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Queer Music Discoveries!

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Trouble in Paradise, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. Now that I've finally wrapped up my 20GAYteen Rate, I wanted to create a new home for those of us interested in discovering and discussing queer artists! I'm hoping we can keep a similar positive tone here-even as we venture from the shelters of Charts & Rates into the open water of the main Pop & Justice forum. So please come and post your current favorite queer artists, ideally give some context to their work and what listeners should expect! For acts with active threads, feel free to give them a shout out and a link to the thread for others to join in.

    I also figure we can use this space to highlight queer artists from the past who may have been overlooked or not as well known to the mainstream! Really the goal is to fill our playlists with more diverse voices and particularly artists who represent this rather queer pink place!
  2. Yessssssss. I'm so happy about this!
  3. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    If you haven’t, you should check out the three new songs released by Tegan and Sara. Thread here.
  4. Here are three queer artists I've been playing a lot of recently:

    Black Belt Eagle Scout:
    Indie rock chick with some serious guitar skills who stands out amongst all the Hatchie's and Soccer Mommies of the world with her incisive point of view as an indigenous queer feminist. Her lyrics can shift from heartbreak to colonialism without skipping a beat. She's spoken about being inspired by Cat Power and just released a new album At the Party with My Brown Friends. She played every instrument creating a really cohesive late summer sound. Just spend three minutes soaking in the queer indigenous joy of this music video:

    Nakhane: thread
    Nakhane is a South African transplant to London who's gorgeous voice brims with the fullness of his life up to this point. After coming out, he was made to attend conversion therapy and faced violent threats forcing his exile. His album reminds me Ceremonials in the way it can teeter on the balance of being so heavy so to sink itself. Some of the slower songs don't quite connect but all his bops are deeply life affirming. His single featuring queer legend ANOHNI speaks to the lasting impact of colonialism in African countries and also completely bops.

    Cub Sport: thread
    A married gay Australian couple making sweet sweet alterna-pop. Think Bloom with a little more bite and a whole lot less to lose. Lead singer Tim Nelson has an incredible voice and their cover of Billie Eilish is incredible. "Party Pill" has been one of my tracks of the year, tracing the progression of a budding queer romance.
  5. Love the idea behind this thread.

    These are some of the tracks I'm listening to by queer artists at the moment

  6. Sir Babygirl really ought to be more popular on here:

  7. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    These playlists are good starting points, as they are all regularly updated and consist entirely of queer acts’ music:

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  8. The queer king of Norwegian avant-garde pop:

  9. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    I will literally never stop promoting this album:


  10. One of the best albums of all time!

    Also found out Kindness identifies as non-binary! They're latest album is quite gorgeous:

    Edit: also, so much queer talent!<3


  11. My favourite. Absolutely divine.

    And am I seeing right that Perfume Genius is not included in the rate. The literal pinnacle of queer artistry?
  12. The rate was for released by queer artists in 2018! Sadly, Perfume Genius didn’t have any major release that year. (Though i did give him a write up in the 2017 Advent Calendar)

  13. [/SPOLER]
  14. Tama Gucci, a queer singer/songwriter, makes some of my favorite sadpop music ever and his voice is incredible:

    A girl I went to school with makes really fun jazz-pop as Ms. White:

    Finally, Magda dropped an album of killer electropop about a month ago:

  15. Another artist I’ve been majorly enjoying this year.
  16. Just to say - huge thanks for this thread. In the space of a dozen or so posts, i have already discovered half a dozen potential future obsessions.

    I am so out of touch these days, that this is literally manna to me - which means I might not have much to share as I am now the last person to catch on to new artists, but I will lap up every drop of goodness that other folks are kind enough to share.
  17. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member


    and one of my favourite songs of the year:

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