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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. Cool Girl feels like the definitive Tove Lo song to me. Should've been a career defining smash.
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    Tough Love
    Tough Love 2/6
    11 @boombazookajoe | 10 (17) @Cotton Park @An Insider @j267 @2014 @klow @Conan @Trouble in Paradise @godspeed @slaybellz @elektroxx @Lapras @Alphableat @Blond @Island @berserkboi @Music Is Death @Runawaywithme | 9.5 (4) @BubblegumBoy @Sleet @Sail On @Cutlery
    4.5 @londonrain | 5 @Luck | 6 (6) @Sprockrooster @dontkillmyvibe @Aester @Stradiwhovius @Ugly Beauty @junkos
    Host's score: 9

    #33 - #23 - #30 - #26 - #27 - #24 - #28

    Poor Jessie loses her fourth song within the space of fifteen eliminations, being now down to just Champagne Kisses (which I'd hardly call her best song in the rate, but WTF Do I Know.mp3). Still, even with only one song left, given all but one of Jessie's songs made it into the top 40 (or nearly), at least you know she'll be getting a high album average. This elimination means that the battle for "best title track" is down to Electric Lady and Music To Make Boys Cry, but which will win?

    Tough Love was written by Jessie and BenZel (a duo consisting of Benny Blaco and Ben Ash) and produced by the latter, and was released in June 2014 as the lead single from the album of the same name. It was a moderate hit, charting at #34 in the UK, being one of Jessie's only two top 40 hits, aside from the un-quirky gremlin co-write Say You Love Me, which was the following single released from the album. Speaking about how the song came about, Jessie said "I had just finished a run of shows in the States and went to New York to work with BenZel for a couple weeks, mainly as a different focus to touring. I didn't have any expectations or pressures with what would come out of those two weeks, and think Tough Love sums this up. It was me experimenting with my voice and having fun with it. It just felt right and kind of dictated the route of the next album, much like Devotion did on my first album." The lyrics are inspired by how "It's not always easy being away from the person that I love so much, but I'm also doing something that I really, really love. It's realistic that it's not always real easy." And as for the song's sound, it "really represents a lazy Wednesday afternoon in May in New York, and me not overthinking, just creating a mood. The vocal that you hear on it is a demo vocal, so there's a weariness in my voice." Tough Love is a gorgeous song, but I have to say that, given the competition, I'd honestly have a hard time seeing it do better than it did (not that it was my least favourite song left, just that every other song left at this point feels more popular), so I can't say I'm that upset about this elimination.

    @DJHazey (7) ”An example of a song that I just say sounds pretty because I’m far too dumb to truly appreciate all the intricacies of it.”

    @ohnostalgia (7.5) “Okay, Ms. Know It All”

    @saviodxl (8) “Sade, is that you?”

    @Phonetics Girl (8) "tofu flavoured 90s AC knock-off. i don't mind it but there's was no direction or inspiration involved" You're being a little bit extra.

    @OspreyQueen (8) “And the world’s “chill songs for the bath” playlists were never the same again.”

    @pop3blow2 (8.4) “A delicately restrained vocal, that is my fave part of this one.”

    @Kyle. (9) “The haunting nature of this is absolutely gobsmacking. What a joy to experience.”

    @Untouchable Ace (9.4) “Jessie must be a minimalist because her aesthetic suits that style. Also I feel that generally nothing is quite enough for me from her.”

    @godspeed (10) “I have loved this song ever since I first heard it in the spring of 2014. Something about it always takes me back to those sunny and warm days. It’s a song that is just pure bliss and it’s what it makes you feel. It was my 11 for most of the voting period until one song suddenly made me change my mind at the very last minute. It doesn’t take away how absolutely splendid “Tough Love” is and how it’s probably one of my favorite songs ever. And now I’m regretting not giving my 11 to it…I'll say that changing your 11 to Tough Love wouldn't have affected either song's placement at all anyway.

    @berserkboi (10) “Jaw-droppingly beautiful!”

    @Runawaywithme (10) “This song is just the perfect vibe. It has a trance-like power over me to make me sit up and pay attention to nothing but it whenever it’s playing. It’s such a peaceful and relaxing song while still being really exciting and keeping my attention the whole way through. I love the way the song almost takes you on a journey to another place with its production. Jessie’s vocals are also absolutely incredible here. I remember being so excited when this came out, I had it on repeat on my ipod for a whole summer, alongside Indiana’s Heart on Fire and Say Lou Lou’s “Everything We Touch”. I think the song still sounds as fresh today as the day it premiered and it still never fails to take me to that magic place.”

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  3. One of my favorite songs ever. I love Jessie.

    Thanks to all the agreeable individuals who tenned it with me.
  4. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Fearing for Jessie not making the top 20 now noooo! And Tove of the Lo has so many better songs than Cool Girl, it’s fine but I go back to it rarely.
  5. The first Jessie song I heard. Immaculate.
  6. The next two eliminations:

    First, a Side B song from the second half of the decade, and then a main rate artist loses either her first or last song.
  7. I'm not mad for Tough Love but what on Earth was I thinking giving a 6. The rot in my brain. It goes deep.
  8. Just a small clarification that probably no one really cares about: BenZel is actually a duo consisting of Benny Blanco and producer and songwriter Ben Ash, also known as Two Inch Punch, who worked on Kali Uchis' "Dead To Me," SG Lewis' "All Night," a lot of Years & Years songs, Rex Orange County's "Best Friend" and "Sunflower" among many other songs and musical atrocity "Human" by Rag'n'Bone Man.
  9. Thanks, I just fixed it. I always try to make sure I don't list the same artists by two different names in the write-ups, since usually writing and production credits are presented differently, as the former uses real names and the latter artistic names, but I totally missed BenZel was actually Benny Blanco and Ben Ash, despite this being the third song they worked on eliminated so far. The song's Wikipedia page actually makes it sound like BenZel is Ben Ash ("It was written by Ware, Benny Blanco, and Benjamin Ash and produced by the latter under the production pseudonym BenZel").
  10. Two Inch Punch wrote & produced with two of my recent faves, too: Mae Muller & Maisie (He did 'Smile' for the Birds Of Prey soundtrack with her.)
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    Awe, this could have a hold on a bit longer, but the competition is getting tough.

    I've always loved the contrast between the first two pre-choruses (the way she taunts "so you wanna be a man about it/do you" versus the evident sadness in her voice when she says "so you wanna be a man about it/do you have to?"). Quietly brilliant.
  12. Aw Tough Love is the song that made me laminate my Jessie Ware stan card. This song came out around the same time as Touch by Shura and this sort of soft synth pop sound became one of my favourite genres of music.

    Champagne Kisses being her last standing song is correct though.
  13. B #10


    Gemini Feed
    11 @Oleander | 10 (17) @DJHazey soratami @sfmartin @boombazookajoe @Hurricane Drunk @Dijah. @Sleet @Trinu 3.0 @Conan @Trouble in Paradise @swim @ufint @Music Is Death @Untouchable Ace @Remorque @ohnostalgia | 9.5 @elektroxx
    3 (2) @berserkboi @londonrain | 5 @unnameable

    #10 - #7 - #5 - #4 - #10

    Gemini Feed was was released in August 2016 as the second single from American singer-songwriter BANKS's sophomore album The Altar. It was written by BANKS and Sohn, who also produced it.

    @berserkboi (3) "Not as bad as I remember, but still subpar!”

    @londonrain (3) “The fact that the forum appears to think this is the best Banks song is a huge part of why I’ve never bothered listening to the rest of her music dddd.”

    @Phonetics Girl (7) “I suppose there’s plenty 90s songs with exactly the same melody and they’re better at it”

    @Maki (7.5) "I recall this from the winner's rate, it's very good. The chorus is by far the best part. Still perplexed by how this won an entire rate, though.”

    @OspreyQueen (9) “Banks is the queen of scathing character assassinations and this song is no exception. I just wish the production went a little harder to convey the seething rage in the lyrics.”

    @DJHazey (10) “The best way to describe how much this slaps is to say the production is ‘mean’ or ‘sinister’ and when you combine that with BANKS’s delivery, it fucks me all the way up and then some. Those “passive-aggressive’ and “so depressive” lines really are it as well, especially with how much conviction she puts behind them.”

    @Untouchable Ace (10) “The opening especially is star quality. Then there's the soaring chorus. (At least Years & Years had good inspiration for one of their less successful songs.”

    @ohnostalgia (10) “Hello, my eleven in the BANKS rate.”

    + BANKS

    The first single from debut album Goddess, released in 2013:

    The fourth single from Goddess and her biggest hit:

    The lead single from The Altar:

    The lead single from BANKS's third and latest album III, from 2019:

  14. Paper Love next!
  15. Five Banks songs and no mention of her very best though?

    The robbed winner of her rate teebs.
  16. @soratami what did I JUST say?
  17. "Gemini Feed" isn't even among my lowest remaining scores, but I'm absolutely not bothered by it leaving.
    It sounds like a PJSC winner that I may throw a point or two to, but it doesn't really cut it with some of the competition here.
  18. R27


    The order of these side B eliminations.... Maybe I should have voted in it after all.
  19. Blame @berserkboi and @londonrain. Gemini Feed is actually one of the songs with the second most 10s in the Side B rate, but those two 3s really hurt its average.
  20. Christine and the Queens, CHVRCHES and Allie X are really overstaying their welcome.
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