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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Bobbyrae, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. They all seem essential in their own way as it goes on, at least for me.

    Obviously Antoni and Karamo are the best looking, but I high key want to marry Bobby.
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  2. Oh yeah, their roles and results are definitely important (the change in clothing and the overhaul of interior design), I meant in terms of personality they just seemed to fade back... I'm only judging on the first episode though.
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  3. I've always assumed Tan was from Birmingham. There's not really much about him online. He said in an interview they scouted him on Instagram and he never had any intentions of doing TV.
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  4. LPT


    I think that was the biggest shock of it all. Follow long haired guy on instagram. His stories are very entertaining as is his daily yoga practise. NamaSL AY!
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  5. The 'Superman' firefighter in the last episode was definitely a hunty
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  6. Superman was hot, but Karamo drooling over him got old really fast.
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  7. Antoni looks sooo much like Jonathan Groff.
  8. Oh my god nooo episode four why are you doing this to me?!?!
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  9. I'm basically going full monologue here but I just finished the season and loved it. I hope we hear about them picking up S2 soon! (I'm sure they will though, it's been getting so many good reviews).

    The last episode was a fun twist and yas Superman.

    An episode brining back the old cast would be quite fun I think. I'd like to see that.
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  10. I need a second season with twice as many episodes ASAP.
  11. I finished it yesterday. The show was just what I needed.

    Favourite episodes: episode 4 (To Gay or Not Too Gay) and episode 6 (The Renaissance of Remington)
    Least favourite episode: episode 7 (Below Average Joe): something felt off in this one, but I don't know what.

    Overall, every episode had something nice in it though.
  12. The Fab Five (well, four) in the firemen uniforms in the last episode was making me feel a kind of way.
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  13. I didn’t like the fact he didn’t mention the woman that shows up at the end of the episode.

    It seems like he really wanted to impress her yet didn’t mention her at all in the whole episode, which is a bit weird in my opinion.

    Also it feels like the guys in every other episode felt like they were more “deserving” of a make over. Episode 1 wanted to impress his ex, episode 4 wanted to come out to the stepmother, episode 8 was a selfless firefighter, etc. They all seemed like genuinely good people. The comedian guy just looked lazy and with nothing really endearing.
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  14. Going back to the conversation on the previous page, I would say Fashion is from Bradford. He seems like the fakest of the lot to me, but maybe it’s just because us brits can be a bit standoffish?

    I totally love Jonathan, I adore how he looks like Jesus yet so damn camp. He lights up the show.

    Design and Food are a bit of a snore fest. So culture can be my 2nd favourite.
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  15. I don't know if this deserved to be in the Game of Thrones thread, but if anyone else loves Jonathan, he had / has a series on YouTube that recaps every episode of the show and it's hilarious.

    It's called, wait for it... Gay of Thrones:

  16. Me right now trying to hold it together in the train.

  17. Not people doing Bobby dirty like this. He shoulders most of the weight of the show because the most significant changes are in the design!
  18. Bobby was responsible for most of the biggest jaw-dropping moments on the show, but unfortunately the nature of the remodeling and redecorating job isolates him from the rest of the cast. They need to do a better job of mixing him in with everyone instead of just having him give a tour of the new place.
  19. Bobby does almost all of the work and gets no credit. Jonathan is a KII and I love him. Tan is husband material and he brings to the show what he needs to bring. Antoni like.... is definitely eye candy but like... wow mawma anyone can make whatever food you make. Karamo... well keep looking cute but you bring nothing to this?

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  20. I like how (seemingly) achievable most things are as seen on the show.

    In Antoni's defense, it would be quite useless if he taught some difficult recipes no one really has the time for to make in daily life. Those hotdogs looked delicious.

    Aside from the comedy guy, Tan did a pretty good and realistic job dressing up the rest of the contestants.

    It is rather 'vague' what Karamo really does, but he still fits well into the format of the show.
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