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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Saturday Night, Strangers or Disparate Youth for me (or if it needs to be a Lorde song bye Sober).
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  2. The way this is one of the most offensive things I've ever read in this forum, even if it doesn't actually make any sense. Count yourself lucky both your 11s have already been eliminated @OspreyQueen, or I would be adjusting my scores

  3. This made me make a little part 2 to my Quirky Pop boys playlist. This is for the many underrated we have.

    I also want this on there but Spotify won't let me.

    One of these artists Moodoïd just released a new EP including a song with Say Lou Lou.
  4. I had the next elimination ready to go since Saturday night, but since I'd already posted two Saturday and I don't do eliminations on Sunday, I figured I'd just post it as one of the Monday cuts instead, but I just checked and it's somehow completely vanished... It was literally finished, I can't believe I'm going to have to redo the whole thing.
  5. Drafts only last 24 hours sadly! Next time PM an inactive account (or me! Ddd) and you can quote from it.
  6. I always prepare the eliminations in a PM with an inactive account, I had it saved as a draft there. I had no idea those only lasted 24 hours though, that explains it. Would've been better to just post it in the PM and then quote it here, but that's slightly inconvenient as that way you have to fix the first five usernames mentioned in the post so they actually work as tags. Oh well, at least I remember how the elimination went, so it shouldn't be too much trouble to redo it, though it would've been nice to get the first elimination of the day out of the way early and only have to worry about the second one for a change.
  7. hate when that happens.gif
  8. This almost happened to me yesterday when I was in the middle of finishing up my writeup and my computer literally decided to shut down in my face to do an update. I was so pissed. Luckily it saved my draft.

    Also ya'll really PM inactive accounts for your writeups? Are you not scared that those people will randomly decide to be active again dd. I just write it up in an empty PM and preview it. Then basically never close the window, and make edits to the template as I go along.
  9. I PM an inactive account, put my song ranking, commentary, everything I need to reference for a reveal. Just go to the main section and click to have it sort by post date and have it start with the oldest threads and pick someone who hasn't logged in over 10 years. I'm pretty sure it's a good bet that person won't log in again.
  10. nn if I want to post an elimination, let's say a day after, I just leave the PC on standby with the window open. I lost an elimination once, it won't happen again!!! Also using an old thread for notes and stuff turned out to be very useful
  11. Imagine that person decides to login after a long time and sees a bunch of write ups as PMs ddd.
  12. I would simply apologize, explain what it was and copy and paste to a new one. No biggie.
  13. #27


    Boom Clap
    Sucker 1/6
    11 @unnameable | 10 (19) @Sprockrooster @An Insider @Phonetics Girl @MilesAngel @Hurricane Drunk @pop3blow2 @Pinky25 @Luck @Untouchable Ace @Pineapple @Conan @elektroxx @Lapras @Blond @berserkboi @Music Is Death @Remorque @ohnostalgia @junkos | 9.5 (4) @saviodxl @Dijah. @ufint @Oleander
    2.5 @aux | 5 @godspeed | 5.5 @Lost In Japan.

    #26 - #26 - #24 - #29 - #36 - #32 - #27

    After Ladyhawke, Little Boots and La Roux, Charli becomes the fourth artist to lose her final song and be eliminated from the rate. I will say that, with two songs in the top 40 and its average not even being among the five lowest (but more on that later), Charli didn't actually do that badly, especially given how some people seem to think hating Sucker is a personality trait. Boom Clap is the song with the third most 10s so far, after Motorway and Anything Could Happen.

    Boom Clap was written by Charli, Fredrik Berger, Patrik Berger and Stefan Gräslund and produced by the latter two. It was released in June 2014 as the the first single from soundtrack to The Fault In Our Stars, a film about a brother and sister who fall in love and then die from cancer or something, and it also worked as the lead single from Sucker, although the album only came out six months later. The song was actually originally intended for Hilary Duff, but her team decided not to take it, which is a bit of an odd decision because when you think about it, Boom Clap would have fit Breath In. Breathe Out (Hilary's 2015 album) perfectly. According to Charli, "My number one project as a songwriter is to write for Hilary Duff, so when I heard about this, I was like, 'fuck! Are you serious?! This is my in!, I'm going to make a Hilary Duff album!' So we sent over Boom Clap, but they came back and were like, 'this isn't cool enough for Hilary.' I was like, crushed, I thought I was a cool writer, but maybe I'm not. Hilary didn't want my song. What a life-ruiner." Hilary did later go on to say that she was actually not aware of any of this, and would have taken the song had she known, but, well, getting to keep Boom Clap for herself was obviously for the best for Charli in the end. Charli described the song as "very euphoric and enthusiastic about romance… it's about wanting to fall in love, but there's this hint of sadness in that, which I like." And as for what served as inspiration for it: "We had been listening to loads of French yé-yé pop and the Flying Lizards and Bow Wow Wow, and we were saying how all those songs have dumb, hooky, shouty choruses. They're all sort of childlike. So we wanted to make a song like that." Boom Clap is both one of the biggest hits in the rate and Charli's biggest solo hit by far (though it was slightly less huge than both I Love It and Fancy), peaking at #6 in the UK and #8 in the US and in the top 10 all over the world. I like Boom Clap a lot, but to me, it just lacks the punch the best songs in the album have, so I don't really agree about it being considered the album's #1 song, but then again it's not exactly surprising either.

    @godspeed (5) “”Boom Clap” is in no way offensive like “Break the Rules” can be, but it’s just incredibly faceless.”

    @Stradiwhovius (6) "Boom clap I'm in me mums car the beat goes on and on get out me car."

    @DJHazey (7.75) “Always felt the GP attaching themselves to this of all songs was a choice. I always liked it well enough but feel it’s become overrated by proxy. I know the connection to the movie obviously has alot to do with it but also knowing how it aged rather quickly for me doesn’t help much.” I totally get that, it does feel "underserving" of being Charli's biggest hit, especially when she has quite a good number of other songs that sound like hits.

    @Maki (7.75) “This song was everywhere at the time. I used to find it annoying back then, but it grew on me over time. The chorus is obviously the best part and makes the song.”

    @livefrommelbs (8) "She's an icon, but she's not someone you think about all the time."

    @Runawaywithme (8) “I remember the summer this came out, I was super excited to see my underground emo-spice girl suddenly start to climb the charts. I loved this song from the first time I heard it, and it’s a pretty sweet pop moment. I love how unashamedly poppy and sweet the whole thing is”

    @londonrain (8) “There’s something very early nineties about Boom Clap, which probably explains why I like it dddd.”

    @Kyle. (9) “A slice of pure pop that goes off so well. Absolutely top tier.”

    @Alphableat (9) “I have many lovely memories of this song.”

    @R27 (9.25) “This is so pure. It’s probably the most straightforward pop song in her discography, but who cares when it’s this sweet, lovely, and utterly joyful. It’s the kind of song that has been largely missing from mainstream pop over the past 5 years and, honestly, I think the pop landscape could really benefit from something like this smashing again.” That's a nice way of looking at it, makes me like the song a bit more.

    @saviodxl (9.5) “Finally critical appraisal met commercial success!”

    @Dijah. (9.5) “Invented romance. The Fault in Our Stars didn’t deserve Charli.”

    @Sprockrooster (10) "The Fault In Our Stars is one of the most heartbreaking movies I have ever seen. Want to know why? I am not ready just yet...
    The song itself is a smash. We love the intro a lot and would love to see an extended version of it. Having a music video in Amsterdam feeding into my chauvinistic heart. One would think I would consider me as a stan of miss XCX. But for some reason this was it for me alongside Break The Rules. A two hit wonder. Now I am unbothered by basically anything she does."

    @Phonetics Girl (10) "she's always been a very convincing emoter. like, she almost makes being in love sound fun."

    @pop3blow2 (10) “The first time I heard this my first thought was , ’she could actually become the biggest pop star in the world’. I think she was too weird for that to ever really happen, but this song is fire. Put it in the time capsule!”

    @Pinky25 (10) “It was hard to pick my 11 for this half of the rate. This song was a super strong contender. This one came out right before I graduated college and I moved to a new place. At the time I was in a weird place; I wasn’t a teenager anymore but I was still very young. The song reminds me of that time and also the fact that Charli was styled like so many people I knew from college really made me miss my old town. The song describes the kind of first love many of us idealize and dream of having.”

    @Luck (10) “I would take off a point for the 'The Fault in Our Stars connection' but its so good... and i got to hear her tell off these two men for fighting during her concert right before the bridge so it's a bit iconic, i can't listen to it without yelling "DON'T F*CKING FIGHT AT MY SHOW"”

    @Pineapple (10) “Honestly iconic, this will always be one of my favourites from Charli.”

    @berserkboi (10) “Hey! I love this one, and have for years!!”

    @ohnostalgia (10) “100% I know this is a basic bop. But it’s a basic bop I play way too often according to last.fm.”

  14. I'm pretty sure this isn't true, but I thought it was funny so might as well share anyway - some people apparently think Boom Clap samples/interpolates Saturday Night

    The bit that starts at 0:25.
  15. I had no idea Boom Clap was for Hilary Duff?!? Hilary would have been perfect on it!!
  16. It was one of my 10's. But not in the Top 10 of my 10's! Boom Clap is classic pure POP, with a HUGE chorus, which everyone can sing along with. It just makes me feel good.
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  17. As much as I really like the song selection for Sucker, the fact that Charli had a higher peak now (#27) than last rate (#28) with True Romance is a mess.
  18. Not me literally listening to M83's Wait which is also on the Fault in our Stars soundtrack and the centerpiece music during the most striking and emotional scene of the entire movie. I was trying to go to sleep. Guess that did not work out.
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  19. If Hilary had Boom Clap, I'd probably still love it.

    For alot of you, it's probably a reverse "if Whiplash was still Britney's and instead of Selena's" expedition.
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  20. The top song from True Romance (Nuclear Seasons) did have a slightly higher average than Boom Clap though. And True Romance definitely did better in general too, for example all but one of the songs in that album made the top 50 in the debuts rate, while only two of the Sucker ones did here.
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