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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Jun 6, 2022.

  1. Florence, Jessie and Laura as the top 3 artists, I know that’s right!!
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  2. R27


    Thank you so much for another great rate @soratami! All three have been consistently well run and it's been so great getting to relive (and in some cases discover) so much phenomenal music!
  3. An iconic sequence of statements.
  4. I'm happy I was barely on any of the lowest lists and a handful of the highest, plus being in the Top 10 highest overall! That considering at least half of the list was new discoveries, that's pretty good.

    Very pleased Froot took the crown. As mentioned by someone else, her much maligned recent releases had me worried that the Froot era would get unceremoniously dragged down with it. Glad to see clear minds prevailed and one of the best albums in any of these rates was able to stand atop the mountain.

    Thank you @soratami for another magnificent chapter in an amazing trilogy. Look forward to co-hosting in 2023.
  5. I am so happy I was a part of the Quirky Pop Sophomore and Evolution rates. I just wish I had participated in the Debut rate so I could've given La Roux all the 10's. But I will be listening to all the Debut rate songs I haven't heard so I can discover more quirky pop gems.

    Thank you @soratami for introducing me to so many exciting new artists, some of whom I should've listened to years ago, whose careers I will be following in the future.
  6. dd I almost wrote "with one glaring exception", but the truth is it was having only two songs in the rate that kept La Roux from doing even worse...

    Thank you! One thing I meant to write in my previous post but ended up forgetting is that I love how these rates helped people discover/rediscover some of these artists (myself included). Of course some of the artists here are ones almost everyone in the forum knows and loves, but it was great being able to highlight smaller ones like V V Brown and Kyla La Grange, and ones whose recent output has otherwise been pretty slept on (sometimes to the point newer albums don't even have a Wikipedia page, which is a bit sad to see) like Katy B and Little Boots.

    I'm very much looking forward to it too! In case anyone didn't catch it in the rate queue thread, bops, basically is the rate in question (which I'll be sure to post about again here when it's due to start). It's going to be shorter and lighter and focused on a different type of music (though there is a bit of crossover) than these Quirky Pop rates, but actually similar in the sense that it's a selection of songs from a number of forum-favourite artists being pitted against each other. It's definitely going to be fun and I'm hoping to see a good number of this rate's voters there (relatively) #soon.
  7. If only!

  8. So many of my faves couldn't bother the top 10, but at least my girl Jessie took second place!

    "Froot" being the winner makes sense, and (just as I did when voting) I'm trying to separate my feelings about it as a song from how much I've gone off Marina's music these days. She was one of my faves in college, and I saw her live a couple of times back then (both times on the bill with Charli). My fandom probably peaked with "Electra Heart." But then somewhere along the way, her songs stopped resonating with me.

    A big part of it was that I saw so much of myself in "The Family Jewels" (especially "Oh No!") and "Electra Heart" when I was younger, and I mean that completely earnestly. When I started questioning those attitudes, I no longer wanted to hear those songs, if that makes any sense. I'm not even normally a "lyrics person" that needs to relate to songs to like them, this is very much related to the memories and thoughts her music (and songwriting perspective) bring to mind. I think she also started getting annoyed by her own overambitious attitude and tried to shift starting with "Love + Fear" but has only come off as insincere instead. The "Froot" album actually accomplishes this self-awareness better, which makes it the one I spin most often when I do revisit her music.

    And I can't really fault "Froot" the song, which is genuinely strange and a fitting representative for a Quirky Pop rate.
  9. Just caught up with the rate and the winner, welp!
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  10. Thanks so much @soratami for such a wild ride! Most of faves were done dirty but I still enjoyed every second of it. You're a gem! xx
  11. Welp ×2

    Thanks so much for the iconic rate @soratami. 'Froot' is a behemoth, great winner. But I wished for a new winner for you and that it would be 'I'm A Ruin'.

    I'm looking forward to rate part 5, Quirky girls debuts of 1998 - 2007.
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  12. It actually did cross my mind at one point that I could do a version of this with artists that would have generally fit, but who debuted too early in the 00s to be in the first rate (which was focused on late 00s-early 10s debuts). Like Lily Allen, Bat For Lashes, M.I.A, St Vincent, Róisín Murphy, and so on. I don't have any concrete plans for it at the moment though, but maybe one day. Though if someone else would like to do something along those lines, feel free.
  13. That era is 100% my jam, but there's no way I have the time and energy to host a rate. I tried it once long time ago (for t.A.T.u.) and had to surrender it to a co-host halfway through.
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