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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. I know I'm in the minority here but I just adore Dan's vocals! The first two Bastille albums were on constant rotation for me and I will challenge anyone who thinks "Pompeii" isn't an 11/10! I don't think I've listened to a full album of theirs since the sophomore effort though...
  2. It's so strange that I berate the male backing vocals so much in the commentary. When I first listened to the album I completely disregarded the song immediately and never listened to it again until this rate and was reminded pretty quickly why, but over the course of needing to re-listen to songs for accurate scoring it has grown and grown into a major favorite to the point where I don't even mind the chorus's shortcomings anymore and embrace everything. The whole song is nothing short of magical.

    When "and it's killing me..." starts in, oooo yeah Foxes's vocals, someone said in their commentary sounds like she's about to have a tearful moment, yeah that's about it right there. It's affecting and really makes me connect to the song more and more.

    Both songs did better than I'd ever imagine.
  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    If Body Talk doesn’t at least make the top 10 I’m banning everyone who gave it less than a 10 xx
  4. I'm safe then!
  5. I'd like to see it... not sure if the rate would be very popular tho.
    Yes, include Hurts!
  6. I’d honestly love that!
  7. Well, I didn't give it a 10, so I guess the rate will be over early if Body Talk gets eliminated before the top 10 nn (I gave it a 9 though)
  8. Actually the unused male vocal Side B suggestions were part of what made me think it could be a good idea.

    If I do it it'll definitely be a smaller scale rate, probably with about 30-40 songs, one (or maybe two) per artist. I don't think a lot of people would be up for something as big as this and the debuts rate with male vocals, I certainly wouldn't.

    I started a playlist with potential songs to be included, so if anyone has any suggestions please share. Anything is fine as long as it fits the quirky pop theme (which is pretty broad), has male vocals and was released as a single in the 10s

  9. Today's eliminations:

    A song by an artist by an artist who has lost at least one song recently (not Marina or Foxes though), and one by an artist who hasn't lost a song in the while. Someone's 11 is being eliminated today, and someone's 0 as well.
  10. Twin Shadow, Sam Sparro, Empire Of The Sun, No Rome, Toro y Moi
  11. Hey, when I run my Nu Metal rate that will count as a Quirky Pop Boys rate right? Nu Metal is pop metal after all.
  12. I feel like this is either Charli or Ellie.
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  13. #45


    Uptight Downtown
    Trouble In Paradise 2/6
    10 (13) soratami @j267 @BubblegumBoy @2014 @pop3blow2 @Pinky25 @Untouchable Ace @Conan @Trouble in Paradise @ufint @Music Is Death @Runawaywithme @Remorque | 9.5 @sfmartin
    3 @sapnu puas | 4.5 @junkos | 5 (2) @Stradiwhovius @unnameable

    #21 - #33 - #28 - #33 - #34 - #34 - #45

    With this elimination, La Roux joins Halsey, Little Boots and Natalia in the "one song left club". That's one quarter of the artists in the rate currently holding on by a thread, but who will be the first to fall? As you can see above, Uptight Downtown was doing much better through nearly the entirety of the voting period, never going below #35, but took a real beating at the very end, with three of its four lowest scores coming from the final eight ballots.

    Uptight Downtown was written by Elly Jackon, Ben Langmaid and Ian Sherwin and produced by Elly and Ian Sherwin, and was released in May 2014 as the lead single from Trouble In Paradise. According to Elly, the song was inspired by the 2011 London riots: "The recent Brixton riots had nowhere near as much positive impact as the ones in the '80s, which we were far more directed (at the police). I'm not making any political points here and I always want to stay away from politics, so that song is about the feeling of the riots—the energy in Brixton at the time—and the fact that I had never seen my generation in London stand up for anything before. Whether it was right or not to riot, or whether anything changed, is not for me to say, but I knew afterwards that I wanted to write a song called Uptight Downtown." About the song being the album's lead single, she said "I like to think everything on the album could be a single. If not, then why the fuck is it on there? [I'm assuming she forgot about The Feeling] Songs like Uptight Downtown and Silent Partner, there is an energy to them that I feel is extremely akin to who I am. I was very aware that however cheeky the arrangements became, however bouncy the groove became, that it should still be intrinsically me." The song was a moderate hit, charting at #63 in the UK.

    @ohnostalgia (7) “I appreciate the lack of screeching this go round.” Growth.gif

    @Kyle. (7.5) “The Unflopped episode helped me appreciate this song more, but the vocal delivery still doesn't do loads for me.”

    @livefrommelbs (8) "I think this might be the only song from Trouble In Paradise I've heard before this rate. I quite like it, if not as much as some as the debut's highpoints."

    @Alphableat (8) “A Bowie pastiche... but I can’t resist it.”

    @berserkboi (8) “A very enjoyable listen”

    @DJHazey (9.25) “Just so instantly an anthem I can’t even begin to try to explain it. I’m watching my favorite Apex Legends team stream while playing it and I’m pretending it’s playing for them as they savagely destroy squads on the way to finishing 1st. It’s a vibe because vibing is what it does.” ddd

    @BubblegumBoy (10) “This is my highest score for this album. This album has quite a nostalgic value for me. I first listened to it on a road trip to Blackpool with my dad. It will always hold that summer holiday vibe for me”

    @pop3blow2 (10) “This actually sounds even better today than it did at the time… and I was a fan upon its release.”

    @Pinky25 (10) “Very 80’s sounding.”

    @Untouchable Ace (10) “So 70s and just what music needed.” So what is the truth?

    @Runawaywithme (10) “I love how funky and cinematic this is.”

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  14. Not sure if they are "quirky" enough, but here are the boys

  15. 2014

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    Miranda Cosgrove - Interesting.gif
  16. Uptight Downtown - 8. This is the best song on the album. I should have given it 9. The problem with the album is I always compare it to the debut, with I absolutely adore, and the sophomore is just not as good for me.
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  17. R27


    Not the second rate in a row where La Roux is being done dirty. Praying for "Let Me Down Gently" making at least top 20.
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  18. I think Declan Mckenna and Gallent should be added too.
  19. Petition from Ace & Berserk, and newly name Trouble Au Paradis for this to be included!

    They even have a connection to Christine- having produced/remixed a track or two of hers!
  20. Oh I guess I missed the first part of that hint. All my high La Roux scores are gone so at this point i'm over it.

    I think the second part of the hint is about either Charli or Ellie.
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