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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. The one actual Jessie song left I kind of like, yeah that's the correct strategy, burn the other three to the ground.
  2. I meant to mention that in the elimination post, but it's only the second song so far not to have received any sub-5 scores (the first was Feet Don't Fail Me Now).
  3. The Jessie Ware album was pretty unremarkable to me. I'm surprised she's mostly held up well until now.
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    Nocturnes 1/6
    10 (21) @Cotton Park soratami @An Insider @Phonetics Girl @2014 @fatyoshi @pop3blow2 @Pinky25 @Untouchable Ace @Pineapple @aux @Trouble in Paradise @Stradiwhovius @Ugly Beauty @elektroxx @Island @vague @Music Is Death @Runawaywithme @ohnostalgia @Oleander | 9.5 @sfmartin
    4.5 @Blond | 5 (4) @dontkillmyvibe @Robsolete @slaybellz @Cutlery

    #14 - #16 - #20 - #27 - #30 - #29 - #39


    The masterpiece, 11-contender that is Motorway getting eliminated at #39 is a damn mess and the low scorers should be ashamed of themselves. It fittingly received the most 10s so far by a pretty large margin (and we'll only see songs with more 10s when we hit the top 25), and it was actually inside of the top 30 for nearly the whole voting period only for the tasteless last voters to make it take a nosedive to #39, so maybe the extension was a mistake. Of course, this elimination means Ladyhawke finally has some company.mp3, as Little Boots becomes the second artist to leave the rate, though on the bright side, despite being eliminated fairly early, at least she doesn't have one of the lowest album averages in the rate, but we'll get to those after the eliminations are finished.

    Motorway was written by Little Boots and Jim Eliot and produced by Tim Goldsworthy. It was released in February 2013 as a promotional single. According to Little Boots, the song is about "escaping from the grim north to the shiny lights of London". I'd say the song has probably Little Boots's best lyrics, which paint such a vivid, moving picture of two lovers leaving everything and everyone behind and running away into the night together, hoping that what's ahead of them might be better than what they left behind. And the song's gorgeous atmospheric production fits the lyrics absolutely perfectly. As mentioned above, truly a masterpiece, it's the first elimination in the rate I'm honestly annoyed about.

    @Cutlery (5) "This sounds like a boring tropical house affair, stripped back a bit." No it doesn't.

    @Alphableat (6) “Little Boots loves a song-long metaphor, and this is a metaphor about motorways.” I'm... not sure that's an accurate description.

    @godspeed (7.5) “I’m getting Drive vibes from “Motorway” but with a pop sensibility. And it is probably one of the highest compliments I could ever give to a song.” Why did you only give it a 7.5 then?

    @DJHazey (8.5) “Wasn’t a memorable listen when I tried, rather briefly, with it years ago. Now that I’ve given myself some time to let the whole thing marinate, I can at least understand why the song gets so many accolades.”

    @OspreyQueen (8.5) “Obviously I adore Boots and I think this song is really good, but it lacks that certain je-ne-sais-quoi that would push it into 10 territory. I know it’s supposed to be emulating a night drive with its sparse and spooky tone, but it could use a few more layers of stuff happening.)

    @livefrommelbs (9) "Late-night driving realness."

    @berserkboi (9) “Maybe this was the song that won her rate? The haunting video looks familiar!”

    @Phonetics Girl (10) “mmm icy perfection”

    @Pinky25 (10) “The whole album is very Saint Étienne but this song sticks out in particular.” Definitely, and speaking of Saint Etienne, Like A Motorway is also a 10.

    @Untouchable Ace (10) “Simply love on a dusty dirt road.” It's a motorway, not a dirt road dd

    @Pineapple (10) “The kind of song that just completely takes you to another dimension. Stunning.” Exactly.

    @Stradiwhovius (10) "Hadn't heard before the rate but it's sprawling and climactic and has impeccable production which wouldn't feel out of place in Final Fantasy or something" I can hear that. And as a FF stan I'm obliged to make this the title commentary.

    @Runawaywithme (10) “This is probably my favourite Little Boots song. Whenever I come back to it I am just swept away in its greatness. I love the production and how immaculately clean and crisp and smooth it feels, while still being really exciting. It makes me want to and run away with someone at night on a motorway” Exactly.

    @ohnostalgia (10) “This was the first Little Boots song I heard. It’s become more and more quality as the years pass. As Carly would say, “baby, let’s take the long way home.””

  5. I think I'll stick to one elimination per day while the forum isn't fixed (or dies for good I guess), I might try doing two if I can, but it's honestly such a struggle at the moment.
  6. No need to rush. Besides, I'm sure that the forum dying is not nearly as much of a struggle as these results are. Motorway is a bop and Boots has been done so dirty. I'm also afraid for Janelle cause I feel that the rest of The Electric Lady will probably follow soon. Primetime and Q.U.E.E.N. are top 5 material, and one of them is already out.
  7. Not my lowest rated Little Boots song being the last one out. Shake should still be in x
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  9. Little Boots serving up mostly flavourless slop in rate #1, perfecting her recipe in rate #2, and reaping the unjust dessert of complete annihilation by #39? Quelle catastrophe

  10. I called it, y'all.
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  11. Little Boots deserves better.
  12. Motorway - 9. I love an escapist anthem. A great write-up @soratami, which perfectly encapsulates what the song is all about. I should have given Motorway a 10.
  13. Minutes earlier, me preparing the drinks

  14. Next up:

    Another big one, the song with the second most 10s so far (after Motorway).
  15. "Company" is nice song, but I do find Tinashe oddly overrated here, at least out of the few songs of hers I've heard.
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  16. We can speak about Motorway like it's a huge elimination but then we've lost actual classics like Bubblegum Bitch, Primetime, Dance Apocalyptic, Blame Game, Uptight Downtown, Cruel, Better Love, Company fairly recently so I remained unfazed.
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  17. How many of these alleged classics received 20+ 10s though?

  18. You say that, but then can we call Motorway a classic when ten eliminations from now the song has 25 or even 30+ 10's?

    It's all perspective.
  19. The next fourteen eliminations actually all have less 10s than Motorway nn. Despite the rate being stacked with quality, there are only eleven songs with over 25 10s, and only six with over 30. And it'll still be quite a while before we get to any of them.
  20. R27


    I probably should have scored Motorway a bit higher.

    Also, was anyone else expecting a Florence cut based on the title quote?
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