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QUIRKY POP RATE: The Debuts | Debut Days Are Over | ♥ Sophomore Rate now open!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Apr 3, 2020.

  1. To be fair, I've never appeared between the lowest scorers of any album or tanked an artists' whole section. I gave my 11 to a Florence song - for yall's information. My second lowest score in the rate was a 4.
  2. L.E.S. Artistes has continued to grow and grow on me since making the pretty last minute decision to give it my 11 and I don't think my commentary really does it justice. We love a good "people so fake" bop but they're a dime a dozen. What sets it apart is that even now I'm older it hits in a different way. There's a quiet dignity to it, and Santi sounds more concerned with rising above and doing her own thing rather than dragging people down. The theme of knowing you've got quite a lot to lose for sticking with your guns and beliefs brings a sense of warmth and vulnerability which elevates it even further. A masterpiece with a wealth of depth and honesty, and beauty.
  3. Well this is not going well dd.
  4. Up next

    those of you who still have their 11 in the rate can breathe a sigh of relief, because the song leaving at #8 is the last one in the rate not to have received any 11s.
  5. R27


    My guess is Lights or Cold War.
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  6. Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree

    Extra Songs

    N.U.M.B (2)
    @BubblegumBoy @junkos

    @BubblegumBoy: "a very fragile and emotive song, nice to see that side of Diana"

    Me & You (2)
    @Remyky22 @Crisp X

    Put It Back Together (5)
    @Sprockrooster @Phonetics Boy @dontkillmyvibe @sfmartin @sapnu puas

    @Sprockrooster: This stadium rock is refreshingly great by a female singer for once. Anthemic and powerful. Especially the adlibs with her signature voice are brilliant.

    Notice (5)
    @Fuchsia @Oleander @Hurricane Drunk @Robsolete @Blond

    Hit (7)
    @eatyourself @soratami @saviodxl @tylerc904 @Ana Raquel @Mr Blonde @OspreyQueen

    #1: Jumping Into Rivers (8)
    @DJHazey @m_dimitrov @constantino @Trouble in Paradise @Verandi @Runawaywithme @LTG @godspeed

    #1: Remake Me + You (8)
    @2014 @aux @No hay banda @fatyoshi @abael @Sleet @elektroxx @Pinky25

    Extra songs playlist:

  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Diana having 2 songs as equally loved that weren't in the rate - not everyone has that!! (Both would have made more sense being included than Four Leaf Clover and Chasing You BUT that's history)
  8. Remake me + you is so 80’s sounding to me.
  9. #8

    I'm trying to find my peace. I was made to believe there's something wrong with me

    Cold War

    The ArchAndroid 1/6
    10 (35) @Sprockrooster @eatyourself @Phonetics Boy @DJHazey @dontkillmyvibe soratami @2014 @aux @Kyle. @No hay banda @fatyoshi @constantino @R27 @BeingNormal @pop3blow2 @Remyky22 @Trouble in Paradise @Oleander @Pineapple @sapnu puas @Stradiwhovius @Verandi @Robsolete @elektroxx @vague @enjoy @Crisp X @ufint @Untouchable Ace @LTG @Blond @Music Is Life @godspeed @Lost Boy @Gabeee9292 @ohnostalgia | 9.8 @berserkboi
    5 (2) @tylerc904 @Aester | 6 (3) @abael @Reboot @blissteria

    Leaderboard trajectory:
    5: #3 (9.8)
    10: #3 (9.75)
    15: #5 (9.533)
    20: #11 (8.95)
    25: #13 (8.936)
    30: #18 (8.805)
    35: #16 (8.79)
    40: #15 (8.829)
    45: #13 (8.932)
    50: #12 (9.039)
    55: #10 (9.008)
    60: #10 (9.041)
    65: #8 (9.055)
    67: #8 (9.049)

    And there goes my last 11 contender in the rate. This could have gone better. As you can see in the leaderboard trajectory, Cold War went through a journey through the voting period, starting in the top 3 only to almost fall outside of the 20, and then very slowly climbed back into the top 10 where it belongs. It should have been top 5, but I'll take #8.

    Cold War was written and produced by Janelle and Deep Cotton and was released the day after Tighrope as the second single from The ArchAndroid, though its iconic video only came out a few months later. Cold War features some of the strongest lyrics in the rate, which in context of The ArchAndroid saga are about Cindi Mayweather's struggle with the loneliness that comes from her unique position as the Android messiah/revolutionary, but are also about Janelle staying true to her artistic convictions despite external influence (in that sense, it's a bit like LES Artistes), and also about her experience as a black woman. None of the people who rated Cold War below 9 provided commentary, probably to avoid getting dragged for their questionable taste.

    @livefrommelbs (9) praises the vocals: "J's tone on this track is so good. Probably my fave from the ArchAndroid."

    @berserkboi (9.8) thinks it's "As amazing as it was when I first heard it in the Favourites Rate!"

    @pop3blow2 (10) quotes Christina (not really): "I hope this one does well here. Much like some of Santigold’s stuff, it was really ahead of its time."

    @Sprockrooster (10) exclaims: "A music video!"

    @Untouchable Ace (10) keeps it short: "The power."

    For once I actually agree with @Verandi (10): "The best track from the album, maybe of her career too."

    @eatyourself (10) is a singer: "this is my go-to song when I’m angry/frustrated and need to sing my lungs out. It also never leaves my head. I wish R*Pa*l would use this for a lipsync."

    @Kyle. (10) praises the vocals, production and lyrics, an all-kill: "Janelle's vocal delivery, coupled with the shattering production really makes this into something special. The meaning behind the lyrics is also so haunting as well."

    @R27 (10) does the same: "This is still one of my favourite Janelle songs. In many ways, this feels more relevant now than ever. Everything about this, from the lyrics to the production to vocals, right down to the overall execution of the track, is pretty much perfect. I hope someone else will be able to better articulate what makes this track so special."

    @constantino (10) loses an 11 contender: "This song is a journey, capturing anguish, despair, hope, defiance and rage all at once. It was another contender for my 11, but just about lost out. Compositionally this is one of the most complex and ambitious songs in the line-up."

    @Crisp X (10) was waiting for something that probably already happened (I really need to catch up on that thread): "Perfection. I burst into tears every single time the stripped down chorus comes on. I could write an thesis about my love for this song, but I’ll wait for it to be eliminated on the Ultimate Songjustice thread instead."

    @Phonetics Boy (10) is the first one several people to mention that line: ""I was made to believe there's something wrong with me." That's the crux, isn't it? The moment when she touched the deepest part of my psyche is when I heard this line for the first time ddd. There's so many layers, of course. The class, the race, the mental state. Can't speak on the first two, as I benefit from my identity, which has to be said. However, being an autistic person, well, that line hits so close to home. Truly, deep down I think I'm unlikable. I'm working on not feeling worthless because of how I am. And, like, I know these ideas come from external sources. And Janelle gets it. Every part of Cold War is perfect and stunning and stuff. I just wanted to highlight the moment when it all fell into place for me."

    @Stradiwhovius (10) the second: "I bopped along to this it was fine… Then "I was made to believe there's something wrong with me" hits and you know that Janelle absolutely came in with something to say. It is telling that's the moment in the video where she starts to break. From that moment I decided I had to stan."

    @godspeed (10) the third: ""I'm trying to find my peace/I was made to believe there's something wrong with me" will never be not terribly heartbreaking but oh-so-relatable lyrics. One of her finest and most striking songs. A true masterpiece and 11 contender. I hope it will get in the top 10 but I somehow doubt that it will."

    And @Trouble in Paradise (10) the fourth. The power that that line has: "If you haven’t cried singing along at the top of your lungs in your car to “I’m trying to find my peace! I was made to believe there’s something wrong with me!” then you will never truly know me or my life. The music video is perfect and the moment Janelle breaks is truly moving. Unfortunately for me, when I breakdown listening to this song it is not as beautiful."
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  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member


    Not L.E.S. Artistes and Cold War going back to back. Suddenly I only want Everything is Embarrassing to win for the underdog victory.
  12. Well. At least Janelle made top half.
  13. Now that all my 11 contenders have been eliminated, Oh No! is actually my favourite song left in the rate, so bye.
  14. Every time someone calls for Oh No! to leave, it moves up one position.
  15. Gutting. Janelle was my favourite discovery of the rate so Cold War making the top 5 would have been a personal pop justice. My favourites Cold War and Dance or Die are just fire.
  16. I guess people really are heartless. Bye.
  17. 7. Ribs
    6. Video Games
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  18. Oh No is relatable cause self-loathing and has immaculate production. I don't ride hard for Marina anymore but I'll die on any hill for this song. Video Games has nothing to say, so it can go before that.
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