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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. I do kind of get the connection between Bastille and Imagine Dragons (though I think the former is more of a pop act and the latter more of a rock band, I certainly wouldn't include Imagine Dragons if there is a Quirky Pop Boys rate), but OneRepublic are more of a Maroon 5 kind of group no? I'm pretty sure I haven't heard anything they released in years (thankfully), but I don't remember them ever trying to make their music seem interesting/original/different than typical radio fodder.
  2. I HATE Goodness Gracious and I am glad the evil is defeated. I was scared it was going to go top 10 or some Grade A bullshit.
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  3. It's funny because I feel like my 11s are always exactly what @livefrommelbs describes here: songs that came in at the perfectly right moment in my life and resonated with me in a way they wouldn't have at a different time.

    I just wanted to say that the main reason I enjoy participating in rates on PopJustice so much is because of all of those little personal stories that are intricately linked to a song or an album all of you share. It just reminds me of how powerful, impactful and what an important part of our lives music can be... and that's so beautiful to me.
  4. I just spit coffee out while reading that @OspreyQueen! Haha! I disagree, but that's a wonderful description regardless.

    I think I mean I was giving Goodness Gracious 'full marks', not 'fun marks' in my commentary, but that slip is interesting. One of my issues with the tract Ellie went on right after Halcyon was that she felt a bit too 'try hard' capital P Pop for me. She's really had, umm, mixed results with that for me. Her originality & specific artistic quirks just kinda faded into chasing whatever trend train was passing by home.

    'Goodness Gracious' is a weird little bop, but it's fun & there is a feeling a freedom in the song I just didn't get from much of her work for while in the aftermath of Halcyon. I like Brightest Blue quite a bit, but even it just feels like it's missing something that made her first couple albums special.

    Anyways, I am so glad it got an 11 & I loved reading the positive thoughts about it.
  5. I usually fix any typos I notice in the commentary, but I thought that one was pretty funny, and fit the song well too.
  6. The next two eliminations:

    A song by an artist who hasn't lost any inside the top 60 yet (so not Diana, Ellie, Foxes, Janelle, Katy, La Roux, Little Boots, Marina or Natalia) and the first Side B song after the longest string of main rate cuts in the rate.
  7. I think you meant ‘skid marks’.
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  8. Yeah when the hint said a song that got both an 11 and a 0 I had a feeling it would be Goodness Gracious.
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  9. [​IMG]
  10. Ellie has some real duds to me, but the only skid marks in her career come from the freak car accidents she witnesses & then tries to come to the rescue for!

  11. Ah yes, the accident that gave birth to one of my favourite PJ posts ever

  12. #43


    The Keepers
    Master Of My Make-Believe 2/6
    10 (10) @Sprockrooster @saviodxl @livefrommelbs @fatyoshi @Aester @elektroxx @Blond @vague @berserkboi @Remorque | 9.5 (2) @Dijah. @Conan
    4.5 @Hurricane Drunk | 5 (2) @dontkillmyvibe @Alphableat
    Host's score: 9

    #48 - #48 - #57 - #51 - #42 - #42 - #43

    Just two eliminations ago, when Uptight Downtown vacated the premises, I mentioned there were four artists with only one song left. Well, make that five, as we get closer and closer to another artist being out of the rate, something which hasn't happened since Ladyhawke back at #61.

    The Keepers was written by Santigold, John Hill and Greg Kurstin, and was produced by the former (making it the second Greg Kurstin song eliminated in a row. Kurstin worked on several songs in the rate, but the only two left at this point are Power & Control and Strangers). It was released in June 2012 as the third and final single from Master Of My Make-Believe. Santigold said the song is about the "inert mental state of most of the population", "but people are starting to question things. You can see it in the riots and the Occupy movement. That's the spirit of the album. I want people to think about why they are doing what they are doing." As for the accompanying video, which as can probably tell from the gif above, is a pretty interesting one (and definitely worth watching for anyone who hasn't), "it's about taking responsibility for the state of the world, and how we can't turn a blind eye because everything is falling apart. It's about the need to sit up and take responsibility for it. The fish is toxic because of nuclear power, the milk has hormones and antibiotics in it because cows aren't designed to be milked that much. There's oil in the water because of the spillages and a drive-by shooting because there's insane amounts of violence going on in the world. We act like it's all normal and are completely desensitized to it."

    @Runawaywithme (7) “This is a fun little bop.” This commentary coming right after Santigold's quote above is kind of sending me.

    @godspeed (7.5) “Up until that song, I was convinced that Santigold was British for some reason. On an unrelated note, I love how she treated the more political aspect of some of the songs on Master of My Make-Believe. There’s always a certain playfulness, emotion and twisted sense of humor – especially here – to them and they always seem to come from an intimate perspective which make them all the more affecting.”

    @DJHazey (8.5) “The soundtrack of my country coughing up blood and begging for help, right before the Devil in Washington was finally relieved of his duties.”

    @ohnostalgia (8.5) ““Our house is burning down””

    @Phonetics Girl (9) “the way it’s 2021 and this 2012 song has been relevant more than ever. Her mind!”

    @Cutlery (9) "Always felt elevated by its video, which sure has comedic value but which depiction of violence stays relevant today."

    @Sprockrooster (10) "This might be a bit politically on the nose, but the fact the song is applicable to times before she wrote the track, the time of release of this track and the current time is a deep sadness".

    @saviodxl (10) “That's the best track of the album. Prove me wrong.” Well, Disparate Youth beat it, so...

    @livefrommelbs (10) "Big fucking yes to this one. QUALITY."

    @berserkboi (10) “Another great track I already knew!”

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  13. Two 10s in a row, I had enough for today!
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  14. @vague is there twice, and I am in their sandwich - hope this bodes well for my 11!
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  15. Oops, the other 10 was supposed to be @fatyoshi, fixed it now.
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  16. I hate y'all, but particularly the lowest scorers of "The Keepers."
  17. I would like to go back to being in the lowest scorers, there have been some truly hateful eliminations as of late. I could really stand to lose at least some Florence before the top 40. Ceremonials isn't this good.
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  18. Next elimination will be up as soon as we get to a new page, as I'm not about to post in the bottom 3 of a page nn
  19. I just discovered that "Lies" and "Look At These Hoes" are technically Grammy-nominated tracks, as Diplo was nominated for Producer Of The Year — Non-Classical at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards for his work on these tracks as well as others.

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