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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. People gave Cruel a 5? The lack of taste.
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    Why am I not surprised at the lower scores? The range, they lack it!
  3. Cruel deserved a 10 from me. It’s been a major grower since the rate and led me on a bit of a Jessie Ware renaissance. Forget top 40, it’s top 10 material. I don’t think I’ve heard another song which captures the sad but nostalgic feeling a breakup can have as well as this does.

    okay maybe top 20
  4. #41 (2)
    #55 (2)


    Dance Apocalyptic
    The Electric Lady 3/6
    10 (16) @DJHazey @Sprockrooster @BubblegumBoy @fatyoshi @boombazookajoe @Sleet @pop3blow2 @Pinky25 @Pineapple @Robsolete @Island @berserkboi @Remorque @ohnostalgia @Oleander @londonrain | 9.7 @saviodxl
    2 @Hurricane Drunk | 3 @klow | 5 (3) @j267 @dontkillmyvibe @slaybellz
    Host's score: 8

    #29 - #32 - #46 - #42 - #51 - #44 - #41

    On the other part of the rate is not the other Cruel (though that would have been funny), but Janelle's third last song in the rate, leaving only lead and fourth singles Q.U.E.E.N. and Electric Lady. Dance Apocalyptic proved more divisive than Cruel, as it got quite a bit more 10s (it's actually tied with Problem for the most so far), but also more low/mediocre scores.

    Dance Apocalyptic was written and produced by Janelle and Deep Cotton and released in July 2013 as the second single from The Electric Lady. According to Janelle, the song was "inspired by Bo Diddley, who inspired the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis. This was the leader, the pioneer of R&B. Dance Apocalyptic was very much a response to being inspired by him." And as for the music video: "I wanted to toy around with an alternate universe, and also question if the apocalypse were to come tomorrow how would it go down? How would we spend our last few hours? I wanted to make sure that the video was reflective of that energy, and I thought it would be really cool to create a female rock star in this alternate universe." I have mixed feelings about this one, I like the everything-and-the-kitchen-sink throwback concept of it, but I think it's a song you have to be in the right mood to enjoy, as it can sound a bit grating/annoying otherwise. I don't really consider it an album highlight anyway, it didn't deserve to beat Primetime and Ghetto Woman.

    @Alphableat (6) “Sure, I tapped my foot, but it still felt like a less successful retread of Tightrope.”

    @livefrommelbs (8.5) "She's a catchy little ditty, isn't she?"

    @Phonetics Girl (8.5) “I think Come Alive does this frantic energy better but her look in the video gave me heart palpitations. A rockstar1!!!”

    @OspreyQueen (8.5) “A throwback to 60s jukebox rock-n-roll is one of the absolute least things I’d expect to stan…and yet” I'm not sure a 8.5 is a stan-worthy score.

    @Cutlery (9) "The chaotic energy Janelle channeled..."

    @saviodxl (9.7) “So many features and yet what she does best here, she does it alone!” I'm going to have to disagree there.

    @DJHazey (10) “I NEED TO KNOW. Of all the new songs from this half, this is easily my most played, so yes I am absolutely obsessed with it.”

    @Sprockrooster (10) "The absolute definition of a massive bop"

    @pop3blow2 (10) “Such a perfectly weird & manic little bop.”

    @Pinky25 (10) “Like most of these albums this one was played constantly at my retail job. I loved it when they played this song.”

    @Pineapple (10) “This is taking the very best of The ArchAndroid and turning it up to 100. Love.”

    @berserkboi (10) “A massive bop!”

    @ohnostalgia (10) ““Does your food taste plastic?” gets me every time.” The outro is lowkey the best part of the song nn

    @londonrain (10) “What an ENORMOUS bop.”

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  5. Top 40

    Only If For A Night
    Shake It Out
    What The Water Gave Me
    Never Let Me Go
    No Light, No Light

    Master of My Make-Believe
    GO! (feat. Karen O)
    Disparate Youth
    God from the Machine
    The Riot's Gone
    The Keepers
    Big Mouth


    Electra Heart
    Bubblegum Bitch
    Power & Control
    Fear and Loathing
    Teen Idle

    Girl Like Me
    Sunday Drive
    Black White & Blue
    Blue Eyes


    Halcyon (Days)
    My Blood
    Anything Could Happen
    Figure 8
    Hanging On
    Goodness Gracious


    Broken Record
    Every Night I Say a Prayer


    Stop Me
    Boys Don't Cry

    Saturday Night
    Devils Don't Fly


    The Electric Lady
    Givin' 'Em What They Love (feat. Prince)
    Q.U.E.E.N. (feat. Erykah Badu)
    Electric Lady (feat. Solange)
    Primetime (feat. Miguel)
    Dance Apocalyptic
    Ghetto Woman


    Music To Make The Boys Cry
    Music to Make Boys Cry
    Boy in Paris
    Better in French
    Blame Game


    Little Red
    5 AM
    Aaliyah (feat. Jessie Ware)
    Crying for No Reason
    Sky's the Limit


    Trouble In Paradise
    Uptight Downtown
    Kiss And Not Tell
    Cruel Sexuality
    Tropical Chancer

    Let Me Down Gently

    Tough Love
    Tough Love
    You & I (Forever)
    Kind Of...Sometimes...Maybe

    Want Your Feeling
    Champagne Kisses

    Break the Rules

    Boom Clap
    Doing It (feat. Rita Ora)
    Body of My Own


    All I Need
    Better Love
    Body Talk
    Feet Don't Fail Me Now
    Shoot Me Down


    Hopeless Fountain Kingdom
    100 Letters
    Eyes Closed
    Now Or Never
    Bad At Love


    Green Light
    Homemade Dynamite
    The Louvre
    Perfect Places

    Bonus Track
    Just Desserts
  6. I hate being tagged in this rate ddddd.

    The LACK of flavor in this elimination.
  7. 2014

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    Teen Idle really needs to go, ew!
  8. I think reaching the top 40 would be a good time for a little survey:

    1. Who do you think will be the next artist out of the rate? And which other artist(s) won't make it to the top 30?
    2. Which will be the first Florence/Lorde cut, and when?
    3. What song has outstayed its welcome and needs to go?
    4. What song are you worried will be eliminated soon, but hope doesn't?
    5. Out of the songs already eliminated, which one should really still be here?
  9. 1. I see Little Boots or La Roux being the next artist to be out of the rate. I don't see either of them or Natalia Kills making the Top 30, although I do think that "Saturday Night" deserves Top 30 at least.
    2. "Homemade Dynamite" will be Lorde's first elimination, although I'd prefer to lose "Supercut" first. "No Light, No Light" is still my pick for Florence's first elimination.
    3. There's an Ellie Goulding song that I'd like to see eliminated ASAP. And "Teen Idle."
    4. I'm worried for Santigold, but I trust that y'all have enough taste to carry "Disparate Youth" into the Top 20.
    5. If I had to pick just one, it'd have to be "The Riot's Gone." But special mentions go out to "Cruel," "Hanging On" and "Primetime."
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  10. My kind of people.
  11. 1. La Roux. Santigold, Little Boots and Natalia.
    2. Florence - No Light, No Light (although I don't want it to be) between 31 and 35.
    Lorde - The Louvre, in the next 5 eliminations.
    3. Homemade Dynamite
    4. Boy In Paris
    5. Feet Don't Fail Me Now (My only 10 to have left so far)
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  12. Those are the two songs we're cutting in the tie? Two of my absolute favorites remaining? I'm exhausted. I quit.
  13. Wow the absolute gut punch of losing Laura Mvula before top 10 of Side B and the losing Cruel by Jessie Ware!? Jessie is such an effortless singer she ends up underrated. The way any lesser singer would be eaten alive by the production in Cruel but Jessie just lounges on top stretching out sensually!! Both women are stupidly underrated
  14. I know a part three of this rate isn’t a given but I was thinking about it earlier. Froot vs How Big How Blue vs Dirty Computer. What flavour.
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  15. Froot was an album that I absolutely loved and it has really grown into one of my favorites. The vibe of it really represented my life at the time.
  16. Janelle, Natalia, and Santigold cause this rate is set on making me lose my shit.

  17. 1. Who do you think will be the next artist out of the rate? And which other artist(s) won't make it to the top 30?
    Terrified for La Roux! Let Me Down Gently is one of the best songs of the decade and it’s probably gonna be out before Boom Clap!
    Honestly I feel like Halsey and Strangers and Ms XCX have the best shot of making it out alive but cmon Disparate Youth as a surprise Top 10 dream!
    2. Which will be the first Florence/Lorde cut, and when?
    No Light and Homemade Dynamite. I see Flo going first since Lorde hasn’t released a follow up so fans are scared to poke holes at her masterpiece
    3. What song has outstayed its welcome and needs to go?
    Boom Clap and Doing It, the lesser Cruel and Boy in Paris
    4. What song are you worried will be eliminated soon, but hope doesn't?
    Other than La Roux Im nervous for Tough Love and Queen
    5. Out of the songs already eliminated, which one should really still be here?

    I mean sexotheque?! All of trouble in paradise but also every night I say a prayer[/QUOTE]
  18. To those who did Dance Apocalyptic dirty

  19. If it does happen, I think the format will be a bit different. Probably a wider variety of artists (a bunch of the Side B ones could definitely be in the main rate) but less songs per artist, and maybe instead of it just being a third albums rate, it could be more interesting to focus on each artist's work after their sophomore album and until the present day. But anyway, I'm going to need at least Foxes and Lorde to release their third albums before I even start thinking about it properly.
  20. The next two eliminations:

    A Side B song by a PJ-favourite artist, and a main rate song that hasn't been mentioned in this page (aside from in the top 40 recap of course).
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