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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. Write-up #15


    @Music Is Death

    I’m a writer, so I love creating characters. And I love when other people – especially people who aren’t writers in the traditional, book sense – create characters as well. When I read Marina had created a character and fashioned an entire album around her, I was extremely excited to listen to it. Marina created “Electra Heart” to represent American female archetypes in pop culture – particularly the Beauty Queen, the House Wife, the Homewrecker and the Teen Idle, and she fashioned the songs and lyrical themes around that character – though it mostly comes through in the visual narratives she created for the videos of the album. That said, I think it’s safe to say she imbued a part of herself into this character. After all, a lot of great writers do that as well. They write what they know, and what do we know better than ourselves? Stephen King making at least half of his main characters writers is one of many examples of this I can think of. Another one is myself – so far, every main character I’ve created has been bi, like myself, because I know how to write from that perspective and take from my own experiences. So with that, it’s interesting listening to this album, knowing at least some of it was probably taken from her own life. Especially considering the darkness that permeates the album. Yes, there’s a lot of playful fun to be found here – the opener is a firmly tongue-in-cheek banger with a title to match, and the camp of Homewrecker never fails to put a smile on my face while I dance. And the production in general is hugely danceable and fun, most songs being a call get on your feet. But when you consider certain moments – in the lyrics, the production, her vocals – you get a sense of…discomfort almost. Like something’s off. If you just let yourself go and dance, you might not necessarily notice it. But it’s actually right at the forefront. Hell, on Living Dead, Marina spells it out for us: “I’m living dead. Only alive when I pretend that I have died.” Not the most profound statement sure, but it doesn’t need to be. And there are other moments like this spread throughout the whole album. This album – and I want to make it clear this is strictly my perception of it – is about depression. It’s causes: lost hopes, failed dreams, ended relationships. And it’s effects: hopelessness, self-hatred and destruction, suicidal thoughts. All of this can be seen – or rather heard – through the songs across the album. Yes, there are seemingly moments of joy – the euphoric chorus of The State Of Dreaming being a huge example of this. But even there, it doesn’t last. Electra/Marina even tells us: “Living in the state of dreaming. Living in a make-believe land.” It isn’t real, and she understands that. But that doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy it while it lasts. The darkness and depression comes to a head on Fear & Loathing, where she’s finally ready to move past the emotions she’s been dealing with for so long. And when you consider what the album is about on the surface, it explains even more. Electra Heart is representing these female archetypes, because she’s been trying to live them. And it almost ruined her life. She’s been presented with these types of women in popular American media, and feels like that’s all her life can be, so she’s tried every one and it didn’t work. And again, all of this comes to a head on Fear & Loathing, where she tells us, “I lived a lot of different lives. Been different people many times. I lived my life in bitterness. And filled my heart with emptiness,” and “Got different people inside my head. I wonder which one that they like best. I'm done with tryna have it all. And ending up with not much at all.” She’s done trying to live her life striving to be the kind of woman she’s seen in fiction, because it’s never worked for her. She’s realized that there is more for her in life as a woman then American media ever taught her, and she’s ready to embrace being herself over these parts she’s been playing for who knows how long. The character Marina presented here is honestly one of the most fascinating people I’ve ever thought about, and the fact that she created a fictional character who nearly self-destructed completely because she was trying to act like fictional characters is insanely cool. It’s an interesting concept I would love to see her explore more of, and I’d love to know where Electra Heart is now, but I think I may need to accept that all we’ll have is the hopeful ending Fear & Loathing gives us, and most of the time, that’s enough. Sometimes, a hopeful ending is all we need.
  2. I really hope the forum gets back to normal soon, because doing the elimination posts has been a real struggle these last few days. My computer is already a bit slow (I'll probably have it repaired or replaced after the rate is done), and that coupled with the forum also being really slow... an absolute nightmare.
  3. I honestly haven't experienced any particular slowdown on the forum because my wifi in general has been ass for the past two weeks ñññ
  4. I guess I don't know enough about her to know if there's some connection to her having 'Wolves' attached to her rather than 'Witches'.

    Losing Cruel simply means I'm now rooting for every last one of her songs to exit the rate immediately.
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  5. Gurl...

  6. I ran through the last 10 pages because I still have to catch up and read everything but the only song that's completely out of place now remains Power & Control. Y'all lied to her several times. At least Homemade Dynamite fails while trying to do something.
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  7. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Now I’m imagining @DJHazey as Igor in Young Frankenstein (driving the carriage):

    You leave Power & Control alone, you tasteless heathen.
  8. Yeah, I get it now, but I'm always going to call those who champion an artist I don't particularly care for on the whole, witches.
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  9. Alright, let's get this next elimination done


    Two people are about to lose their main rate 11.
  10. #40


    Want Your Feeling

    Tough Love 4/6

    11 (2) @Cotton Park @2014 | 10 (11) @fatyoshi @Lost In Japan. @Pinky25 @Trinu 3.0 @aux @Trouble in Paradise @Alphableat @Verandi @OspreyQueen @berserkboi @Runawaywithme | 9.5 (2) @Phonetics Girl @Cutlery
    5 (3) @j267 @dontkillmyvibe @swim | 6 (5) @Reboot @saviodxl @Sleet @unnameable @londonrain
    Host's score: 9

    #69 - #47 - #50 - #46 - #39 - #38 - #40

    We start the top 40 with another Jessie Ware cut, who was at 5/6 just three eliminations ago, but is now down to half her songs. Want Your Feeling is the second song in the rate to have received multiple 11s (the first being Sunday Drive), and since it received the first voter's 11, it was technically #1 at one point, though for a very brief period, given it got a 6 from the second voter.

    Want Your Feeling was written by Jessie Ware and Dev Hynes (of Blood Orange, debut rate's runner-up Everything Is Embarrassing and several iconic pop girl collabs fame) and produced by the former and James Ford (who also worked on Cruel and, obviously, What's Your Pleasure). It was released in October 2014 as the seventh track on Tough Love. A lot of the commentary mentions Want Your Feeling sounds like a precursor to What's Your Pleasure, which is pretty accurate. Poor the other girls if fourth album songs get included in the potential third rate.

    @Sprockrooster (7.5) "WHEW. This felt like some Blood Orange-light track and to see Dev actually being involved has me shook. Let me add this to his playlist."

    @DJHazey (8.5) “While it’s still not fully moving the needle for me, if one of the Jessie stans left this playing on a loop for a little while, I wouldn’t exactly be mad about it. There’s a tiny bit of ‘disco night in Chinatown’ in there somewhere that works its charms on me.” Have you listened to What's Your Pleasure though? I bet you'd love that.

    @Kyle. (9) “This feels like an precursor to the sound she went for with Whats Your Pleasure, the way she manages to be so present on this song is brilliant. A real game changer for her.”

    @R27 (9) “An early indicator of the direction she would take for What’s Your Pleasure?”

    @ohnostalgia (9) “Yes, pull out that higher register!”

    @Phonetics Girl (9.5) “the 70s vibes make it my fave song on the record”

    @godspeed (9.5) “I’mma need Jessie Ware and Devonté Hynes to reconnect ASAP. If “Want Your Feeling” is any proof of what the two of them and James Ford can create, there is magic waiting to happen!”

    @Pinky25 (10) “Majority of these songs remind me of right before I graduated college; at the time I had started a retail job and this was one of the songs that was constantly played. It reminds me of cold afternoons and organizing clothes.”

    @Alphableat (10) “This is Tough Love’s MOMENT. I like to pretend my love for this song is what manifested What’s Your Pleasure.”

    @OspreyQueen (10) “Now that Jessie has four albums out, Tough Love is bit of a black sheep because it sounds like an amalgamation of the other three. There’s an ambient electronic side (title track, Share it All), a more traditional soul side (Say You Love Me, Keep On Lying)…and then there’s the soaring dance-pop side that’d be used as the blueprint for one of 2020’s finest albums. This was my 11 in @2014’s Jessie Ware rate which happened before the What’s Your Pleasure era even began, and while my 11 in an updated rate would undoubtedly go towards something from that album, I can’t not appreciate this song for possibly providing the inspiration for it in the first place.” I'd always thought of Tough Love as a continuation of Devotion more than anything, but I can totally see it being a mix of her three other albums too.

    @berserkboi (10) “Gorgeous in the repetition, something about that tone and build takes my breath away!”

    @Runawaywithme (10) “Firstly, I love pretty much anything Dev Hynes has anything to do with. So hearing him team up with Jessie was amazing. His touch is all over this song, but Jessie still completely steals the show, she sounds absolutely amazing here. Her silky tone works well with the excellent guitars and synths, like a lot of her best work, this song subtly works its magic on you, despite being obviously amazing on the first listen, it slowly builds and builds until it’s the only thing you can pay attention too. This song definitely sounds like it could be on What’s Your Pleasure? Which is obviously a compliment, in fact, I had always wanted her to go in that direction fully, so it’s nice that she did, and finally got some of the recognition she has always deserved. Watching her grow as an artist has been really fulfilling and I’m excited to see wherever she goes next.”

    @Cotton Park (11) "I love when Jessie slips into one of her slowburning hypnotic, sensual jams. This is easily one of my favorite of her songs."

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  11. What the ACTUAL fuck is that elimination?!
  12. The forum is soooo slow this morning that I hope you all appreciate any like, since it’s taking 30 seconds to like anything! Dddd

    Feels too early for this to go!
  13. Some of you should be ashamed with yourselves.
  14. Me looking at what's being eliminated next.
  15. R27


    My two 4s holding strong while I keep losing 8.5s and 9s left, right, center, diagonal, north, west, east, and south hurts.
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  16. All I have to say about that is that your 4s are actually the lowest scores for both those songs.
  17. I’m so excited to see my words as the thread title! Want Your feeling really does remind me of a very interesting time in my life. It was a really good time filled with great music and awesome clothes but also a feeling of failure.
  18. I mean how dare you!? This is the worst crime yet in this rate
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  19. I somehow missed Falling Into Me eliminated like 20 spots ago and I just let out a long exasperated sigh at the utter lack of taste. @soratami you were right to encourage me to do side B, I really should have, cause I would have given it my 11. Some of these takes and opinions are just not it.
  20. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    YAS @Cotton Park the taste <3. Not surprised it didn't do amazingly, but 5s as its lowest score isn't too bad I guess.
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