The Queer Eye Legos set will be available globally beginning Oct. 1 on Lego’s website, branded stores and select retail partners.


The Lego Group/Queer Eye
There are some excellent episodes in season 6. I teared up. A few times. Some of these people are my favourite they've featured so far.

Jonathan was extra before, but he's on another level now. He has truly settled in to himself and is just living his very best life. There were moments when I was really anxious about how flamboyant he was being and I wasn't sure how the rugged, hyper-heterosexual cowboy would react but it's incredible how he manages to navigate that situation without compromising a bit of himself.

I get the least out of Karamo and Antoni. Karamo's "culture" sections always come across as oversimplified and just suddenly solving years of deep rooted issues in an afternoon. I guess the problem is what he does is very personal, probably very private and it's obviously more in depth than we can see in an episode, so it's difficult to make it look like he's doing more for them than just some psychotherapy 101. I don't doubt his qualifications or experience though. It just doesn't necessarily fit with the all singing, all dancing reveal nature of this show.

With Antoni, I feel like he often teaches them to make a recipe he literally found in their own kitchen, while talking quite a lot about himself. I rarely enjoy his segments.

Bobby is truly the unsung hero of this. He does so much, it's wild. I mean, ok a new hairdo and a few new outfits can put a spring in your step, but Bobby gives some of them a new fucking house. And unlike other home makeover shows, I rarely ever dislike anything he does. He has great taste.
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