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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. As for the next elimination, "Music to Make Boys Cry" please you can run along home now!
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  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Primadonna is great but she wishes she can get into that top 10.
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  4. Primadonna sounded "edgy" back then and it sounds like ass farts now. I get the appeal but I'm still baffled at it being her best selling single.​
  5. I'm still awake so you can post it now.
  6. I can't right now dd, I won't be home for another 3 hours at least, so maybe you should just go to sleep.
  7. Woah I expected this to go top 10 at least

    Thanks for the title my life is still a lie
  8. #17


    Only If For A Night
    Ceremonials 3/6
    11 @Oleander | 10 (25) @Sprockrooster soratami @sfmartin @livefrommelbs @Crisp X @MilesAngel @Sleet @Dijah. @Pinky25 @Trinu 3.0 @Trouble in Paradise @eatyourself @godspeed @slaybellz @elektroxx @swim @Alphableat @Blond @R27 @berserkboi @Music Is Death @Runawaywithme @Cutlery @LTG @sapnu puas | 9.5 (6) @An Insider @Phonetics Girl @Hurricane Drunk @Remyky22 @Robsolete @M24
    4 @Pineapple | 5 (3) @Ana Raquel @Aester @KingBruno

    #17 - #7 - #16 - #18 - #18 - #18 - #17

    The gif above is me abandoning this rate, because I'm done with these results. This Florence cull... I hate it here. Despite being ahead of the pack along with Lorde for most of the rate, Florence is now down to just two songs (Shake It Out and What The Water Gave Me), same as Janelle, Katy and Marina. How long will those two songs last though? You'll have to wait and see.

    Only If For A Night was written by Florence and Paul Epworth, who also produced it. It was released in October 2011 as the first track on Ceremonials. It's a bit crazy a song this good was never released as a single, even a promo one, and never even got some sort of visual. Only For A Night - Shake It Out - What The Water Gave Me - Never Let Me Go is literally one of the best album opening sequences of all time, the talent on display. Only If For A Night was inspired by two important women, firstly, Florence's grandmother - "There's a song on it that's inspired by a visit from my dead grandmother — like, I had a really, really vivid dream about her and, um, she was giving me advice in this dream, and it was really emotional, and I woke up crying." She also said that "When Paul sent me this track that had church bells on it in the beginning, these English church bells, it suddenly brought me back to being at my Grandma's house and hearing them, and her funeral, and things like that." While she is never directly referenced, you can tell the song's verses and pre-chorus are about Granny Machine (the first verse about the dream and the second about her funeral), while the middle-8 is actually from her perspective, conforting a young Florence. The other woman who inspired the song is Joan Of Arc, whom Florence channels in the chorus. An interesting fact about Only If For A Night is it was sampled in retired chanteuse Rihanna's 2016 Gotham Interlude. I do wish Only If For A Night had made the top 10, or at least the top 15, but #17 isn't bad either, especially for an album track. In fact, Only If For A Night is the most successful non-Lorde album track in the rate.

    @pop3blow2 (7.9) “This one just always plodded along a bit too much for me. Some of the typical Florence flair just couldn’t save it, in that regard.”

    @ohnostalgia (8) “The quiet cascading piano is such a nice touch.”

    @DJHazey (9) “What element I’m finding that I love about Florence's music from these rates is how much ‘chant quality’ the choruses oftentimes have. Like here, when the title of the song is chanted with that little shift in tone like dropping away from the rest of the chorus; that’s so striking to my ears. Also the kind of imagery I’m getting is a rallying cry by a band of rebels in some post-apocalyptic world, as they move in on oppressive forces.” Borderlands <3

    @Kyle. (9) “The way this song swells and bursts really is an absolute masterclass. It's a brilliant album opener and sets the tone for the entire record.”

    @OspreyQueen (9) “I don’t think I’ll ever forget when I bought Ceremonials after Spectrum (Say My Name) smashed, knowing the album would be a lot less dance-y but willing to give it a shot anyway - and being immediately hit with this enormous pseudo drum-n-bass behemoth. Didn’t take me long to hit the stan button after that.”

    @Phonetics Girl (9.5) "a very pop sound for Florence that fits her extremely well"

    @Sprockrooster (10) "When we thought Rihanna covered this only to have it be sampled in an interlude it felt like such a waste of potential as this track is majestic."

    @livefrommelbs (10) "The way this absolutely took my breath away when I first heard it. Immediately proved Flo would be delivering the goods for round two (if not improving on them even further)."

    @Dijah. (10) “Perfection!”

    @godspeed (10) “Until “June” was released on High As Hope a couple of years ago, I considered “Only If For A Night” as Florence + The Machine’s best opening track. It really draws you into the world she created on this album and it does feel like the start of a ceremonial of some sort. Those opening piano notes playing from afar are bewitching, they feel like you’re slowly falling into a state of dreaming and they never fail to fully capture my attention. “Only If For A Night” also builds up perfectly to “Shake It Out” and turns it into an even bigger moment. On Lungs, Florence + The Machine chose to start things off with a huge song, by throwing every thing to the listener’s face from the get-go and it worked. But here, they went for something subtler, a song that really creates and sets the mood of the record. It’s truly a stunning song and plays its part so well.”

    @Alphableat (10) “Enthralling.”

    @berserkboi (10) “A 9.5 that is so glorious by the end of the song - it becomes a 10 upon discovery! Good luck competing gals!”

    @Runawaywithme (10) “I find this song extremely difficult to listen too sometimes, due to the connection I had with my own grandmother who has since passed. But I still gave it a ten as it is an utterly beautiful song that Florence attacks with all her might, “tell me what all this sighing’s about?” is a moment that never fails to give me chills.”

    @Cutlery (10) "It's not hard to hear why Rih would want to chop up 5 seconds off it and try to pass it as a song. A triumph carried to great heights by vocal performance alone. Yet it doesn't stop at that; you have the added cinematic elements and textures in composition and it turns out to be a classic."

  9. And it only got worse...
  10. Apparently songs about your grandma are a recurring subject among the girls of this rate.
  11. Woohoo at the thread title being from me! Poor Florence is not having any respite lately!
  12. R27


    The way all but one of the last four eliminations has been one of my 10s. I need to really get on my 11 commentary!
  13. Oh that's so easily a 10 for me today, it's not even funny.
  14. Well, it should have made the Top 10 but I digress as Florence has performed so well overall in the rate as she deserves.

    When going through the songs for the rate and contemplating my 11, I quickly realized that it had to go to Only If For A Night. Initially I thought it was because it has always been one of my most listened to songs from Florence because it is grand, majestic and beautiful with a touch of melancholy peppering the instrumental and lyrics. However, after more thinking I came to the conclusion that had never fully clicked for me before which is how much I relate to this song in my own way.

    In my life I have only been fortunate enough to know one grandparent, my maternal grandmother because my dad's parents died years apart well before I ever existed. I am told I met my maternal grandfather when I was like 2 years old or something but he was later murdered from what I was told. To this day my mom only has one small profile picture of him with her. However, I had the fortune of knowing my maternal grandmother's mother who ended up dying when I was in Mexico the summer before starting kindergarten. I remember attending the funeral and not crying but insisting on throwing a rose on top of her coffin as she was lowered into the ground, which I did. I now view that as my own ceremonial in a way like those Florence discusses in the song. The dream that the song is based on reminds me of a dream that scared me a few years after that where I saw my great grandmother running and skipping across this filed at night heading somewhere and me not knowing if she was coming to me or not. I woke up from the dream and cried like Flo did from her dream as well.

    The last time I saw my maternal grandmother was when I was 11 I think while visiting Mexico over summer break. She wound up dying a few years later and I was unable to go to the funeral as I was in school. Only my mother went and it's something that still affects her as she tears up when my grandmother comes up in conversation. My family wasn't told the cause of her death but cancer of some kind has always been suspected along with her being diabetic affecting her.

    When that happened it was another situation where I didn't cry but I think deep down it did affect me. The way in which her loss along with the loss of my other grandparents affected me, I have come to realize over the years, is through experiencing resentment at different points over being robbed of that familial connection while other weren't. That and only having fragmented memories of my time with her rather than deep and vivid memories. I also remembering being sad when I heard that my uncle knocked down my grandmother's house years ago and built a new house on the property. Another loss of memories and a big landmark. Those losses of those direct ties to my culture were very impactful. That in turn I think fueled the sort of identity crisis and insecurity I went through at different points regarding being the elder child of immigrants and being perpetually suspended between two cultures and feeling like an incomplete person in both of them. Luckily, I always maintained a strong hold of the language due to spending time in Mexico as a kid and being the translator/interpreter for my parents and my mom only speaking Spanish which made speaking it essential. And the fight Florence talks about in the song resonates as I feel like I have had to fight and, now that I am older, make a conscious effort to strengthen my connection to my heritage and constantly educate myself to improve my speaking and writing in Spanish.

    So for me, the phrase Only If For A Night mirrors the way in which Florence uses it as I think over the years I have had that thought of if only I had one more chance to see them or if only I had one more day with them back then, things might be different in the present. I might be different. And obviously those feelings are concentrated into the memory of my maternal grandmother but apply to my other grandparents as well. Through all these struggles though I have come out the other side as someone who has managed to finish college with a degree in Spanish and proven to myself that I can survive in a Spanish-speaking society when I studied abroad in Spain. The hunger for knowledge and connection to my heritage is something that I don't think will ever go away because I am a naturally curious person by nature and I am glad for that as I do love learning more and being able to share what I have picked up with my parents.

    While the song is filled with dark grandeur and melancholy, I also see it as a beacon of hope like the situation Flo describes in the lyrics with her grandmother being her light. It reminds me that while those direct ties to my heritage are gone, they will never be erased and the same applies to the memories I do have. I will continue to carry them with me as I navigate life and the constant code-switching that comes with being bilingual. And even though there will be tougher times, I will do that happily and embrace myself as I am.
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  15. Err what the FUCK is this Florence rout when there is still evil to be purged from the rate?
  16. I loved reading that, thanks for sharing ♥ Reminds me we really should do that Spanish music rate eventually.

    And what evil might you be refering to, hmm?
  17. I’m honestly so surprised spectrum left so early.
  18. Oh, is Music To Make Boys Cry still here?? I found it to be one of the weaker songs in this rate, I wish I heard what y’all heard from this! It gives me random Carly song on shuffle.
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  19. Music To Make Boys Cry remaining unbothered while the girls stumble around ha:

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