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QUIRKY POP RATE: THE DEBUTS | #50: "I hear someone else Taylor was likely inspired by…"

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Apr 3, 2020.

  1. Yes. Yes we have.
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  2. Santigold - Santogold6.5 — High: 7.25 / Low: 6
    Ladyhawke - Ladyhawke6.96 — High: 8 / Low: 6
    Little Boots - Hands — 7.21 — High: 8 / Low: 6
    La Roux - La Roux6.33 — High: 8 / Low: 5
    Florence + the Machine - Lungs 8.38 — High: 9 / Low: 8
    Marina & the Diamonds - The Family Jewels9.21 — High: 10 / Low: 8.75
    Ellie Goulding - Lights 8.83 — High: 10 / Low: 6
    Diana Vickers - Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree7.58 — High: 8 / Low: 7
    Janelle Monáe - The ArchAndroid8.5 — High: 9 / Low: 8
    Natalia Kills - Perfectionist 8.96 — High: 10(x2) / Low: 7.75
    Nicola Roberts - Cinderella’s Eyes — 6.92 — High: 8 / Low: 6.5
    Karen Del Rey - Born to Die9.54 High: 10(x3) / Low: 8.5
    Charli XCX - True Romance9.17 High: 10 / Low: 8.75
    Lorde - Pure Heroine8.75 — High: 10 / Low: 8
    Sky Ferreira - Night Time, My Time9.75 — Highs: 11, 10 / Low: 9
    Foxes - Glorious 8.42 — High: 9.5 / Low: 7.5
  3. When deciding on your 11, do y'all go with your fave or your fave that you assume is most likely to win?
  4. Technically my favourite song here is from Charli XCX. BUT I have already elevened that song before and I'm not a fan of hers anymore.

    You could award it to a song you think needs the boost for a real chance to win. Otherwise be true to you and award it to what feels right.
  5. Charli just dropped one of the best albums of the year though.

    Although, I guess that that's understandable; the shift from her original sound to pop punk with Sucker to the PC Music stylings of her current output is quite jarring.
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  6. Don't think anyone said... but pretty sure there's a mashup of the two songs in Pitch Perfect!
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  7. [​IMG]
    I wanted to provide the level of extra this rate inspires in me.
  8. I personally went with my fave that I most wanted to win, if that makes any sense.
  9. Since it is basically deadlinetime. I am literally clueless what will win this. But let me guess anyway so I can quote myself when it turns up winning after all: Everything Is Embarrassing.
  10. I hope Florence has at least four songs in the top 20 like she deserves.
  11. Sis. I love Florence and her debut. But there is only so much room. No way Florence is so much better than most others here. They deserve their multiple positions too. An artist having two songs in the top 20 with this talent all around is a massive feat.

    Also artists who I see having no songs in the 10:
    - Charli XCX
    - LaRoux
    - LadyHawke
    - Diana VIckers
    - Foxes

    I feel like the last cut will be either Janelle Monae or Santogold. Fearing the most for the latter.
  12. Charli XCX having no songs in the top 10 would be very surprising, but then I don't think most of her Popjustice fans are participating in this rate so who knows. I have no idea who could win to be honest, there are so many contenders I just feel overwhelmed thinking about a potential top 10 alone.
  13. I hope one Ladyhawke song manages to get into the Top 50 considering she is much less popular than many of the other acts here, and thus probably doesn’t have the fan base to carry her through the way many of the other girls will benefit!
  14. I like the Charli album, but personally I don't think it is being represented that well in here. Nuclear Seasons aside.
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  15. You mean the songs picked? Now that I think about the selection and compare it to the overall soundscape of the rate, more specifically artists like Little Boots, Ladyhawke, or Ellie Goulding, perhaps a few changes could've been made but I'm not sure it would've mattered in the end. Perhaps Black Roses, Lock You Up and Set Me Free could have a better chance at making it to the top than some.

    However, I have a feeling What I Like would've stuck out due to its hip-hop centric sound, Cloud Aura would've absolutely been trashed, and the rest of the record isn't as accessible, at least to newcomers. Nuclear Seasons aside, I do think Grins could end up in the top 10 due to its fan favorite nature.
  16. I just hope my doom gremlin queen does quite well. Looking at some of your averages I think she might(?) but I don't want to jinkx it (knowing her luck I probably just have). It's probably no surprise who I gave my 11 too, the question is what song?
  17. [​IMG]

    7 hours left to vote! That's still enough time to go through all of the songs even if you haven't started yet.
  18. Reading these predictions while knowing how things are going to go... Let me keep myself from sharing any spoilers, hard as it might be.

    A couple of things I can say:
    • Nearly every artist has received at least one 10+ average from someone. The two that haven't have still received multiple 9+ averages, with the highest being 9.9 for one and 9.75 for the other.
    • Any of the songs currently in the top 7 could still realistically win the rate, and any of the ones in the bottom 3 could end up coming last.
  19. Here's to hoping that my 0 is a part of that bottom three.
  20. I feel like I struggle with this at every rate but I always land on pick the some that I love the most regardless of where it’ll end up.
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