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QUIRKY POP RATE | #29: "Not quite Calum Scott’s Dancing On My Own cover-level rancid"

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Apr 3, 2020.

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    You've been acting awful tough lately, smoking a lot of cigarettes lately

    I Am Not A Robot

    The Family Jewels 3/6
    10 (22) @Sprockrooster @eatyourself @BubblegumBoy soratami @BeingNormal @sfmartin @pop3blow2 @tylerc904 @Remyky22 @Trouble in Paradise @Island @Pineapple @sapnu puas @Verandi @Robsolete @berserkboi @Crisp X @ufint @Runawaywithme @godspeed @Lost Boy @Butterfly | 9.5 (3) @Phonetics Boy @Sail On @Music Is Life
    4 @abael | 4.5 @OspreyQueen | 5 @japanbonustrack

    Leaderboard trajectory:
    5: #15 (9.3)
    10: #35 (8.6)
    15: #39 (8.433)
    20: #48 (8.125)
    25: #34 (8.372)
    30: #26 (8.543)
    35: #23 (8.594)
    40: #22 (8.695)
    45: #22 (8.718)
    50: #24 (8.696)
    55: #28 (8.596)
    60: #29 (8.588)
    65: #32 (8.512)
    67: #32 (8.538)

    And Marina is down to two songs, being another of the artists to lose multiple songs from #40 to #31, like Ellie and Charli. I Am Not Robot received the most 10s so far, and the most of of all the songs outside of the top 30. It was actually in the top 30 itself for most of the voting period, but unfortunately just fell off thanks to the last handful of ballots.

    I Am Not A Robot was written by Marina and produced by Liam Howe and was released as the third single from The Family Jewels, actually doing pretty well, charting at #26 in the UK, in the top 10 in Belgium and Norway, at #11 in Sweden, and being certified Gold in the US(!) According to the commentary, the song saw a recent resurgence as a TikTok meme which, well, get those coins I guess @Marina. According to Marina, I Am Not A Robot is "about being emotionally detached. Even though I'm this jolly and bubbly person on the surface, I'm very different with certain people", and while that's the way I see it too, that Marina is singing about herself, some people also interpret it as being about men/masculinity in general, which is interesting. I Am Not A Robot has two videos, with the alternate one, which I had no idea existed until today, being linked below.

    @Stradiwhovius (5.5) had me reaching for Google: "This was my first Marina experience, courtesy of a piano cover playing in a bupa advert, but to be honest I hate this a little. Lazy rhyming at points and lyrically shallow compared to her best." Learned what bupa was today.

    @livefrommelbs (6) brings up something I really don't suffer from: "I'm just a liddle BAY-BEH. I'd completely forgotten about this song until the Tik Tok memes brought it back. I've never really loved this one, though."

    And @Maki (7.5) backs it up: "I have a very alienating thoughts about this song. I know it's one of the fan favorites, but sonically it never clicked with me as much. Some great moments throughout, especially once the pre-chorus kicks in. The instrumental outro is really good, with those violins and the middle-8 is another high point of the song. Bonus 'fun fact': my younger cousin has that awful TikTok application and while showing me some of the popular videos there, "I'm Not a Robot" appears in quite an amount of recent ones (the 'you're just a little baby' bit). I guess it's some kind of a trend or something. Those random song popularity and exposures will never make sense to me." @Maki's score wouldn't have changed the song's placement, just decreased its average slightly.

    @constantino (7.5) asks "Why was this a single?" Why not?

    @Kyle. (8.5) praises the video: "This was the song that really got me into Marina. The LOVED the design of the original video with her being a singing bunch of stars. It's a real win for her in my eyes."

    @R27 (9) brings up the Spotify predecessor: "I have a fond memory of putting this on a mix CD for my best friend once and she told me it was her favourite song I’d ever shown her. I don't think that title stuck (especially after I showed her “Obsessions”), but this a great song that even I underestimate sometimes."

    @Untouchable Ace (9.3) also had me reaching for Google: "Oh yeah, Marina has that song where she sounds like April Kepner." Today I learned who April Kepner is.

    @Phonetics Boy (9.5) is hyped: "Bite off toxic masculinity's head, quene!"

    @Crisp X (10) talks directly to the song: "Guess what? You’re a 10."

    @berserkboi (10) loses his only Marina 10: "BY FAR the best Marina here - I was starting to worry about her average! This identity reclaiming track works oh so well!!"

    I Am Not A Robot is what got @sfmartin (10) into Marina: "Just perfect. Such a fantastic song. This is the first song that really made me pay attention at the very beginning."

    @Pineapple (10) also praises the music video: "This music video is so iconic, it could easily be an 11 in another rate. Take us to the stars, Marina."

    @pop3blow2 (10) once again recycles his commentary from the Marina rate: "Probably my favorite song on the album. The kind of quirky melody her voice wraps around perfectly. An introverted anthem for the captcha generation." Fun fact: The I Am Not A Robot Wikipedia page actually says "Not to be confused with reCAPTCHA"

    @Verandi (10) has a demand: "Flashback to me sending this song to the at-the-time best friend who later made my life hell ahah so funny kill me." Maybe it would be for the best, given some of your scores.

    @Trouble in Paradise (10) has a lot to say about I Am Not A Robot (but not here): "I wrote a whole damn academic paper on this song (and Robyn & Royskopp’s “I’m In Love with a Robot”) and I still absolutely adore this song and get goosebumps every time!"

    @eatyourself (10) relates to the lyrics: "tell me one homosexual who heard this song and didn’t think the lyrics were aimed directly at them. Line after line she slaps us in the face with the sheer truth, showing more psychological knowledge than in the whole of her last effort which was supposedly inspired by it. Like, talk about defining a whole generation."

    And so does @Runawaywithme (10) "Another lovely song about dealing with mental health. The way Marina writes about mental health (on her first three albums dddd) always felt very refreshing to me, and I liked that she acknowledged everything from chain-smoking to hilariously pathetic “emo” phases and even things like being so scared to answer phone calls, it never felt like the cliche “it gets better” or typical “I want to die” - it was somewhere in the middle without ever feeling like she was talking down to you or at you, it just felt like someone telling a very complex personal story in a strangely relatable way. The whole idea of feeling like a robot and the way it so simply yet effectively describes emotional disconnectedness is just genius. Like many of the songs on this album, it really helped me through some heinously horrific times, and I will always be grateful for that even if now it can sometimes be a bit of a tough listen as it can remind me of those times, but I still have to get a ten purely because of the connection I have with it, and how much of a geniously constructed, well-written pop song it is."

    And lastly, @godspeed (10): "I've never been big on Marina & The Diamond's music and I think my scores are a proof of that. I don't dislike her music, I think she's an actually very creative and original artist but while I recognize the quality in her music, very few of her songs speak to me or are something I'd listen to on the regular. "I Am Not A Robot" is a weird exception. Weird because musically, this is the type of quirky production made by an ex-theater kid that I'd usually be thrown off by. But there was always something about this song that I appreciated, without being crazy about it or anything. A few years ago however, I stumbled onto this song again and, for the first time, I really listened to the lyrics. "It's okay to say you've got a weak spot/You don't always have to be on top." I feel like we all can relate to that on some level. "You've been hanging with the unloved kids/Who you never really liked and you never trusted." Been there, done that.

    I didn't expect one day to relate so much to a Marina & The Diamonds song but it happened with this one. I find the phrasing of the lyric "I am not a robot" incredibly clever and powerful because it manages to express the necessity of being vulnerable and just the fact that, at the end of the day, we're all only human in a very visual and colorful manner that really fits the quirky nature of Marina's music. I love the entire package of "I Am Not A Robot," including the music videos that feel like a tribute to comics and superheroes' film from the 50s. I think they fit the music perfectly and create a full universe around it turning it into an eccentric capital-P pop song with a very strong message underneath.

    I think that, around that time, not many pop artists were making songs like this one on which they'd clearly tell you "it's ok to not be ok." Most pop songs about feeling out of place and the depressive feelings that often come with this inability to feel like you belong or fit anywhere usually aim for empowerment by having lyrics that pretty much say "be yourself, be proud of who you are because you're amazing, don't let other people bring you down." Although I guess it is a nice sentiment and those artists have the best intentions, those songs and lyrics always kind of annoyed me because it's simply not that easy to be yourself, to love the person you are and be proud of that. I don't find it comforting in any way to hear an artist telling me "be yourself, be strong, be proud." So listening to a singer telling me directly in her lyrics "It's okay to say you've got a weak spot/You don't always have to be on top" and "You're vulnerable/You are not a robot" was very refreshing, comforting and felt actually empowering. It's a very beautiful and unique song and, although I feel like Marina & The Diamonds MARINA will never be able to top that, I'm glad she managed to write such a great, clever and heartfelt piece of music. This was an 11 contender, for sure."

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    2014 Staff Member

    Your best post x
  3. I'm kinda shocked 'I Am Not A Robot' got zero 11s.

    Links please!!!

    Yeah, I got overwhelmed when doing my commentary for this rate & that was an easy way to knock someone out. Sorry Merna.
  4. Sad to see this one go. It's a jewel in her discography and I'd hope for it to get top 20.

    It's been a long time since we've lost a Sky or Lana song so I'd hope they don't dominate too many of the top spots.
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  5. I can remember seeing the Robot music video on some channel way back when and thinking she was really weird with that glittery paint all over her.


    ... and then a few years later someone posted about Radioactive on Habbo Hotel (ddd) and I fell into full standom!!

    I was really hoping Marina would be safe for a little while longer. Robot, Hollywood and Oh No! hold really special & nostalgic places in my heart.
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  6. Not the one Marina song I could have been happy with in the Top 10??? Why????
  7. I love “I Am Not A Robot” but I’m fine with it going now.
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  8. I'm just
  9. Nooo! I love this song. I love @pop3blow2 mentioning CAPTCHAs because I literally sing this to myself every time I do one. It's impact!

    I also love this remix:
  10. After losing three songs by Charli XCX since entering the Top 40, this is what I deserve.
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  11. So what do you guys think the last song eliminated before the top 30 to be? And what do you want it to be?
  12. Hopefully Blue Jeans
  13. "Blue Jeans" or "Summertime Sadness," please and thank you.
  14. I hope it's something like...

    You're Not The One
    I Blame Myself
    Nuclear Seasons
    L. E. S. Artistes

    I know it won't happen.
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  16. Please be Foxes or La Roux!
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  17. Oh man, I was not expecting “I Am Not a Robot” to go now. What a special song! Fun fact, I’m obsessed with the Clock Opera remix!
  18. The reveals have exposed multiple crimes that were done in this rate, but at least we did one thing right. The order of eliminations for Marina is surprising and PERFECT. Nothing buts 10s left from me!

    EDIT - I realized I never crossed off "Mowgli's Road" (10) from my follow-along sheet, so we got Marina mostly correct!
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2020 at 3:56 PM
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