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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Bobbyrae, Feb 10, 2018.

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    I'm on episode 7 episode, and I know the fab 5 need to play roles. But their constant reminder of making things "more masculine" so the men can get laid, totally contradicts their previous half assed attempts at breaking down stereotypes.

    Also, some of the episode's are basically a home make over and little else.
  2. Do you have any examples of this? I thought they always were quite eloquent in providing things within the guys' comfort zones, but also letting them know of other products/clothes in case they want to experiment in the future.
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    Yep, episode 6 and 7. I get they're dealing with straight men, and they're trying to incentivise them.

    The way they also comment about this 33 year old comedian guy still living at home just comes across as mean.

    The best so far has been episode one and the religious family one.
  4. Are the original show's episodes anywhere to watch or purchase?
  5. Watched Episode 4 tonight, and I cried a bit. It was great, but also like, I need people to see it. Like I know an AJ, with the “I don’t want to appear too gay” mantra, and yeah.
    So so good, happy about a season 2.
  6. The 42 yo Kentucky mixed gay @ work going off on this for "ruining" the original and playing the race card in the Trump episode? LOL. I looked in the other direction and left the straight women to deal with him.
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  7. This. The Fashion Guy only advice seems to be to "keep away from bright colours" and wear blue/grey/black/brown "to keep it more masculine". It makes me not being able to like him, and I want to like him. In the clip with the SNL cast member a few pages back it was just excruciatingly boring how he kept going about colours. Hey, I'm with you on well-fitted clothes, but Jesus, not everyone needs that boring palette.
  8. He was giving specific advice on what to wear when meeting the girlfriend's parents though, I think he wanted him to look a little understated.
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  9. Some of the outfits and advice Tan gave kinda made me cringe. He just gave the same generic advice and clothes to all the guys without trying to make it fit with the guy. Even the ripped jeans and longline t-shirt on AJ. I preferred him as his preppy self instead of generic ASOS gay.
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    I mean, his styling is questionable, and very narrow, and it is very "this is what a man wears" by GQ, but I get it's supposed to be a mainstream approach.
  11. Season 2 has already been shot so could be back sooner than we think.
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  12. Source?
  13. The cop episode and the one near the end who was 100% a Trump supporter (the firefighter?) lowkey tainted the show for my friend when we watched this. The first episode and the one with the gay was sweet though.
  14. I’m still confused as to why anyone thought putting Karamo into a “fake police pullover in Trump country” scenario was in any way a decent idea. Why treat your talent like that? It’s not like they “punk” the other guys in the series.
  15. I find it weird that when the guys enter a room full of victim's circle they fake-applaude as if they had any idea who they are, because this is season one of the reboot and nobody knows them yet. And if season two was already shot, the same fake reaction can be expected.
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  16. Of course they have a second season ready to go that we'll probably have to wait on 'til the end of the year.
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  17. Yeah this was in incredibly bad taste. Was very surprised to see it made the final cut / was filmed in the first place.
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    I’m guessing like most of the show it is scripted? But yeah it was an awful “joke”, fake or not.
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