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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Bobbyrae, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Since my general Netflix vibe is to wait until everyone has moved on from something until I binge it, I’ve finally just sat down with the boys. I think the best “makeover” was the father of 6 / reception redo.

    You all warned me about episode 4, but I was not ready. That was a powerful hour(ish) of television and really captured the uncertainty and anxiety that some people feel about coming out to loved ones. I hope someday we can get to a place where no one has to experience that kind of anguish. And I also hope that AJ and Andre start an Onlyfans account.

    Bring on 10 more seasons!!

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  2. Why have they still not announced a second season though.

    The only way this is acceptable is if they Beyoncé another season. GIVE. ME. MY. QE. FIX.

  3. “How’s it goin’?”

    Oh Antoni. Poor, sweet, A Little Life-T-shirt-wearing Antoni.
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  4. I know that you all already worked through your Superman feelings without me, but,

  5. That Trump supporter episode left an awful taste in my mouth, but aside from that I quite like this show. The Fab 5 are genuinely likable (and unapologetically flamboyant which is nice to see) and the emotional moments actually hit without coming off as manipulative.
  6. I agree. Looking back, the Trump supporter was such a misstep and he was SO unsympathetic. It was a bridge too far for what the show should be doing.

    That said, they really were able to breathe life and empathy into the Christian household and the more staunchly straight households.
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  7. The funny thing is that I thought the show was actually about appropriately tackle the police issue when they got pulled over but it just ended up being a joke-y segue into the meat of the episode ddd
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  8. True and I could see the outlines of what they were trying to do with the convo between Karamo and the dude about BLM but it just wasn't sufficient and felt so wrong. Blue Lives Matters shouldn't be a sentiment expressed in the show at all. There's no bridge to be build there.
  9. So glad people are woke to episode four. I was not buying that borderline 'I'm not like other gays' bs. He struck me as being lazy and there was genuine emotion there with the fact he didn't get to come out to his dad but it's like, spare me the 'baby gay brand new to all this' narrative

    I don't get why they don't do a Extreme Makeover-esque segment with all the builders, helpers, etc. doing the house up and then have Bobby explain what's happening, the plans, etc. It feels like they're trying to hide the fact that he didn't do it all himself it's like... we been knew?
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  10. I’m sure most of you do already, but in case you don’t, you should definitely follow the 5 on Instagram. And check their stories! Lots of cute moments and reunions!
  11. It’s do pleasant how they all seem to have a genuine friendship.

    They need to start work on a second season ASAP.
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  12. But like... why haven't they announced a second season yet.
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  13. LTG


    Antoni is waiting for Hanya Yanagihara to release another book.
  14. Bobby Camp in ep 5...

  15. Missing?
  16. We have official confirmation sisters

  17. Yessssss!!!
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  18. Five episodes in - obsessed with it but didn't like the guy in Ep 4 at all - he came off to me very masc4masc / nocampnofatnofem. Also not here for the attempt to humanize a Trump supporter - if they're not monsters then they're monster enablers - bye.
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  19. [​IMG]
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