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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. B #15


    Phenomenal Woman
    Laura Mvula
    11 (4) @boombazookajoe @Trouble in Paradise @Cutlery @Butterfly | 10 (9) @Cotton Park soratami @Phonetics Girl @2014 @Sprockrooster @berserkboi @Pinky25 @Pineapple @Untouchable Ace | 9.5 (4) @Aester @Music Is Death @Oleander @ohnostalgia
    3 @Hurricane Drunk | 4 @unnameable | 5 @Conan

    #13 - #13 - #14 - #14 - #15

    Phenomenal Woman is the second single from British singer-songwriter Laura Mvula's sophomore album The Dreaming Room. It was written and produced by Laura and Troy Miller, and released in May 2016.

    @Maki (6) "Hm... not sure how to feel about this - it tries to be catchy, but ends up being slightly annoying. This song has to grow on me, I'm afraid.”

    @londonrain (7) “There’s something about the way Laura’s vocals are produced that always puts me off listening to her more, but this is a cute little bop and I love the absolute FIRE in the delivery.”

    @saviodxl (8.6) “I only got to know her because she was a BRIT Awards nominee in 2014. And curiously, she lost to another artist included in this rate!”

    @DJHazey (8.75) “We’ve arrived at the Santigold of our B-Side selection. You may call me crazy ddd but that’s what I hear and what I’m rolling with it. She seems to use a similar set of tricks with her voice that make pop instantly catchy. That and the production reminds me of what I loved about Santigold from Part I, easily my favorite discovery I had never heard of before.”

    @ohnostalgia (9.5) “YES, I’M SO GLAD YOU ADDED LAURA!”

    @Phonetics Girl (10) “wish a certain quirky main lady’s album sounded a bit more like this”

    @Sprockrooster (10) "I adore this song, but I am shook I forgot to campaign to get Overcome in this as that track would have snatched my 11 with ease in this packed rate. God, Laura is in fact a Phenomenal Woman. Let me get on a binge for the rest of the year."

    @berserkboi (10) "WIG!”

    @Pinky25 (10) “Wow! This is fantastic!”

    @Untouchable Ace (10) “Timeless bass plucking against timeless flute.”

    + Laura Mvula

    The second single from her debut album Sing To The Moon and her breakthrough hit, released in 2013:

    The lead single from The Dreaming Room:

    The third single from the album:

    The lead single from her upcoming third album Pink Noise, released last month:

  2. What a joke this is out already!!
  3. Out way too soon but while we’re here - stream Pink Noise out July 2nd.

  4. At this point I just feel sorry for the taste of this rate. Allergy to excellence can't be easy on y'all.
  5. Absolutely disappointing result!
  6. Amazing that I called her the Santigold on the B-Sides for me and she was eliminated right after a Santigold track. Like both songs alot but at this point losing my 8's is a good thing.
  7. Their music is usually really not that similar, but I can see why you'd say that having listened to just Phenomenal Woman. A slightly differently produced version of the song wouldn't have felt out of place in Santigold's first or second album.
  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    4 11s though! Taste, slay Laura - so excited for her next record!!
  9. Today...

    The rate's first and only tie! Between an artist who lost at least one song in the top 50 and one who we haven't seen in a while.
  10. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Back from my unintentional hiatus and I’m so pleased the Foxes cull finally happened. And I really only lost a few tracks I care about (RIP Goodness Gracious & The Keepers & Phenomenal Woman).

    I don’t know what stopped me from giving Laura a ten actually. Maybe it’s because I think that Overcome is superior, like @Sprockrooster. But I’m not really talking to him right now since he killed my 11 in a different rate.
  11. My 6 for "Phenomenal Woman" may seem a bit harsh, but I still consider it among the weakest songs of the side B rate. Sorry, I had no idea that Laura is so well liked around here.

    HAIM, CHVRCHES and Allie X can leave next.
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  12. #41 (1)
    #55 (1)


    Tough Love 5/6
    10 (9) @DJHazey @An Insider @boombazookajoe @Dijah. @klow @Sail On @Trouble in Paradise @elektroxx @Alphableat | 9.5 (5) @Conan @KingBruno @vague @berserkboi @Music Is Death
    4 (x) @Verandi | 4.5 @unnameable | 5 (2) @Sprockrooster @dontkillmyvibe
    Host's score: 9

    #63 - #54 - #51 - #49 - #35 - #37 - #41

    For the first and only time in the rate, we have a tie. The first of the two songs being eliminated at is #41 is, forty-three eliminations since Kind Of...Sometimes...Maybe's demise, Jessie Ware finally's second cut loss in the rate, beating Diana Vickers for the biggest gap between two cuts from the same artist. But will we see an even larger gap in the future? You'll have to wait and see.

    Cruel, released in October 2014 as the third track on Tough Love, was written by Jessie, James Ford and David Okumu and produced by the latter two. Cruel, along with a couple of other Tough Love songs, were the first collaborations between Jessie and James (wait) Ford, who went on to co-write and produce nearly the entirety of Jessie's fourth album What's Your Pleasure, so if this song hadn't been recorded, maybe we wouldn't have gotten one of the best albums of the year six years later.

    @Sprockrooster (5) "This is solely saved by the production which is immaculate." ??? You make it sound like the song has terrible lyrics or something.

    @ohnostalgia (8) “Another song where I find the production more interesting than Jessie. Whoops.”

    @Stradiwhovius (9) "A big ol' gooey depressing serenade love it"

    @godspeed (9) “Oh, those days in the fall of 2014 soundtracked by this stunning album… it actually was a shitty ass time for me personally so I’m not exactly sure why I’m being nostalgic about it all of the sudden

    @Runawaywithme (9) “I have always loved this song. She sounds so brilliant and in command here, it’s like you can hear her growing in confidence in her voice throughout her records, I feel like a part of What’s Your Pleasure’s incredible disco queen delivery was born here with this silky, sexy, hypnotic jam. It never fails to get me jamming along” Well, this being one of her first James Ford produced songs might have played a part in that.

    @berserkboi (9.5) “Gorgeous vibes!”

    @DJHazey (10) “Not really thinking Jessie Ware is up my alley as far ever stanning for her music, but we’ve arrived at the oasis my friends. Everytime I hear this chorus I start reaching for a key with a higher number on it. So to appease the Ware Witches, I’ll extend an olive branch by saying I played this enough times to make it a 10. I will melt for R&B grooves like the stuff she brings to the table only if it’s done the Hazey way I guess. The tempo, the Leona Lewis chorus, the flavor, this is the good stuff!” All my friends are Ware Witches.

    @Dijah. (10) “Lush bop!”

    @Alphableat (10) “How the hell does she make a breakup sound so sexy.”

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  13. R27


    I think you meant Cruel by Foxes. We all make mistakes so no worries.
  14. What if that's the second part of the tie?

  15. R27


    Don't play with my fragile emotions.
  16. I can’t believe phenomenal woman left so early! I listen to that song at least once a day for a picks me up.
  17. What a ridiculous elimination! The people who scored this 5 and under, absolutely tasteless!
  18. This last elimination was fucking
    And some of y’all are NOT Phenomenal Women. You know who you are.
  19. Jessie Ware's "Cruel" should've made the Top 30, tbh.
    No, leave Foxes alone. [Screams in Chris Crocker]
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