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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. B #4


    Leave A Trace
    11 @Robsolete | 10 (14) @elektroxx @Crisp X @MilesAngel @berserkboi @pop3blow2 @Trinu 3.0 @Conan @Trouble in Paradise @swim @ufint @Music Is Death @Untouchable Ace @Remorque @unnameable | 9.5 (2) @sfmartin @Sleet
    5 @Sprockrooster | 6 (2) @Phonetics Girl @londonrain
    Host's score: 8

    #18 - #12 - #9 - #5 - #4

    Leave A Trace was released in July 2017 as the lead single from Scottish band CHRVCHES' sophomore album Every Eye Open. It was written and produced by the three members of the band - Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook and Martin Doherty

    @Phonetics Girl (6) “a bit too shouty when all is said and done. Lauren’s vocal affectations can come off quite unpleasant”

    @Maki (6.5) "Don't know how to word it properly, but this one feels too mainstream for this rate. It's like they took out a good quirky song and mixed it with a 2015 pop sound. It's not bad of course, though I'm quite lukewarm towards it.”

    @OspreyQueen (7) “Gave this a 6.5 in the CHVRCHES rate because it’s very pedestrian for them but it popped off in my second-to-last concert before COVID so it can have an extra 0.5 as a treat.”

    @DJHazey (7.75) “God I love Lauren’s distinctive voice, another one of my all-time favorites. She has the kind of tone that makes it sound like a machine must be creating it, because of how perfect her high-notes are. That being said, this was always a song that I found overrated from Every Open Eye when literal masterpieces like Keep You On My Side and especially Down Side of Me are right there. But I’ll do what we all do and support a favorite singer with slightly inflated scores (I was initially thinking 6.75 or 7). Side note and another reason I love Lauren and would die to see them live. That story where some idiot yelled “marry me!” to her and she stopped the performance to tell him off. She’s a legend folks!”

    @saviodxl (8.2) “Nice discovery”

    @ohnostalgia (9) “I’m obsessed with that one sound effect (the one in the verses).”

    @berserkboi (10) "This is the sort of 80s tinged stuff I am always here for!”

    @pop3blow2 (10) “Hook after hook. A song that gets in my head in the best ways & doesn’t leave for weeks sometimes. #metameta”

    @Untouchable Ace (10) “An 11 contender I just love everything about CHVRCHES. They have always been sublime. Now go listen to 'High Enough To Carry You Over'.”


    The iconic debut single, released in 2012:

    The third single from Every Eye Open:

    The lead single from third album Love Is Dead, from 2018:

    Their most recent single, released just two weeks ago:

  2. Funny we'd end up with both the oldest and nearly-most recent Side B songs (On A Mission and Number One Fan respectively) in the top 3. I say nearly-most recent because religion (u can lay your hands on me) was released just one week after Number One Fan.
  3. I knew it.

    Leave A Trace - 10. This grabbed me the minute I first heard it and hasn't let go. I'm a sucker for synths.
    Also been looking into their discography and I'm loving it.
  4. number one fan and on a mission are two of my favorite songs!
  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    On A Mission is fun but top 3 worthy? Hmm. So proud of Number One Fan, that's my baby etc.
  6. I want Number One Fan over the other two by quite some margin.
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  7. Both Allie X and CHVRCHES had no business in top 10, let alone top 5, but I must admit that "Leave a Trace" grew on me... just a little.

    I'm team "On a Mission", even though it winning is very unlikely. I just hope Christine leaves first.
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  8. By the way, I have absolutely no clue what the hell I was talking about with Allie X's commentary, the beginning is about how the introductory production sounds like a western at the O.K. Corral but then it descends into nonsense. Was I drunk?
  9. 1. "Music To Make Boys Cry."
    2. "Music To Make Boys Cry."
    3. My answer for this question is quite extensive, but if I had to pick one that was eliminated between the first time you asked this question and now, it'd be Foxes' "Cruel."
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  10. Today...

    The first of the only five main rate songs to have received four or more 11s will be eliminated, and we'll also find out the Side B top 2.
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  11. I think you mean 11s.
  12. [​IMG]
  13. R27


    1. What song will be eliminated next?
    I fear it's Saturday Night, but maybe Music to Make Boys Cry.
    2. What song should be eliminated next?
    Crying For No Reason

    3. What song should still be here?
    I believe I've lost three 10s so far (Ghetto Woman, My Blood, and Let Me Down Gently), so one of those.

    4. What's your ideal top 10?
    10. Electric Lady of 5 AM
    9. Body Talk
    8. The Louvre
    7. Champagne Kisses
    6. Only If For A Night
    5. Radioactive
    4. Saturday Night
    3. Shake It Out
    2. Perfect Place
    1. Supercut
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  14. #20


    Saturday Night
    Trouble 1/6
    11 (4) @DJHazey @BubblegumBoy @Sleet @Pineapple | 10 (20) @An Insider @Phonetics Girl @Crisp X @Hurricane Drunk @Dijah. @Ana Raquel @dontkillmyvibe @pop3blow2 @Robsolete @elektroxx @swim @KingBruno @Island @R27 @berserkboi @Music Is Death @Runawaywithme @Remorque @unnameable @Oleander | 9.75 (x) @Conan
    4 @Alphableat | 5.5 @klow | 6 (3) @M24 @Trouble in Paradise @londonrain
    Host's score: 8

    #32 - #11 - #11 - #13 - #17 - #23 - #20

    Natalia Kills becomes the seventh artist to leave the rate, meaning we're now down to nine, one more and only half will be left. Saturday Night is one of the only five songs in the rate to have received four or more 11s. This elimination is also happening almost at the same point as when Natalia lost her last song in the debuts rate, as Mirrors got eliminated at #22. Mirrors did have a slightly higher average, but at least she made the top 20 this time.

    Saturday Night was written by Natalia and Jeff Bhasker and produced by the latter, and it was released in June 2013 as the second single from Trouble, becoming a moderate hit in New Zealand. According to Natalia, Saturday Night was a very difficult song to write, as it deals with with her traumatic youth. She described it as "a song that is the story of my whole life. From what I've read, I'm always seen as the bad girl; the bitchy, sassy, cute bad girl. I've just assumed that everyone must know where it comes from. To act like that, you can't just come from a good place. I realized that not even people who know me most know what I've gone through. I always put on a brave face when I was the most terrified, the most trapped and out of control. That's what Saturday Night is like. I wanted to make a confession of everything I am and all the stuff I've been through. I left home at 15 to escape all the bullshit, but I ran head first into much more trouble. I was taken away by the police for dangerous behaviour, being sedated, almost being committed and sectioned - it was trouble after trouble after trouble. Saturday Night is the way I can present that important part of myself." I have to admit Saturday Night always felt like it wasn't on the same level as the other two Trouble singles to me, so it definitely surprised me to see it outperform them and also receive so many 11s, but to honest I'd never really paid much attention to the lyrics or really knew the song's context, so even though I still don't rate it as highly as Problem and Trouble, I get it now, and I'm happy it made the top 20.

    @Alphableat (4) “How many vocal styles does she need to try on one album?” There's a bleating joke to be made here somewhere.

    @Untouchable Ace (8.2) “Jessica Mauboy did it better.”

    @saviodxl (9) “I'm here for the Whoooa Whoooa she sings in the chorus.”

    @ohnostalgia (9) “I think Saturday Night placed quite high in my Ultimate Countdown, but I also can’t be bothered to check.” Love her lack of energy etc

    @Cutlery (9) "This one took its sweet time to grow on me after I initially felt ambivalent. It's accessible, the synths are great, and the lyrics pack that direct emotional punch."

    @livefrommelbs (9.5) "I love the undercurrent of sadness that runs through this one. Nateddy Killsclair sells the shit out of it."

    @Phonetics Girl (10) "she just bares her soul on this one, doesn't she? as someone that often wonders how my personality could have been different if I didn't come from an abusive home, this song hits super hard"

    @Dijah. (10) “A classic.”

    @R27 (10) ““Remind me one more time it’s the best days of my life” hit my like a truck back in 2013 and perfectly captures the pressure I felt in my late teens and early 20s that I should constantly having the time of my life, despite the fact that I was often stressed and drained from trying to balance life, work, and my studies. For that reason alone, I think this will always be a special one for me.”

    @berserkboi (10) “Loving this discovery too! What a great sophomore album so far!”

    @Runawaywithme (10) “This was another 11 contender. This is probably one of the most heartbreaking songs out there. It just sums up the feeling of complete and utter hopelessness so well. While I have never been in the exact situations Natalia sings about here, I can definitely identify with the lyrics, especially feeling like “a teenage tragedy” and getting absolutely plastered in any way possible in order to cope with all of this. The production here again is stunning, the gutter noises after the line about pills going down the gutter are just perfect. I love everything about this song, the video is great too”

    @DJHazey (11) “Some tears have been lost especially when paired with the video because of how triggering it is to someone who lived it all, albeit in a situation where the household income was a fraction of theirs and I wasn’t old enough to get into the dance clubs legally but would’ve tried if I knew where they were at the time. My Saturday Night was probably spent trying to break into the school’s swimming pool with my brother or seeing how much we could shoplift from local Circle K without getting caught because we weren’t getting ‘luxuries’ like candy and soda otherwise. Better not be caught though otherwise my stepdad’s fists would be aimed elsewhere. I salute Natalia for presenting a chorus that sounds so “matter of fact” with a “brush it off” attitude. We know the sarcasm is real, but sometimes it’s nice to pretend. Sorry if it got too real, put it in spoilers if you feel that’s best.

    I've had some thought on it and no other choice, especially some of the newer discoveries I've made feel right with the 11 crown resting on their head. So it goes to Saturday Night. Biggest contenders in the end: Spectrum, Disparate Youth, Primadonna, Dance Apocalyptic, Blame Game, Crying For No Reason, and Shoot Me Down.”

    @BubblegumBoy (11) “Easily Natalia’s best ever song, I live for the guitar riff at the end of the song. The song addresses so many issues such as living in a destructive household. The video is iconic with young Natalia appearing at the end. Natalia shows us how to be resilient and smile through the pain.”

    @Pineapple (11) “Saturday Night is Natalia’s big superstar moment for me. These lyrics are some of her best and totally show off her artistry at its most powerful. The production is other-worldly. As one of my favourite songs of all time, this was always going to be getting my 11. True pop perfection in every sense.”

  15. [​IMG]
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  16. Yessss I love being the lowest scorer! Can’t even remember it tbh.
  17. Searching "Saturday Night" on YouTube only to be presented with El*n M*sk's mug over and over again in all his Saturday Night Live skits was honestly traumatising.
  18. They production team is going to have to 'bleat' out all of the explicitives I'm throwing you're way while the crowd chants "jerry! jerry! jerry!"
  19. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    When you immediately know the elimination because you made the thread title. Au revoir, Natalia.

    My last remaining B-side scores are 11, 10, and 9.5. Am I too mainstream now???
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