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QUIRKY POP RATE: The Debuts | #26: "She’s like a little zeitgeist witch"

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Apr 3, 2020.

  1. I gave "Lucky Day" a seven, but I should've also given it a four for all of the reasons that you've mentioned. Although, I gave "Yo-Yo" a four and I don't think "Lucky Day" is as bad as "Yo-Yo."
  2. I LOVED Lucky Day at the time of its release. I like it a little less now, but it's still a solid 8.

    That said, I don't understand how someone who had all the best bits in Girls Aloud songs can sound so bad on her solo songs. I appreciate that the took the effort to sound more uninhibited on her solo material, but at times it's just not very pleasant to listen to. (I say this as someone who absolutely hammered her album.)
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  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Lucky Day outlasting Come Alive, I mean...........
  4. Messy Pop Rate: The Debuts
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  5. Lucky Day out already?!?

    It should've outlasted all of her songs minus maybe Cold War.
  6. The next elimination

    is one I'm actually happy about for a change![/url]
  7. Lucky Day having an average just short of EIGHT out of ten...

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  8. I know right, it deserved 8.5+ at least

  9. But...though I did lose of my favorite songs in the whole rate with "Lucky Day", me hearing about a couple of other 'meh' tracks go, while everyone thought Natalia Kills would get another cull.

  10. "Lucky Day" is so euphoric! I do get how the vocals might too much for some, but I get such joy from whoa-whoa-whoa-whoaing and boom-boom-babying right along with her, it makes me sad that so many of you don't.

    I also think "Come Alive" deserved way better. It's the first Janelle song I ever heard and it totally blew me away back then. I only gave it an 8.5, which was a high score for me, but I guess I should have anticipated the competition and inflated it.
  11. #63

    This is not a love song. Honey, if you want one, better turn it off

    Break You Hard

    Perfectionist 3/6
    10 (14) @eatyourself @DJHazey @fatyoshi @pop3blow2 @Oleander @Island @Pineapple @Dijah. @Robsolete @berserkboi @Crisp X @OspreyQueen @Music Is Life @Lost Boy | 9.7 @Conan
    3 @Blond | 4 (2) @2014 @Stradiwhovius
    Host score: 8

    Leaderboard trajectory:
    5: #42 (8.58)
    10: #74 (7.84)
    15: #72 (7.827)
    20: #71 (7.72)
    25: #70 (7.798)
    30: #72 (7.784)
    35: #69 (7.856)
    40: #64 (7.911)
    45: #60 (7.988)
    50: #56 (8.064)
    55: #60 (8.055)
    60: #61 (7.967)
    65: #61 (7.943)
    67: #63 (7.904)

    Break You Hard was written by Natalia Kills and Theron Feemster (a US songwriter/producer who has worked with a lot of big R&B artists like Mary J. Blige, Ashanti and Brandy), who also produced it. Break You Hard is tied with Lucky Day for the second most 10s so far, and its elimination makes Natalia Kills the fifth artists to be down to two or less songs. But who will be the first to lose all their songs? Personally, I think Break You Hard is great (if a bit unremarkable) and I stand by the 8 I gave it, but seeing it beat the likes of Come Alive, In For The Kill and Lucky Day, it was honestly starting to outstay its welcome.

    @Trouble in Paradise (5) can't decide how to feel about Break You Hard: "Sometimes I enjoy this song and sometimes I absolutely can’t stand it. So here’s my happy meeting place of a score"

    @saviodxl (5.6) answers his own question: "Did I miss a proper chorus? Yes I did!" Heh, I think the chorus is fine.

    @godspeed (7) skirts around the d word (dated): "Once again, this sounds very of its time but I can't lie, it's definitely something that I would have loved in 2011!"

    @Untouchable Ace (7.8) also has issues with the chorus: "Needs the chorus to be beefed up to differentiate it from the rest of the song even more."

    @Runawaywithme (8) brings up the best thing about Natalia: "Again, extremely over the top and over dramatic but it somehow all still works. I love the cinematic perfection."

    @livefrommelbs (9) praises the production: "I love Natalia's voice on this. Like most of the Perfectionist tracks in this rate the productions packs a hell of a wallop."

    @Verandi (9) references his Perfectionist write-up: "I've already talked about the intro. Incredible." (There are links to all the write-ups in the first page if anyone missed any. They're definitely worth reading.)

    @R27 (9.25) thinks Break You Hard is one of Natalia's best: "Loved this back in the day and still love it now. Everything she was trying to do with her debut comes together almost perfectly here. There’s a fully fleshed out artist with a clear understanding of her vision and strengths that emerges over the course of this tune."

    @berserkboi (10) sums up the Perfectionist era nicely: "Very reminiscent of Gaga but still maintains her identity really well throughout!"

    @Crisp X (10) brings up something that I'd love to see: "I love how much edginess she adds to any song just by her delivery alone. This called for a Ayumi Hamasaki-like campy video. I’m replaying the script in my head." I'm not sure if Natalia is aware of Ayumi, but if she is I could see her being an influence, especially when it comes to the more dramatic, rockier songs.

    @OspreyQueen (10) praises the intro: “This is not a love song, honey if you want one, better turn it off” is one of the most arresting and memorable opening lines in the history of pop."

    @Pineapple (10) also mentions Break You Hard should have been a single: "This has always sounded like the single that got away, to me. One of my personal favourites from the album, this is gritty magic." There are two or three songs in the album that would definitely have made for great singles, and I agree this is one of them.

    And lastly, @pop3blow2 (10) is full-on stanning: "My gawd, what a fucking rock bop. I loved ‘Free’ to moon & back, but ‘Break You Hard’ is when I realized she was probably really special. The chorus here is one of the best in rate. and then the *boob boom flash*. I wish she came a bit harder with the vocal on the chorus, but ins one ways the weaknesses in her voice add a weird vulnerability to such raw lyrics. Then the riff in the tag. When will your faves?"

  13. That's exactly one of the Ayumi videos I have in mind everytime I listen to that song. Our minds.
  14. R27


    No! This is her best track in the rate.
  15. I like "Break You Hard," but I don't understand how it outlasted "Love Is A Suicide."

    Also, I know that they're completely different artists and it's like comparing apples and oranges, but they're both featured in this rate, so it must be said:

    Janelle >>>>>>>>>>> Nicola.​
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  16. Well, this was a bad cut.


  17. Nicola and Natalia back to back? Now this is more like it.
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  18. [​IMG]

    That is actually a painful loss. The way Miss Kills has been done wrong in this rate is sickening.
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