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  1. Facts.

  2. I genuinely don't understand what any of you are hearing.
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  4. #74



    10 (6) @DJHazey @boombazookajoe @GimmeWork @Untouchable Ace @berserkboi @Serg. | 9.5 @saviodxl
    1 @Attis | 2 @Trouble in Paradise
    Host score: 8

    #74 - #75 - #77 - #74 - #74

    After Halsey and Little Boots, Ellie becomes the third artist with six songs in the rate to lose half to them. For comparison, some (Carly, Florence and Jessie) have yet to lose a single one. On My Mind was one of the songs that moved the least through the voting period, staying at #74 or very close almost the entire time. It's also definitely a divisive one, with a fair share of 10s, but also some very low scores.

    On My Mind was released in September 2015 as the lead single from Ellie's third album Delirium, though Love Me Like You, also on the album, came out first, as a single from the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack. On My Mind, a Max Martin/Ilya production, was meant to kickstart Ellie's big pop girl era, and you could say it did its job - it's probably the second biggest hit in the rate, after Outside, charting high pretty much everyone, namely #5 in the UK and #13 in the US. So, even if things eventually went off the rails a bit, the era was certainly of to a good start at least. But, success aside, as plenty of people mention in the commentary, it was an odd choice as a lead single, a catchy, on-trend (at the time), radio-friendly bop sure, but I don't think it's really remembered as a classic or that most people see it as one of Ellie's best songs. Still, it gets extra points for (allegedly, though Ellie repeatedly denied it) being an *d Sh**r*n diss track, and a response to his song Don't (which I'm not going to embed).

    @Attis (1) "What is even Ellie Goulding brand of music at this point"

    @Trouble in Paradise (2) "Not quite a zero and an extra point for being a diss track against the obsessive music squirrel. Still awful though."

    @R27 (4.5) "Ellie was finally ready for her BPG moment and… this is what she decided to kick the era off with? This has always sounded awkward and clumsy but the verses have only gotten worse with age."

    @Crisp X (5) "Such a lackluster lead single. It still baffles me that with all the songs she had at her disposal from such a long album, she went with this"

    @Isobel (6) "I loved this when it came out, but it hasn’t aged all that well for me. It scans as noisy and overproduced now.”

    @godspeed (7) "Dare I say “On My Mind” is a rather weak lead single? I like it, I’ve always found it rather nice, but it’s just nothing special. A well-executed basic bop. And I’ll always expect more than basic bops from Ellie Goulding."

    @pop3blow2 (8.25) “Parts of this work, but it always came off a little try hard for me.”

    @Stradiwhovius (9) "I'm gonna be real with you, this is getting a good score almost entirely on allegedly being about Sheeran. Drag him."

    @saviodxl (9.5) " Girl can be a poet when she writes stuff like 'You don't mess with love, you mess with the truth'. Her romantic approaches in songs are more mature than her peers' at least. "

    @DJHazey (10) "whyIgotyouonmymind, you think you know somebody, whyIgotyouonmymind” carves me up into little pieces. Also, this has been in my head since the rate started, more than maybe any other song. So that in itself deserves a 10."

    @berserkboi (10) "Does the fanbase like this now? I’ve loved it from the beginning but recall it not being all that well received?"

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  5. Some of you are suffering from some serious delirium with these scores.
  6. I can answer my own question with a resounding ‘Guess Not!’ Ddd
  7. The way I seemingly can't go through one of these rates without one of the artists being involved in some kind of controversy


    Thankfully this time around it was nothing as serious as the Lana and La Roux stuff in the first two.
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  8. A 9 when I sent in my scores but I really regret not giving On My Mind a 10. It's only grown on me since. The lyrics are great - had no idea they're (allegedly) about Ed - the production is really fun even if it's technically of it's time but that stuff never bothers me. And it's insanely catchy. It sticks in the brain for a long time after listening and I love it because the lyric "My heart don't understand why I got you on my mind" is one of my favorites among many. I guess I can live with this but I feel like if I were to re-do my ballot now all of Ellie's songs would be 10s, so the fact that she's lost half already is kinda painful.

    And I relistened to claws to see if I could get it to make sense and nope. It's just annoying noise to me. The production is so grating as is the vocal production, the melodies are annoying instead of fun and it all comes together to hurt my brain. I don't understand why it's apparently so well-loved. I like the lyrics. They're really cute. And so is the music video. But that's it.
  9. Venus Fly Trash/Anemic Dreams
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  10. You think you know somebody!
  11. Ahhh that neeeeeded to go! Ellie’s career is a goldmine of “what ifs” but I really do wonder what Delirium would have been like if Something in the Way You Move or Codes were the lead single. On My Mind felt like the definition of Ellie emptying her music of herself to score a hit. I guess it worked in the short term?
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  12. I still cant believe she (or her label) let Codes go to waste.
  13. Power outlasted On My Mind? Ok
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  14. We collectively do have taste sometimes!
  15. I figured On My Mind was headed for this kind of results when I saw some people were vocally against it. It's a fine choice for a single really. Of course I'll always advocate for Lost and Found as a single which would probably be met with "yeah, that's not boppy enough for her to go Pop with a capital P" but come on the hell with doing Fifty Shade soundtrack crap and attach Lost and Found to one of those 'coming of age' movies that did really well (I don't really watch the genre but you know that ones everyone loves). Just do that and watch it take off and become a career-defining moment for Ellie.
  16. A

    moment. But yes, I see how that could have worked. Delirium's singles run in general really could have gone so much better.
  17. Yeah like that, I forgot it was for one of those kind of movies. See, Lost and Found could have been added to the pantheon!
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  18. New page

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  19. Well I know what's about to go and I'm happy with it.
  20. I agree that On My Mind didn't need to be a single when Something In The Way You Move (should have been the lead!), Codes, Lost & Found (we love a promo single though!) Don't Panic, Don't Need Nobody and Keep On Dancin', among others, are right there. But I still think a lot of her personality shines through in the lyrics and vocals and it's catchy as hell. I haven't been a fan of Ellie's from the beginning so I'll always have a different perspective on it, but Delirium is a perfect pop album (bonus tracks included!) and she did what she had to with it.
    This could be good or bad for me depending on the song. I have a feeling it'll be bad.
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