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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Jan 11, 2021.

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    5 AM
    Little Red 2/6
    10 (21) @DJHazey soratami @j267 @livefrommelbs @2014 @fatyoshi @MilesAngel @Lost In Japan. @klow @Untouchable Ace @Trinu 3.0 @Conan @elektroxx @Island @OspreyQueen @vague @berserkboi @Music Is Death @Remorque @Oleander @londonrain | 9.9 @sfmartin
    5.5 @Remyky22 | 6 (3) @boombazookajoe @Hurricane Drunk @dontkillmyvibe

    #8 - #12 - #19 - #17 - #14 - #13 - #15

    Our first cut in the top 15 is Katy B's 5 AM, which is the first and one of the only six songs in the rate to have a lowest score higher than 5. This elimination means Florence, Janelle, Lorde and Marina are the only four artists with multiple songs left and that, to the surprise of almost no-one, I would imagine, Crying For No Reason is Katy B's #1 song in the rate.

    5 AM was written by Katy B and Geeneus, who also produced it. Geeneus worked on all six Katy B songs in the rate, plus a few other Little Red cuts and was heaveily involved in Katy's two other albums as well, Katy mentioned that "He's kind of like my Timbaland to Missy Elliott." The song was released in November 2013 as the lead single from Little Red, charting at #14 in the UK. Katy said the song is about "going home, realizing you are a bit lonely and there is no one better to spend your time with. It's been quite a while since I had a cuddle." Aww. She also described the song's house beat as "uncomfortable, something I like but I shouldn't", which seems like a perfect for an anxiety bop. I certainly didn't expect 5 AM to do as well as it (not complaining though, it is a 10), I was afraid the three rate newcomers would be at a bit a disadvantage compared to the artists who were in the debuts rate, so I'm quite pleased Katy managed to get two songs in the top 15.

    @Cutlery (7) "There's that really ugly escalating sound in the production that sounds dissonant and especially awful in the chorus. Otherwise this is great!"

    @Phonetics Girl (8) "pales next to the debut singles, if i'm honest. katy sounds like she's already had that valium"

    @ohnostalgia (8) “I can’t remember how I feel about Katy’s debut but I feel like her beat game stepped up.”

    @Kyle. (9) “RE-OPEN THE CLUBS NOW” You'll still have to wait a little bit longer nn

    @Alphableat (9) “A fucking VIBE.”

    @R27 (9) “The production doesn’t go particularly hard, in fact I’d argue it’s relatively restrained for club music, yet it’s nothing short of thrilling.”

    @Runawaywithme (9) “An anthem for anyone who's ever had a panic attack on the dancefloor, relatable queen. I love the slightly harder/more manic take on the classic “tears on the dancefloor” theme. I love how manic the whole thing feels and how it keeps building and building like anxiety does, that middle-eight, when it all goes really fast, is just genius”

    @saviodxl (9.9) “I was not familiar with Katy B and had no idea she was that good!” I'm surprised, I thought you'd be a stan already.

    @DJHazey (10) “Even if I might pick Crying For No Reason, Witches Brew, or something else as technically her best song, Lorde knows I’ve played this one more than any of them. It seems too easy to say it, but 5AM being so apt when it’s often the perfect prescription for one of those deep into the morning forays on the weekend; when you question what you’re doing with your life and subsequently to your sleep cycle. It’s like “fuck it, give me another dose of the 'ooooooooooooooooooo' for my troubles”.”

    @livefrommelbs (10) "Lush, late-night dance euphoria. Still sounds completely fresh in 2021"

    @OspreyQueen (10) “The original Anxiety Attack in the Club bop, before all the neurotypicals colonised it.”

    @berserkboi (10) “All over this 90s Eurodance take on Quirky! Dddd”

    @Music Is Death (10) "Yes please make me dance my ass off to this amazing production that screams drag me to the dance floor. The handclaps. Y'all know how I feel about handclaps."

    @Untouchable Ace (10) “Search for '5 AM' in YouTube and Katy B doesn't fill the page with suggestions. She's criminally underrated. This is perfect.”

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  2. Probably my most listened to track of all those remaining. Does that mean I think it deserved #1? No. But I do think it’s perfection and could’ve easily made it into the top 10.

    As covered in the commentaries, it’s the perfect late-late night euphoric vibe.
  3. Only managed to do that last elimination quite a bit later than I planned to, since my laptop decided to do an extremely long update when I meant to have started preparing it, so I'll post the next one tomorrow.
  4. R27


    Crying For No Reason and Primadonna please.

    Edit: Well fuck.
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  5. Somehow I changed the song title again @soratami in my ballot.
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  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    5AM is a serve. She knew what she was doing and served one of the easiest 10s in the rate, shocked it's out before a couple of the Lorde tracks actually.
  8. Figures. I just added it to the elimination post now.

    Lorde still having five songs left is an absolute mess. Sure Melodrama is a fantastic album, but looking at the songs individually, you really can't say all five of them are better than some of the classics that have been getting eliminated recently.
  9. Oh babes but Falling Into Me got eliminated way back. And I'll be bitter about it forever.
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    What The Water Gave Me
    Ceremonials 2/6
    11 (4) @Crisp X @dontkillmyvibe @Trouble in Paradise @eatyourself | 10 (16) soratami @Kyle. @j267 @2014 @fatyoshi @Sleet @No hay banda @m_dimitrov @Alphableat @Blond @OspreyQueen @vague @Music Is Death @Runawaywithme @Cutlery @Oleander | 9.75 @aux
    4 @londonrain | 5 @Pineapple | 5.5 @saviodxl

    #24 - #5 - #7 - #14 - #12 - #11 - #14

    You might've thought the Florence cull was finished, but well, think again. A mess. What The Water Gave Me has the least 10s in the top 20, but it's also the second of the only five songs in the rate to have received four or more 11s, after Saturday Night. This elimination means Janelle, Lorde and Marina are now the only three artists with multiple songs left, as Florence is now down to just Shake It Out.

    What The Water Gave Me was written by Florence and Eg White and produced by Paul Epworth and it was released in August 2011 as the first promotional single from Ceremonials, making it the second oldest song in the rate, after Santigold's GO!. Despite not being a "full" single, What The Water Gave Me was pretty commercially successful, charting at #24 in the UK, #91 in the US and also doing fairly well in a few other countries. Speaking about the inspiration for the song, Florence said "I was kind of fascinated by those stories about children who are swept out to sea, and their parents go in after them and try to rescue them and it sounds horrible, but because the children are smaller, they get swept in unharmed whereas the parents are drowned. It’s like the sea demands this sacrifice. There’s that line in the song: "They took your loved ones and returned them in exchange for you but would you have it any other way?" And you probably wouldn’t." The song was also inspired by Virginia Woolf's suicide ("pockets full of stones"), and its title comes from the Frida Kahlo painting of the same name


    According to Florence, "A lot of the time when I'm writing, things will just… appear. I was writing the song and this book on symbolism was lying around, and it had that painting on it. It's nice to mix the ordinary with the extraordinary." Not related to this song in specific, but a few people mentioned having issues with Florence having so many water-themed songs in the album, but there's actually a reason for that - "I think it’s often that I feel something so big that it’s hard to describe. And water is a good way to describe something that feels so large and out of your control that you couldn’t put it in words. It’s so big a force, but it’s not malicious; it’s this kind of unknown thing. Because I think I feel things in quite a big way, a lot of times. With Ceremonials, I’d been swept up into touring and this world of parties and gigs, and I felt overwhelmed." What The Water Gave Me is a masterpiece and one of Florence's very best, and it not making the top 14 and Florence being down to just one song is a disgrace and you all should be ashamed of yourselves, but especially those of you whose Lorde average is significantly higher than the other artists', you know who you are <3

    @saviodxl (5.5) “It starts very auspiciously, but I don't think it quite reaches the climax like it's supposed to.” You would be wrong.

    @ohnostalgia (7.5) “I really miss sitting next to the mini waterfalls at work.”

    @livefrommelbs (8.5) "A layered, bluesy, moody, swampy, witch's elegy".

    @DJHazey (9) “What I’d imagine is hummed by the Water Tribes, from the world of Avatar the Last Airbender, as they go about their daily activities. In other words, as ‘other-worldy’ as you’d ever want.”

    @godspeed (9) “I have always loved this darker vibe Florence + The Machine went with on this song, a bit nightmarish. And I feel like she never really managed to capture this very specific tone and feeling again, even on this album with songs such as “Seven Devils” which sort of tries to recreate the same atmosphere but doesn’t really manage to. It’s a triumph to me – one I tend to forget about when I casually think of Florence’s music but that I’m always delighted to rediscover.”

    @Phonetics Girl (9.5) "hypnotic and ominous. had me sold on this album from the first play"

    @berserkboi (9.5) “Like going to Church, but in a good way!”

    @Kyle. (10) “I know this one doesn't set the world on fire but I've come to really love the way it swells. The imagery of the prechorus is just superb and that crescendo is *chefs kisses*”

    @Alphableat (10) “In my opinion, this is when Florence first showed us that she was so much MORE than what we heard on Lungs.”

    @OspreyQueen (10) “There are very few songs that handle tension and catharsis with as much expertise as this one. It’s paced in JUST the right way to make the explosive finale pour down like a literal waterfall. Absolutely masterful songcraft”

    @Runawaywithme (10) “This song is so fucking dark it’s almost overwhelming. I think that’s why I like it so much. I love how it just builds and builds and builds and never lets go if its grip on you or loses any of its power or intensity as it takes you along for the ride.”

    @Cutlery (10) "Just one of the most catalytic moments of the album. Those harp melodies and the way she's kinda strong whispering in the verses and it evolves into an enveloping choir of voices and everything that the song presents clicking into place. Mmmmhmmmm."

    @Trouble in Paradise (11) “The song that saved my life”

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  11. What the hell is going on here? What did Florence ever do to any of you??? These songs going before half of Melodrama? No mam.
  12. What The Water Gave Me is head and shoulders above Shake It Out.
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  13. A real TRAGEDY. Here's what I had for my commentary:

    Just one of the most catalytic moments of the album. Those harp melodies and the way she's kinda strong whispering in the verses and it evolves into an enveloping choir of voices and everything that the song presents clicking into place. Mmmmhmmmm.
  14. How did this masterpiece not make it into the Top 10 astounds me, but the results have literally been as if not more random than the debut rate so I can't say I'm that surprised fff.
  15. Oops, for some reason I missed the last two pieces of commentary in the document (yours and @ohnostalgia's). I added them now.
  16. Hey, don't come for Melodrama Queens when Primadonna and Demoitis To Make Neurodivergents Cry are still here (love 'em but they're my only sub-10s left x)!
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  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    These last 2 cuts have been DISASTROUS.
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  18. It gets worse

  19. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I’m not really mad about any of these cuts except Disparate Youth.
  20. Ahh, I was hoping to see at least 2 Florence songs in the Top 10.

    When I was scoring, I thought it'd be weird to give Florence 6 10's, so I gave 2 songs less. One of them was 'What The Water Gave Me,' to which I gave a 9. Now I wish I'd given them all 10, because I easily could have.
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