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Queer Music Discoveries!

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Trouble in Paradise, Sep 21, 2019.

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  3. BTW If you haven't, watch 'Veneno' on HBO Max.
  4. I just learned today that Roddy Bottum (Faith No More, Imperial Teen) started recording music with his boyfriend during the Covid lockdown. They’re called MAN ON MAN.

    The boyfriend’s name is Joey Holman. Apparently he used to be in a Christian rock band.

  5. I made a thread for her but I wanted to also post this new one from Ethel Cain here as I've been absolutely obsessed. There's some obvious Avril influence here but put through the lens of a late evening drive down the coast.

  6. She's fantastic, I found her when she was going by White Silas and the music was more satanic chamber-folk.
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  8. If you haven't yet, take 3 minutes to watch this Big Pop Gay music video!
  9. Just stumbled upon this up-and-coming artist from the Philippines.

    English subtitles are available.
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  10. A drag queen I follow pointed out that while Nas has been getting a lot of attention, there was a black gay rapper years prior who makes good music and because of the times, was really underrated. But he did release a good chunk of music, got to perform on Letterman. He tweeted a few weeks ago how he wanted to release more music sometime but then he deleted his twitter and is only on instagram now so not sure what happened there buuut

    His music slaps though.

  11. Metteson from Norway.
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  13. Metteson, whose music video is linked above, has a new EP out, called Convince Me. It is great! A reviewer in a Norwegian newspaper wrote that Metteson is taking on the legacy of Robyn. I find myself replaying the EP multiple times in a row.

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  14. This is cute to me. Queer duo from Belgium. Kind of make music with a mix of pop and electronic dance.
    And the singer is a cute twink so can't go wrong with that.
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