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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Bobbyrae, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. A: Don't get stuck in a rut your margarita. Add some jalapeños, or some cilantro. But not for Jonathan, he hates cilantro.
    J: But he loves margs!

  2. Following them on social media, it seems they all really do love each other which just like the show is sweet in a non souring kinda way.
  3. Me every time Antoni looks at the camera:

  4. This was one of my favorite shows growing up. I've watched the first two and it's still great!

    Hoping for one episode with both sets of Fab 5.
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  5. I'm watching the first ever episode of the original and naturally, it's extremely dated. It's scary just how dated TV from the 2000s is now because it still doesn't feel that long ago
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  6. I mean sure, but he’s hilarious and fun. I love him!

    Food gay is so hot. I’m in love.
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  7. I mean foodgay is the least necessary of the lot - there was one episode where all he did was show the guy how to make an avocado salad (ddddd) - but he gets a pass because...hotness.
  8. I want Culture gay and food gay in my bed. Actually I'll take them all to be honest, you know Johnathan would be bottoms up in no time and I wouldn't hesitate. Ddddd.
  9. On paper I'd never have considered Jonathan my type, but somehow he's hot "af". But yes, all of them are.

    Also, I have no idea why a kitschy, campy, cheesy show like this makes me tear up in nearly every episode.
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  10. Can anyone help me place where in the UK Tan's (Fashion) accent is from? It's driving me mad.
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  11. Manchester. Ish.
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  12. I thought that too but the flatmate is convinced he's from somewhere in the Midlands.
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  13. He's definitely northern. And by north, I mean further north than Birmingham, not London.
    Sounds Manchester-y to me, but he could be from Bradford or Bolton or Leeds.
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  14. That's not a Bolton accent believe me I've got one.
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  15. I'm sure he said he was born in Yorkshire, the accent sounds very Manchester to me though.
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  16. This show has no right to make me feel as many emotions as it does. Dammit, I’ve been a blubbering mess at every episode and I’m only on episode 4. But it’s also incredibly fun, joyous and infectious.

    Perfect, perfect, perfect. I need 80 episodes, not 8. Season 2 pronto.

    P.s. I want to kiki over margs with Jonathan.
  17. Jonathan's confidence is very attractive. That's what makes him so likeable.
  18. How can the wife in episode 5 be a mother to six? She looks about 18!
  19. I was a bit confused by that guy's whole story.
    So he's Mr Church, but he has a very much younger wife who he only recently married yet they already have 6 kids together?

    He was a dilf though and I actually preferred his floppy hair.

    The sexy kisses with the wife were weird to watch.
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  20. He was totally channeling Freckle energy. I actually felt him a bit forced at the start but loved him half way through the first episode.

    I'm barely starting but I'm really enjoying it so far. I thought the first guy would be the stereotype south with a bit of homophobia but he was so sweet and jolly and it made me so happy.

    Also yas cooking and culture guy. Design and Fashion kind of stayed in the background for me.
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