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QUIRKY POP RATE: THE DEBUTS | #51: "our girl whose favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla"

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Apr 3, 2020.

  1. The oop is on anyone who gave Break You Hard a low score when they realize they have no taste after all.
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  2. Imagine thinking this.
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  3. Imagine not thinking this.
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  4. Imagine picking between them.
  5. Imagine

  6. Diana Vickers next to complete the trinity!
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  7. I literally screamed when I opened this Spoiler tag. Sksksksksk.
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  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Natalia slays at being a flop at least! Not everyone has that to her credit.
  9. I loved Lucky Day but her vocals are so harsh on it.
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  10. Her 'artistry'.
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  11. The next elimination

    is long overdue

  12. Please and thank you.
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  13. #62

    We're interrupted by the heat of the sun, trying to prevent what's already begun

    The Writer

    Lights 6/6
    11 @aux | 10 (10) @Phonetics Boy @BeingNormal @Sail On @sapnu puas @Crisp X @Runawaywithme @Music Is Life @godspeed @ohnostalgia @Remorque | 9.8 @berserkboi
    3 @klow | 5 (3) @Kyle. @Ana Raquel @Pinky25
    Host score: 7

    Leaderboard trajectory:
    5: #62 (8.1)
    10: #62 (8.1)
    15: #80 (7.633)
    20: #77 (7.6)
    25: #69 (7.82)
    30: #71 (7.83)
    35: #67 (7.869)
    40: #71 (7.76)
    45: #70 (7.793)
    50: #68 (7.864)
    55: #65 (7.88)
    60: #63 (7.907)
    65: #63 (7.906)
    67: #62 (7.937)

    The Writer was written by Ellie Goulding and Jonny Lattimer, and produced by Starsmith. It was released as the Lights fourth single, and peaked at #19 in the UK, somehow seven spots higher than the preceding single, Guns And Horses, proving the British GP really can't be trusted. The Writer is the closest thing in the rate to a traditional ballad, and is honestly one of my least favourite songs here, mostly for the points touched in @Trouble in Paradise's commentary. I never would have expected it to do so well, and, as you can see in the leaderboard trajectory, this is another instance (the second so far) of a song being eliminated at the highest placement it ever reached during the voting period.

    The Writer's elimination means there are only three artists with all their songs left (Marina, Lana and Sky), and that @aux is the third voter to loser their 11, sorry about that!

    @Kyle. (5) describes Ellie Goulding as "Not just a writer, a singer songwriter." And that is her field.

    @Trouble in Paradise (7) is conflicted: "Ugh I really wish I loved this song more. I feel like Ellie’s ballads always make me feel like I should love them much more than I do. Like her vocals with this production between synths and folk instrumentals feels so right. But I think it’s the lyrics that just don’t click for me? Plus the heaviness of the hook if that makes any sense?" I'd agree that those two aspects are probably the worst parts of the songs.

    @R27 (7.5) also highlights the issues with The Writer, despite liking it: "This song is so precious. Is it also cliched and GP pandering? Perhaps, but I’m hard pressed to care about any of that when Ellie sounds so pure on every single note."

    @Untouchable Ace (7.7) comes for the bananas & avocados vocal stylings: "Her pronunciation of "Otis" is so Australian." Maybe she's singing about the elevator company.

    @sfmartin (8) compares The Writer to a Disney ballad, which I hear: "It's a very pretty ballad. Sounds straight out of a Disney movie."

    @pop3blow2 (8.9) also has issues with chorus: "Despite the chorus, which always ventured close to the cringe line for me, I still find this song quite pretty."

    @livefrommelbs (9) compares The Writer to a romcom soundtrack ballad, which I also hear: "This sounds like it belongs in a beautifully touching scene of a British romcom. Not a single ounce of shade in that."

    @Verandi (9) "Had to take one point of for that terrible middle-8". The middle 8 is good, but ok.

    @saviodxl (9.1) asks for something I can't give: "I'm getting that "Ellie Goulding singer songwriter" gif vibes. Please include that gif!" Sorry, I have no idea what gif that is, and I couldn't find it on Google either.

    @berserkboi (9.8) appreciates the emotion: "I can get behind the desperation of this lyric/delivery!"

    @BeingNormal (10) finds The Writer "A bit underrated. I'm surprised because I don't really remember this song before but when I revisit it, I think it's really sweet and the melody is really beautiful".

    @Crisp X (10) is left speechless but still writes a paragraph: "What can I say besides that it’s a classic? Get ready for this not like the other girls take, but to me it always sounded like Avril Lavigne’s I Miss You put through an emo/indie pop filter. Let Go was one of my very first albums, and thus a formative listen. Coincidentally, Bright Lights has followed a pattern regarding my musical journey, coming into my life at a crucial point. I did the maths." This sounds like an odd comparison at first, but I can actually totally hear it.

    @Runawaywithme (10)'s commentary is really sweet: "This is possibly my favourite Ellie song (I’m more a Halcyon dude myself) I just love the lovely twinkly synths at the start, and the way every single element of the song fits together perfectly to create this lovely atmosphere. I remember watching the video on music channels a lot when it first came out with my Granny who has since passed away, so I always smile and think of her whenever it plays. Other than sentimental value, I also just love the song, the soaring chorus still takes me as high as it did in 2010 and has just grown even more lovely as time has gone on and on. The middle eight is also a goosebump inducing moment of pop perfection."

    And lastly, @godspeed (10) provides the longest piece of commentary in the rate so far: "Upon my first listen of the Lights album, "The Writer" was my immediate favorite. There was something so beautifully naive that fitted the state of mind of a teenager discovering love, friendship and a certain feeling of freedom and independence so perfectly. I am aware the lyrics don't paint a very optimistic portrait of love and relationships - it's about letting another person define you, trying to change everything about yourself in order to appeal to that person. So yeah, not exactly a very uplifting song. But in a way, it was sort of true of my situation when I started high school because it was a time when I was slowly starting to discover who I was and I owe who I am in big part to the people that surrounded me back then. (I mean, you're unconsciously influenced and defined by the people you hang out with all day, right?)

    Or maybe I'm reaching and trying to find a deeper meaning that relates to me in this song when really all I should say about "The Writer" is that it is a song that I find so beautiful and so full of light musically. The glittering electronic production at the beginning layered with those piano chords on the first verse are so simple yet incredibly pretty and very effective. It captures a feeling of innocence and naiveness, of thinking that being in love means having to change everything about you for someone else to love you and then eventually realizing that's not what it is about. To me, it's a song about growth.

    "The Writer" is yet another proof of what a great singer-songwriter Ellie used to be/can be when she wants to, penning songs that encapsulate and communicate a feeling, a thought, and create a reaction in the listeners who find in these songs relating the songwriter's very own experiences a reflection of their own. What songwriting should be all about really."

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  14. The Writer did NAWT deserve to be Ellie's first exit.
  15. Didn't it though? I couldn't imagine it being anything else.
  16. The audacity of this song getting a higher rating than 2 Janelle songs and 1 Florence song.

  17. It should've been
    instead, tbh.
  18. Oh, so this was the gif @saviodxl was talking about in the commentary. I totally forgot there was any text on it.
  19. I wanted to write a long rant about this elimination but then realized I'm really willing to put ten times the energy into this than into caring about her upcoming album. How the mighty have fallen.
  20. It really shouldn't. That's literally one of the best songs in the rate.
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