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♥ Quirky Pop Rate: Sophomore | Album rankings/stats & poll results

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. Well, Foxes released an EP. You can take songs from there I suppose. As for Lorde, well...

    I fear for my side B 11
  2. The recent Foxes EP is one of the reasons I thought it might be a good idea to include any post-sophomore material instead of just third albums, as none of those songs will be included in her third album.
  3. B #14


    11 @Ana Raquel | 10 (13) @DJHazey @elektroxx @Crisp X @bombazookajoe @No hay banda @Pinky25 @Pineapple @Conan @eatyourself @Robsolete @OspreyQueen @ohnostalgia @Butterfly | 9.5 (2) @ufint @Cutlery
    4 (2) @Sprockrooster @Stradiwhovius | 5 (3) @Phonetics Girl @dontkillmyvibe @londonrain
    Host's score: 9

    #26 - #19 - #15 - #16 - #14

    Company was written and produced by The-Dream and released in September 2016 as the lead single from Tinashe's sophomore project album Nightride.

    @londonrain (5) “The dance routine is fire. The song is fine.”

    @Phonetics Girl (5) "i respect but i don't remember"

    @livefrommelbs (6.5) "This one will undoubtedly get a whole stack of high scores, so I don't feel so bad for giving it a 6.5. It's not really my cup of quirky gal tea"

    @Maki (6.75) "The production does some heavy lifting here, because the song itself is just... meh. I'm not a fan of that trap beat, either.”

    @berserkboi (7) "Great dancing, but I can’t say I love the song {which sounds familiar} all that much! Okay - not the outro giving me LaRoux/Shygirl realness and getting a full extra point!”

    @Untouchable Ace (8.3) “Go listen to 'Slumber Party' now.”

    @DJHazey (10) “In reality this isn’t very complex, but damn does it play to its strengths. Banging production and Tinashe’s sexy voice, sometimes that’s all you need and it’s 10’s all around!”

    @OspreyQueen (10) “I was already gonna give this a 10, but somehow I totally forgot about this switch-up at the end??? I…should probably listen to Nightride again and see what other delights I’ve forgotten about.”

    @ohnostalgia (10) “The song! The video! What a moment.”

    @Ana Raquel (11) "This is ART. The vocals. The melody. The CHOREOGRAPHY. The charisma. The talent. Tinashe was really at her zenith here. I'm not used to listening to the version with the outro but it's super charming.”

    + Tinashe

    Her debut single and most well known song, released in 2014:

    The third single from third album Joyride, released in 2018:

    The lead single from fourth album Songs For You, from 2019:

    Her most recent solo single, released last year:

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  4. I respect her hard work and creativity but she’s never clicked with me and I will always be confused as to why she has such an intense PJ following!
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  5. ‘Company’ is her best single, maybe best song? I lost my mind seeing her do it live. And the video is a MOMENT.
  6. The way Tinashe embodies everything in that Company video never fails to flaw me. We genuinely do not deserve her. She is an icon.
  7. All of this. Company is incredible!

    I don’t really understand how you can give it less than a 9 if you’ve seen the video. You could see any 10-second cut from it on TikTok and think ‘damn, that’s impressive’, and she goes for nearly 5 minutes. Iconic.
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  8. I kinda love that you misspelled @boombazookajoe after his last comment of not liking getting tagged here ddd
  9. I love Ms Nashe, but I actually think Company is kinda blah.
    Sunburn is the best track on Nightride.

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  10. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Why are you doing this to me? Weren’t the godawful 20BiTeen results enough for you???.
  11. A mix of consistently releasing some of the best R&B out there, having charisma for days as well as a distinct vocal tone that she plays around with in so many ways, her insane performing skills that she's unfortunately not able to show off enough (edit: I strongly recommend watching some live footage, for example), all while having been paid dust due to label shenanigans among other factors. I appreciate the honesty but that second part of your comment rubbed me the wrong way a little nn.

    I don't know if the word "underdog" applies to her 100%, but Popjustice folks tends to root for talented artists, most of them being women, that fall under that umbrella. When you take all these points into consideration, it's really easy to see why she attracted this following. Despite the acclaim, she remains sadly underrated in the grand scheme of musical things, even though I feel like she's starting to get the late recognition she always deserved.
  12. NOT EVEN TOP 10 IN THE SIDE B RATE????????????????????????????????

  13. Of course y'all did 'Nashe dirty. I've said it before and I'll say it again—I hate it in here. I'ma throw a fit, tbh.

  14. 1. Halsey can go next. I worry Santigold and Natalia won't make the top 30 either.
    2. Only If For A Night/Homemade Dynamite
    3. Aaliyah can go...
    4. My Side A 11! I'm sort of amazed it's still in.
    5. Fear and Loathing. You did that one dirty.
  15. [​IMG]

    ...on to win this competition. Seems more appropriate.
  16. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    The title scared me because it sounded very much like something I might have said about my 11 dddd.

    I’m still not over Dance Apocalyptic being done so dirty. Where is BopJustice when you need it?

    And I’m surprised at @DJHazey calling Jessie’s fan base the Ware Witches when Ware Wolves was right there.
  17. HOWLING @soratami misspelling my name on purpose so I wouldn't see this heinous elimination fffff. You're a real one, bestie.

    FORGIVING @Ana Raquel for every 1 she's ever given a ballad for the excellent taste on display with her 11.

    QUESTIONING @Trouble in Paradise, to whom I thought we were more symbiotically connected until I read this:
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  18. Tinashe has such an insane, rabid following because she's not only talented, beautiful, creative and intelligent, she's also completely independent these days. If you see anything with her name on it you can be sure she penned, composed, directed and put lotion on it. She's a business woman and the business, woman. So many labels wish they had an employee with her star quality and hustle.

  19. Yeah hehe I totally did that on purpose

  20. Let's have us a little page-changing bump so I can post the next album write-up.
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