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QUIRKY POP RATE: THE DEBUTS | #51: "our girl whose favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla"

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Apr 3, 2020.

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  2. Those were my first thought too when I saw the updated thread title. I'm so glad that it wasn't though.
  3. Yes, I made the title.

    I hope I make it again.

    But oh no not Ellie.
  4. The last song to leave before the top 60

    was #1 in the leaderboard at one point during the voting period...
  5. I hope it's Loony Del Roy.
  6. It's impossible for someone to like Nicola's music more than Janelle's? I guess I should've 'gotten in line' and just tanked my Nicola scores for no reason other than to not have 'wrong opinion' and make sure I had the 'correct artist' with higher scores.
  7. The Writer is a fucking fantastic song, but I guess I could say that about 87% of what's still left, so...

    Ellie sounds fantastic and the song's got a lot of nostalgia going for itself in my book, so there's most definitely that.
  8. Oh, wow. How the mighty have fallen.
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  9. I think I had one of the earlier ballots, so I fear my 11 could've been part of an early #1 spot.
  10. I was also one of the first to send in the ballot but I know my 11 will thrive because taste.
  11. I don't think I was an early scorer though.

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  12. However, @soratami didn't mention that it would be the first elimination for an artist, so I think I'm safe.
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  13. Bye Charli.
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  14. I say this as the Number 1 Angel in this forum (#StreamNumber1Angel), but I can't imagine any of Charli's songs being No. 1 at any point of this rate.

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  15. Me not saying it doesn't necessarily mean it won't happen!
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  16. Judging by other eliminated songs that started off high then plummeted as more voters came in, it's gonna be Natalia or Diana.
  17. [​IMG]
  18. But you've given similar hints to every elimination so far, so I figured it would've been mentioned.
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  19. I'm just going to put this into the Universe and hope that I can manifest this result.
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  20. I'm hopeful that Mowgli's Road won't be the first elimination, but to be fair let's consult the two discography rates (which don't really change at all due to an additional album, between 2015 and 2019, because none of the Love + Fear tracks were ever going to bother the top of the charts)


    #2 - Oh No!
    #5 - Numb
    #8 - Obsessions
    #9 - I Am Not a Robot
    #11 - Mowgli's Road
    #14 - Hollywood


    #2 - Oh No!
    #7 - I Am Not a Robot
    #8 - Obsessions
    #9 - Hollywood
    #13 - Mowgli's Road
    #14 - Numb


    2.0 - Oh No!
    8.0 - Obsessions
    8.0 - I Am Not a Robot
    9.5 - Numb
    11.5 - Hollywood
    12.0 - Mowgli's Road

    Well this seems dire. But either way this should give voters a view at how the tracks might fall. Or it should at least give us something to compare with if it goes differently here, with voters who may not be a big enough fan of Marina to have voted in either rate.
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