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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. I'd guess if I knew which year the remaining tracks were released nn. Too lazy to do some searching.

    EDIT: Oh, it's right here

    Probably Shura, but you never know in this rate
  2. B #8


    religion (u can lay your hands on me)
    10 (17) @BubblegumBoy @j267 @Crisp X @2014 @boombazookajoe @Hurricane Drunk @Sleet @Trinu 3.0 @Pinky25 @Trouble in Paradise @Music Is Death @Untouchable Ace @Remorque @Cutlery @Sail On @Oleander @ohnostalgia | 9.75 @Conan
    2 @Sprockrooster | 4 @Phonetics Girl | 5 (2) @dontkillmyvibe @londonrain
    Host's score: 9

    #14 - #10 - #10 - #10 - #8

    religion (u can lay your hands on me) was released in June 2019 as the second single from English singer-songwriter Shura's sophomore album forevher. It was written by Shura, Joel Pott and Luke Saunders, and produced by Shura and Potts.

    @Phonetics Girl (4) ”putting aside everything else,
    these Minnie Mouse on helium vocal runs are not it”

    @DJHazey (7.25) “Like I stated during the listen session, I can’t remember a sophomore album I was more disappointed in than this one. This isn't a terrible song persay, but everything on Nothing’s Real was just that good.”

    @Maki (7.5) "This one probably didn't benefit from me listening to it for the first time on the voting deadline, but I like it for sure. There are some great moments here (love that string sample in the instrumental!), though I'm not completely sold yet.”

    @saviodxl (8) “Before I knew who she was, whenever people mentioned her name I thought they were talking about an anime or something nn.”

    @berserkboi (8) "Nicely done, just Quirky and straight-forward enough to appeal to both ends of the spectrum!”

    @BubblegumBoy (10) “I really got into this song and album during the BiTeen rate, it's a stunning album”

    @ohnostalgia (10) “I liked her debut, but this single was such a glow-up for Shura.”

    + Shura

    Her first single Touch, released in 2014:

    The lead single from forevher:

    The best song on the album:

    The lead single from the forevher re-release:

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  3. This is an unexpected track to make the Thread Title for but I like it! Dddd
  4. Shura naming the song "religion (u can lay your hands on me)" instead of sticking to either "religion (u can lay ur hands on me)" or "religion (you can lay your hands on me)"

  5. So you’re just eliminating all of my 10s in a row, huh.
  6. Well, your scores for the three previous eliminations were 8.5, 8.5 and 7 so... not really nn
  7. I've lost two 8's, a good result. I really like both songs, but just prefer others. I've only got one 8 left, which is in the Main Rate.

    The Lissie song is Ladyhawke-esque (and better then anything on Anxiety).
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  8. I'm surprised that I didn't give "religion" a ten, considering it's one of the tracks that I've found myself returning to since discovering it via this rate. I just checked and I gave it a 9.5. I wonder why I withheld that 0.5 when I originally submitted my scores.
  9. LMFAO I didn’t realize so much activity had happened on this rate in the last like 36 hours I thought the last elimination was Gemini Feed. Ignore me. <3
  10. What the FUCK is Paper Love still doing in here (Said the girl with an Allie X avatar)
  11. The impeccable taste
  12. Allie and Chvrches should have left before shura but ok.

    actually most of the tracks dd this was a 9 and I still have some 8s and 7s
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  13. I said it before I regret not giving Lissie full marks! An impeccable song and at this point I totally understand it being worthy of 11ing! I mean double chorus and guitar solo!?

    And then one of the next queer bops of 20biteen?! (Please go give @Cutlery lots of likes despite the wild elimination order!)

  14. So, you know a few posts back, when I said there was now a track that I wanted to outlast my 11 and wish I’d given it to…
  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Losing Lissie and Shura at the same time is tough - would love solo rates for either of them asap to be honest. I didn't 10 Further Away because it's not quite top 3 on Back To Forever for me (Sleepwalking, I Bet On You and The Habit take those spots).
  16. I adore "Power & Control" and it could've easily been a 10 if I scored it now. It's such a bop filled with amazing hooks and production flourishes. Such a great single choice, in my opinion. The simplicity of the music video works and Marina looks stunning.
    Excellent 11 pick, @londonrain!

    Very surprised by "Further Away (Romance Police)" leaving at this point; I was sure it had top 3 on lock.
    It's among my five favourite songs from side B rate and a great discovery.
    Chrisitne, Allie X and CHVRHES outlasting this one is a mess.

    I'm fine with Shura leaving, though. It's a really nice song, but isn't one of the best.

    That's not Björk on your avatar? (I'm kidding)
  17. Religion was just a slightly unfortunate song choice for me. I love Shura so much. I first saw her when she was opening for Marina on the Neon Nature tour and her performance of White Light was lowkey one of the highlights of the evening. It's been so formative to my "chill and slightly spacey vibes" strand of music taste. Forevher was overall a far more confident album and a glow-up but nothing from it really jumped out in a viscerally affecting way like Touch, White Light, or Nothing's Real did.
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  18. Tired: losing my last Side B 10.
    Wired: losing my last score below 5.

    Now Chris is the only B in this Side I'm respectin!
  19. Leave A Trace still being in the rate is definitely surprising to me. I do like it, but I certainly didn't think it'd make the top 10. It just doesn't really feel as memorable as a lot of the other Side B songs, I thought it'd get a nice mid-table finish.
  20. Today:

    The first cut is an artist's first or last song, and the second is a song by one of the artists who have 2-5 left).
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