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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Bobbyrae, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. It's not quite a full episode (or another 8 episodes) but I'll take what I can get:

  2. Why do I feel like this guy grew his hair and beard out just for this?
    Also, that leather jacket is a no for him.
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  3. LTG


    Been out for my mate from school’s birthday, everyone straight lads. One of my mates was talking about how him and his girlfriend have watched all of this and love it. We love the gay agenda xoxo

  4. Bobby is seriously husband material. His fiancé is a lucky guy!


    Where's the lie though?
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  6. Bobby has a whole team that helps him design and build that stuff though... Antoni cuts the avocado up all by himself!
  7. Does anybody know old the fab 5 are? I was pretty shocked when Tan said he was 33 in episode 7. I honestly thought he was in his 40's. I'm guess the rest are in their early/mid 30's too.
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  8. LTG


  9. I believe Karamo is 37 or 38.
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  10. Me and my boyfriend started watching this the other night - we laughed, we cried and we love Jonathan. We’re starting episode 4 next time we have a night together.
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  11. LTG


    Prepare for tears.
  12. Why haven't they announced a renewal yet.

    A second season must be happening. Get on it so we can watch it, Netflix.
  13. I mean we cried at episode 1 and 3 so far so I imagine we'll cry our way through the series
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  14. A second season is certain, they were even throwing around that it would shoot in Minnesota or something
  15. I didn't cry at episode 4, I am a robot.
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  16. He was hot before and after, so...

    Out of the fab 5, Jonathan is actually incredibly sexy?
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  17. I love the episode 2 makeover outfits. Do they publish them anywhere?

    Also the guy is adorable when he comes out of his shell.

    Episode 4 guy is gorgeous <3
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  18. I sat and rewatched this yesterday as I was having a shit day and honestly it cheered me up so much. This show is special.
  19. I'm done with the first three episodes and I find the show to be too neutral in every aspect that made the original great entertainment. Also not sure why they are catering to the middle America towns (sounds like it), but it hasn't touched me so far, and I love to cry watching tv.
    My favorite of the 5 is Tan.
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  20. Ok so I cried twice. And AJ is hot. And his bf.
    Also, Remy's mother is divine!
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