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QUIRKY POP RATE: EVOLUTION | Artist ranking & other stats

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Jun 6, 2022.

  1. Thank you!

    So yeah. Hi. I'm back, and as you heard, an artist is about to lose her first song...

    Is it MUNA?

    Let's Eat Grandma perhaps?

    Jessie would be quite the surprise.

    Maybe it's Carly.

    Imagine if it's Florence

    Well, actually...



    ALLIE X 5/5

    10 @Oleander | 9.5 (3) @Dijah. @berserkboi Music Is Death
    5 (2) @Butterfly @Sprockrooster | 5.5 @2014

    @soratami's score: 9

    #50 - #61 - #62 - #64 - #67

    So it's Allie losing her first song, which ironically, is the last song of her section. Anchor was released as the lead (and only) single from the Cape God deluxe edition, the re-release of her second studio album, on November 19, 2021, along with the vinyl edition of the deluxe. And I have to say, while I love it, I'm also not too mad it's leaving now. I even wish it had left before some other songs (like You should be sad or Be Kind or Graveyard or all the above). I also wish some songs left were leaving instead but I'm not terribly bothered. Still, I do love this. The sweeping production that feels like ocean waves, the building epic-ness combined with Allie's relatively soft and pulled back vocals, the beautiful lyrics about how her partner makes her feel stable and the gorgeous string outro...yeah, this is fantastic. I realy love the drums and the synths and how in the final minute or so it sounds like Allie is singing from the bottom of the ocean. God, this is amazing. Honestly, I would give it a 10 now and it's making me think a re-listen to Cape God is in order for the day. I think I'll do that after I post this. Man I really need to do an Allie deep dive.

    @Trouble in Paradise (7) "Maybe I wasn't in the Cape God mind space but none of the delux tracks stood out to me"

    @DJHazey (8) "As hypnotizing as the visuals she tends to use for her song-only youtube videos. The way the chorus just pulsates; I like that."

    @pop3blow2 (9) “Pretty melody with the proper amount of dark flourishes.“

    @berserkboi (9.5) "Very Siobhan Donaghy <3"

  2. Anchor should have stayed around a biT longer, but it's indeed the correct first Allie X cut so I'm good.
  3. I'd take Devil I Know first, but it's splitting hairs. They're both a tier under the others.
  4. R27


    I... kinda forgot about Allie X. I would have preferred "Devil I Know" going first, but despite giving "Anchor" a better score (7) I can't remember how it goes, so this is fine.
  5. 2 down, 1 to go
  6. Well at least it's my lowest score for her.
  7. For a moment the thread title update had me afraid Janelle's "I Like That" got the axe and I was ready to LECTURE you all.

    There's nothing bad about "Anchor" but it's also kind of middling for me. I don't think any of the Cape God bonus tracks measured up to the album proper.
  8. Anchor is one of the least instant songs in the rate for sure, it definitely takes a bit to click. But it's so good, I just love how brooding it sounds. I was actually listening to it yesterday, and it occurred to me it kind of sounds like a Massive Attack song.
  9. Yeah anchor hasn’t clicked for me but it seems like the type of song that takes time so it’s placement here makes sense. I will say i wish we lost song pre-Cape God Allie songs first but I know I’m in the minority there.
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  10. "Anchor" is my second lowest score from Allie X section yet it still received an 8.75 from me. I love how it flirts with trip hop, the melody is very pretty and the production is excellent.

    The next elimination is coming in a few hours.​
  11. Which song could be leaving at #666, you may wonder...




    10 (2) @BubblegumBoy @soratami | 9.75 @Maki
    4.5 @j267 | 5 (2) @R27 @Butterfly

    #36 - #58 - #65 - #69 - #66

    And Miss Karen Allie X loses her second song right after losing the first one, which so far happened only to La Roux and Katy B. Devil I Know is surely among the more consistently scored songs we've seen, but its leaderboard trajectory pretty much took a Ciara albums gif shape, since it started doing really well and then nearly ended up at its lowest position. But at least my high score made it place just above Anchor, since the point difference between the two was very small. Love to see my scores actually making differences on the leaderboard, if you already can't tell that dd. And a little tidbit regarding the scores: this song received a 6 from 6 different voters. The devil energy really is strong here huh?

    Devil I Know was released on January 31, 2020 as the fifth and the final single before the album Cape God was out about a month later. Aside from by Allie X, it was co-written by Cara Salimando, Jonathan Saxe and Jens Duvsjö, while the production was done by Oscar Görres a.k.a. OzGo. The nature of this song is rather interesting because, as Allie explains, it initially wasn't meant to be on the album and its original version (which might date as far back as 2017) was recorded as a pitch, even being considered to be given to Rihanna (!) and it was written/recorded in a different studio compared to the one where the album sessions took place. Since Allie felt there was one song missing to complete Cape God, she recalled that early demo of Devil I Know, rewrote it and re-recorded it, so it finally ended up being included on the album, ironically as the very last song to be added. Quite a journey this song went through.

    Don't really know why I was a bit stingy and didn't settle on a 10 for Devil I Know, because it's a pretty amazing song and there are really no flaws here. It was described as a sonic standout on Cape God (I
    really need to check out this album), both by Allie X and critics, as it doesn't have a softer approach, particularly in terms of vocals and production. Right from the very start, that guitar riff (compared to Arctic Monkeys, which I do hear) is so addictive and completely manages to carry the entire song. I'm also getting a bit of Billie Eilish debut era from this, which is a great thing and basically anything with a bit of a ooky-spooky vibe should appeal to me. The way the sections transition from one to another, all being very melodic and equally strong, is excellent and the accompanying hmm's are just delightfully spread throughout the song. The lyrics are very clever, especially the couplet "I could pretend that I'm just praying now / But I'm only on my knees", and they talk about battling with your own demons, since here Allie refers to herself as the devil. Oh and I forgot about those fantastic ad-libs near the end, whew. Such a tune that really deserved to do much better. Sorry I had to praise this song a lot because the commentary is... not so positive.

    @R27 (5) "I loved Super Sunset, but admittedly struggled to get into Cape Cod. There were a few stand outs that grew on me, but this is not one of them."

    @Crisp X (6) "This has Netflix teen drama teaser music written all over it nn"

    @berserkboi (6) "Eh - the second coming!"

    @Sprockrooster (6) "She tried to be edgy and dark with this track, but somehow it is not clicking with me. *Puts on Kylie cause that is a devil I better know."

    @DJHazey (7.5) "I think the w2g comment ”cute next to gorgeous” sums it up best. I think this rate adjusted my feelings towards it because I assumed I was going to come in with a higher score."

    @Attis (7.5) "Sounds like Arctic Monkeys"

    @Trouble in Paradise (8.75) "I really love her delivery on the chorus here and the lyrics are a great representation of Cape God."

    @pop3blow2 (9.5) “Make your Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina YouTube montages to this, kids.”

    [imaginary embed of Devil Pray]
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  12. Never got behind this one actually, however Anchor was a revelation for me with how sinister it gets, not unlike Life of the Party, and I love when she goes there... I'd say I want Allie to be left alone for a while now, but I'm hoping the boring Lana cosplay that is Not So Bad in LA comes soon
  13. I would've preferred 'Not So Bad In LA' to leave before 'Devil I Know,' which is a grower. Whereas I liked
    'Not So Bad...' a bit less after multiple listens.

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  14. You're stuck with me again for the final guest elimination (I'm going out for a few hours so hopefully we can reach the next page by then), which should be posted later today. I can confirm that Allie X is not losing a third song in a row.

    Oh, and it's someone's 11.
  15. As the next elimination is an artist who hasn't lost a song yet, and my 11 went to one of these, I'm scared.
  16. I think it's about time a proper forum darling lost one. They may be beloved but some of the song selections really did them no favours for me.
  17. Perfect back-to-back Allie eliminations.
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  18. A little tea - the eleven eliminations from #66 (Devil I Know) to #56 are all songs by different artists, which I think is the longest stretch of the rate without any artist losing multiple songs. And while only two 11s have been eliminated so far (Honey at #90 and Set You Free at #85), a few people will be losing theirs over the next few days.

    This also means that, after this double elimination, Ali Eggs will be safe for a while

  19. Oh that’s exciting! I’m sure it’ll be a roller coaster for us all then! Curious to see what the breakdown will be between losing high and low scores. Though this is also often the time in versus rates that the glut of 7’s sinks solid songs (see previous elimination)
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  20. Scared for my 11 and ready slap the life out of Forum Faves™.
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