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QUIRKY POP RATE | #29: "Not quite Calum Scott’s Dancing On My Own cover-level rancid"

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Apr 3, 2020.

  1. I remember listening to that a lot back when it was released! Definitely worth a listen for anyone who's doesn't know it, it really is fantastic

  2. #31

    We ride the bus with the knees pulled in. People should see how we're living

    Buzzcut Season

    Pure Heroine 4/6
    10 (20) @Sprockrooster @eatyourself soratami @Fuchsia @constantino @Conan @sfmartin @Trouble in Paradise @Oleander @klow @sapnu puas @Robsolete @berserkboi @elektroxx @vague @LTG @Blond @Music Is Life @godspeed @Gabeee9292 | 9.5 (3) @DJHazey @No hay banda @pop3blow2
    4 @abael | 6 (2) @Verandi @junkos

    Leaderboard trajectory:
    5: #22 (9)
    10: #30 (8.7)
    15: #22 (8.767)
    20: #28 (8.45)
    25: #30 (8.436)
    30: #30 (8.413)
    35: #27 (8.511)
    40: #26 (8.573)
    45: #26 (8.564)
    50: #27 (8.618)
    55: #26 (8.62)
    60: #27 (8.627)
    65: #28 (8.602)
    67: #31 (8.569)

    After surviving forty-two eliminations (the second longest gap in the rate between two songs by the same artist, after Diana's forty-three between You'll Never Get To Heaven and The Boy Who Murdered Love), Lorde finally loses another of her songs. Buzzcut Season (written and produced by Lorde and Joel Little, and was released as one of Pure Heroine's promotional singles) was in the top 30 literally the whole voting period, until the very last elimination, so you can blame for @Butterfly's 6.75 for it ending up at #31.

    @Stradiwhovius (8) makes the obvious joke: "Lockdown teas here."

    @Crisp X (8) is reminded of another rate artists "The final chorus is my favorite part, and with the groovy drums, oddly reminds me of Ellie Goulding (Halcyon era)?" Quirky Pop Rate: Sophomore Albums coming soon(ish)!

    @Runawaywithme (8) is drawn to the song's dark vibe: "I love the bare pulsing production on this song, and it’s dreamy, hazy vibe. I also find it strangely sinister,which always really pulls me in."

    @R27 (8.5) praises the lyrics: "The first verse is a prime example of Lorde’s outstanding songwriting style. She’s able to zone in on seemingly mundane occurrences and make them appear profound and significant. The imagery of her lyrics paint a vivid portrait which feels uniquely her own. Indeed,from the very beginning she was already carving out a lane for herself in the pop landscape."

    @Phonetics Boy (8.5) muses: "The power that denial has. I see so much appeal and so much need to disassociate in my life and I've never even lost anybody. Now that's a scary thought..."

    @Untouchable Ace (9.2) appreciates Lorde's timelessness: "She's a musical artist stripped back. Her songs have minimal modern elements which makes her output timeless. If anything her own layered vocals are more the 1960's than they are the 2010's."

    @berserkboi (10) apparently hadn't listened to any of the albums in the rate (except Ladyhawke?): "This is absolutely gorgeous! Why do I not know it? Was it not a single? The best Lorde I’ve heard so far!"

    @Sprockrooster (10) sees no faults: "Impeccable production and flawless vocals."

    @constantino (10) didn't really have any reason to fear, Buzzcut did quite great: "I fear for this being one of the more skeletal and understated songs in the rate but LORD is it an incredible piece of music."

    @godspeed (10) makes a very amusing typo which I'm not sure was intentional or not: "I am - still - so in love with the atmosphere Lorde and Joel Little created on this song. It reminds me of her Love Club EP that I really loved. It's actually quite simple but it grabs you in instantly. And this being the track that follows "Ribs" on the album... Sort of the calm after the storm. Or during the storm? I don't know. One of the finest buzzcuts on Pure Heroine."

    @sfmartin (10) praises: "One of my absolute favourites of hers. Such potent vivid imagery"

    @Trouble in Paradise (10) Connects Buzzcut Season with another Pure Heroine deep cut: "Am I the only person who views “Buzzcut Season” and “White Teeth Teen” as two pieces to be put together? I don’t have any deep connection other than the fact that listening to one without the other just feels wrong. I will say both songs- the one I’m actually rating in particular- show just how masterfully Lorde can paint an image with her lyrics. Like all us sad homos have lived the moment she describes in the second verse."

    And lastly, @eatyourself (10) asks: "is there a way to listen to this song without crying?" Can't cry when you're dead, I would know (Slasher reference, sorry nn).

  3. Top 30


    L.E.S. Artistes
    Lights Out
    Say Aha
    You’ll Find A Way
    Shove It


    Back of the Van
    Paris Is Burning
    Dusk Till Dawn
    My Delirium
    Better Than Sunday

    Stuck On Repeat

    New In Town


    La Roux
    In For The Kill

    I’m Not Your Toy
    Cover My Eyes


    Dog Days Are Over
    Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
    Drumming Song
    Cosmic Love
    Between Two Lungs

    The Family Jewels
    Mowgli’s Road

    I Am Not a Robot
    Oh No!

    Under The Sheets
    Starry Eyed
    Guns and Horses

    The Writer
    This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)

    Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree
    The Boy Who Murdered Love

    Four Leaf Clover
    You’ll Never Get to Heaven
    My Hip
    Chasing You


    The ArchAndroid
    Come Alive (The War of the Roses)
    Cold War
    Dance or Die


    Kill My Boyfriend
    Break You Hard
    Love Is a Suicide
    Acid Annie


    Cinderella’s Eyes
    Beat of My Drum
    Lucky Day
    Cinderella’s Eyes
    Porcelain Heart
    Take A Bite


    Born to Die
    Video Games
    Born To Die
    Blue Jeans
    Summertime Sadness

    True Romance
    Stay Away
    Nuclear Seasons
    You’re The One
    You (Ha Ha Ha)
    Take My Hand


    Pure Heroine
    Tennis Court
    Buzzcut Season
    Glory and Gore

    Night Time, My Time
    Everything Is Embarrassing
    You’re Not the One
    24 Hours
    I Blame Myself
    Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay)
    I Will


    Let Go For Tonight
    Holding Onto Heaven
    Night Owls Early Birds

  4. Hitlist before top 20:
    I know that is only 8 songs, but I couldn't pick more. I expect a threeway tie at #20. Cheers, thanks a lot.
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  5. Buzzcut Season definitely belongs to the pantheon of The Greatest Lorde Songs. I've seen someone mention the production in their commentary and I'll use this moment to take something off of my chest!

    I took a long time to warm up to Lorde. I discovered her still during her debut EP days and at that time I just bumped her together with all the other indie singer-songwriter girls that were coming out at that time, right after the huge indie wave that the Tumblr girls started. A couple months later Royals blew up and became the song of 2013 and it made me check her soon-to-be-released album with more attention.
    Turns out I was quite put off by it. Not only were all the girls on Twitter doing the most about her, but the album also sounded unfinished, bare, raw, and not in a "not well produced" way because all the songs are super glossy but in a bloodless way. It sounded pale, ill, rushed, like those poor melodies were added to any preset the producers had around. I also thought she couldn't sing so well and this might have been one of the reasons why the production was so low-key.

    There were three songs that, with time, started to challenge my assumptions on her - the first one is A World Alone, which has that one string of guitar looped all through the song and I clearly remember it being the most striking thing on first listen. After some time Ribs and Buzzcut Season shone through and made me understand what they were going for with the sound, and how deep the lyrics actually were and how that connected to the production and even to her vocal delivery. To this day these are the first songs that pop to my mind when thinking about the album, they perfectly encapsulate that unexplainable melancholy that's intrinsic to every single second of an average white teenager's life. I like the album fine today, some songs more than others, nothing there is as essential as those three.

    I also think that Melodrama is basically the perfect example of a successful sophomore album + have fallen a bit out of love with it with time, but that's to be discussed at the next rate, along with how she gave birth to the e-girls who sing of present days.

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  6. To be honest we're gonna need more of that or, going by what's happened in other rates, it might end up completely dominating dd
  7. Melodrama is a fantastic album I can still enjoy a lot but I'm around Lorde's age and it just resonated with me at the time in a way I feel like I've probably now grown out of. It'd get a lot of 9s and 10s but not my 11.
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  8. I love that fourteen out of the sixteen albums managed to make it to the top 30. Shame Diana and Nicola didn't, but at least they still got quite decent album averages.

    And now the question is... who will make it to the top 20.
  9. The one track left girlies holding on by a thread!
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  10. I need Mirrors to go, I need Youth to go, and I need Hollywood to go.
  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Mirrors, Tightrope and 24 Hours would probably be my next 3 choices x
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  12. All 10s!

    Actually, I lost three 8s and a 7 within the last ten eliminations, and now all the songs in the top 30 but one got a 9+ score from me, so I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.
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  13. Right, these next. I hadn't even realised that Obsessions had gone, you absolute beasts.
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  14. LTG


    What the fuck?! Buzzcut Season should have been top 10 at least!
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  15. Ribs is on your list?
    The Ribs?
  16. These are all fair game.
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  17. You gave Obsessions a 4 or something, I won't be hearing this.
  18. LTG


    Who hurt you?

    (apart from Florence, apparently)
  19. Too much Ladyhawke on everyone’s hit list, You tasteless bunch!!!
  20. Some of y’all have never lived in a hologram with anybody and it shows.
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