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QUIRKY POP RATE: The Debuts | #21: "spinning around in a circle, arms wide, looking at the sky"

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Apr 3, 2020.

  1. I was mainly speaking critically, rather than the forum's tastes.

    But even still... I don't know that the forum necessarily puts Girls Aloud on the same level as Steps, etc?
    And Nicola herself is definitely more grouped in with the quirky/indie/artsy artists.
  2. As the person who is probably gonna end up being lowest scorer for Nicola, i want to say i don't hate Girls Aloud. In fact, i quite like their singles and bop to them when i feel like it. However Nicola does not have a voice that is to my liking and i don't really see anything special in her music compared to rest of the ladies we are rating (even some that i don't enjoy as much as you guys). It is just second tier in my opinion and i have rated accordingly to my standards.
  3. Well from my perspective the comeback corner jokes i've seen are about users that refuse to let go of the past and that dislike anything new or anything that's not "pure" or bubblegum pop like the old stuff.
  4. Then there's that aspect of it. Nicola is one of the more divisive voices in Girls Aloud, there's a group (including me) who have her as head and shoulders their favorite in the group and the rest rate her pretty lowly in comparison.
  5. And we have our underground/inside jokes about those who refuse to like anything remotely 'bubbly' ddd. To each their own, but it's a pop forum, which includes artists that had their biggest success years ago, or don't release music anymore. People do come here to discuss those artists and those only and to me there's nothing wrong with that.

    Also this "let go of the past" thing, and I've seen many times before troubles me. It's like this current generation of music listeners will download/stream the latest albums when they come out, play the living hell out of them for like six months and shelf for the foreseeable future. Not exactly like that, but it's the mentality. Only what's current matters...
  6. Oopsy that's the 'defend the bubblegum' and the 'what happened to the Girls Aloud standom the forum was built on?' talk that automatically comes out of me. Didn't mean to go off the handle a bitsy, no harm meant. Also, didn't mean to go a bit off-topic. @iheartpoptarts would be proud though!
  7. Oh I didn't mean it like that. I meant people wanting new music to sound like that one period in time they all loved and only that or else they're not into it.

    I listen to old stuff all the time too. I love being nostalgic. But I also enjoy how genres evolve.
  8. All this discussion got me like

    I was not around in the forum during Girls Aloud hey days, but damn, I'm pretty sure people respect their legacy here.
  9. If it wasn't for Girls Aloud, Sugababes, Michelle Branch and Kylie, I wouldn't have found this forum. Kind of funny how I would've ended up a Comeback Corner regular had I signed up immediately in 2012/2013 nn.
  10. Beat of my Drum is a thrill in how fearlessly annoying it is, I want it in top 40 at least.
  11. #91

    Smiling this way and I wonder could it be forever?

    My Hip

    Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree 5/6
    10 (6) @DJHazey soratami @livefrommelbs @vague @Crisp X @Pinky25 | 9.75 @Music Is Life
    4 (2) @klow @Gabeee9292 | 4.5 @japanbonustrack

    Leaderboard trajectory:
    5: #85 (7.36)
    10: #75 (7.83)
    15: #78 (7.687)
    20: #85 (7.34)
    25: #85 (7.334)
    30: #86 (7.375)
    35: #85 (7.436)
    40: #86 (7.331)
    45: #86 (7.31)
    50: #85 (7.359)
    55: #86 (7.392)
    60: #90 (7.305)
    65: #90 (7.282)
    67: #91 (7.284)

    My Hip was written by Australian model/musician and Butterfly Boucher's sister Harmony Boucher and Swedish songwriter and Max Martin label signee Tobias Karlsson, which I believe makes it the only song in the rate not to have been written or co-written by the artist singing it. It was produced by Mike Spencer, who also produced Once as well as most of the singles from Foxes's debut.

    I'm surprised this didn't do at least a bit better. It's one of the most instant songs in the album (I remember loving it on first listen) and it sounds extremely Carly Rae Jepsen-y to me, both the euphoric production, the romantic, wide-eyed lyrics, and even the vocals in parts of the song. I think it would have fit Carly's Kiss album perfectly.

    You had very little to say about this one, but on the bright side, at least there was no negative commentary.

    @Epic Chocolat (7) thought it was "pleasant enough", @berserkboi (8.2) found it "cute!" and @Verandi (9) called it "a boppity bop!". @pop3blow2 (7.9) also found it "cute, but not a fave on her album. Some bonus love for the fade out."

    The horns proved divisive - @R27 (7.25) "The horns undermine the sensual nature of the rest of the song somewhat, but it still works overall." @Runawaywithme (8) "Quirky bop. I love the trumpets."

    At least @livefrommelbs (10) fully gets it: "This came on and I literally got outta my chair and bopped around my room. 10s, 10s, 10s across the board!"

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  12. Cancel the rate, we've lost the plot. My Hip going before You'll Never Get to Heaven is a Class A pop crime.
  13. Imagine if Kiss included a song as good as My Hip. Imagine if Kiss was as good as Cherry Tree.
  14. I feel attacked by these last two eliminations.
  15. Yeah, Four Leaf Clover and My Hip being eliminated this early, and before the other two Diana album tracks, is something I don't really get dd

    All 10s.

    I agree Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree is definitely the better album though.
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  16. You'll Never Get to Heaven was actually my highest Diana score and My Hip was my lowest.
  17. I agree that My Hip sounds very romantic. I associate most of these songs with my late teens and very early 20’s. This one in particular reminds me of that hopeful yet scared feeling I had about my future during that time.
  18. And Turn Me Up and Drive!
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  19. My Hip is crap but not bottom 10 crap. And I come at this being probably one of the lowest averages for the air conditioning woman.
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