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QUIRKY POP RATE: The Debuts | Debut Days Are Over | ♥ Sophomore Rate now open!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Apr 3, 2020.

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    Didn't they also put the rerelease out like a month after the original album's release? I remember finding the logic behind that strange at the time.
  2. It hasn't. I do not think it has been featured in a rate before even! So sweet victory for that oversight then!
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    Everything and nothing always haunts me

    Everything Is Embarrassing

    Night Time, My Time 1/6
    11 (3) @Rem @Robsolete @elektroxx | 10 (39) @Sprockrooster @eatyourself @Phonetics Boy soratami @livefrommelbs @2014 @aux @Kyle. @No hay banda @Fuchsia @Sleet @constantino @blissteria @Conan @R27 @BeingNormal @tylerc904 @Aester @Mr Blonde @Oleander @Island @Hurricane Drunk @Pineapple @klow @Dijah. @Stradiwhovius @vague @enjoy @Crisp X @Epic Chocolat @OspreyQueen @Music Is Life @slaybellz @godspeed @Lost Boy @Gabeee9292 @Pinky25 @japanbonustrack @Remorque | 9.5 (2) @Sail On @LTG
    6 @dontkillmyvibe | 6.75 @Trouble in Paradise | 7 (6) @BubblegumBoy @DJHazey @Reboot @sapnu puas @junkos @ohnostalgia

    Leaderboard trajectory:
    5: #34 (8.8)
    10: #19 (9)
    15: #12 (9.133)
    20: #8 (9.1)
    25: #9 (9.108)
    30: #7 (9.143)
    35: #7 (9.159)
    40: #4 (9.189)
    45: #5 (9.206)
    50: #4 (9.275)
    55: #3 (9.261)
    60: #2 (9.248)
    65: #2 (9.259)
    67: #2 (9.259)

    Coming just 3.2 points short of #1 is Everything Is Embarrassing. As you can see in the leaderboard trajectory, despite ending the rate at #2, it was never at #1 at any point during the voting period, and was actually outside the top 5 until we hit forty voters. Given its upward trajectory, maybe it would have ended up winning had there been a few more voters? Had I accepted that semi-troll ballot I've mentioned a couple of times in the thread, Everything Is Embarrassing would have actually beaten Cosmic Love by 0.3 points (since that user had given it his 11 and Cosmic Love an 7.5), but there was really nothing I could have done as that ballot didn't adhere to the rules I stipulated, and said user never replied to my PMs. Everything Is Embarrassing is tied for Ride for the most 10s in the rate, and it also received the highest amount of 10s + 11s, with forty-two people (that's 63% of everyone who took part), giving it a perfect (or "more than perfect") score. When compiling the song list, it never even crossed my mind Everything Is Embarrassing would have been such a strong contender for the win, as I had no idea it was this popular. The #2 placement is definitely deserved though.

    Everything Is Embarrassing was written by Sky, Ariel Rechtshaid and Dev Hynes/Blood Orange (in fact it started its life as a Dev Hynes demo), and produced by the latter two. This makes Dev Hynes's only appearance in the rate, though he also co-wrote and produced Me & You from Diana Vickers's Songs From The Tainted Tree. It was released as the second single from the Ghost EP, which came out shortly before Night Time, My Time, and which was bundled with the deluxe edition of the album. The song was also added to later versions of the album as a bonus track. Everything Is Embarrassing didn't do much chart-wise, aside from being a moderate hit in Belgium for some reason, but it received a lot of critical acclaim, being named by multiple publications as one of the best songs of the 10s.

    We start the commentary section with Florence stan/Sky hater @Trouble in Paradise (6.75): "The most disappointing song of the rate. By no means a bad song, but especially given where we are now it’s simply a nice Blood Orange song that’s been hyped to death. Sky’s vocals are nice but don’t give me any personality or edge? It’s very pleasant, but really nothing more than that. I’ll go listen to “Losing You” for an outstanding Blood Orange production with a vocal performance to match."

    @Untouchable Ace (7.1) asks a question I don't know how to answer: "Did she sample something from Sesame Street?"

    @Verandi (7.5) also thinks Solange did it better: "Always found it a bit overrated. It's good but Solange did it better on her True EP."

    @sfmartin (8) calls Everything Is Embarrassing "Moody and brilliant." If it's brilliant, why did you only give it an 8?

    @berserkboi (8.2) is here for the 80s vibes: "I enjoy the Neon 80s qualities of this!"

    @Runawaywithme (9) praises: "A simply divine song, it’s a bit of a red herring in Sky’s discography, but it’s a beautiful one. It perfectly sums up feeling lonely or discontent with its spacey vocals and summery synths. Sky’s vocal is restrained and delicate, but also strong and bold. It just captures a moment and mood perfectly and it’s such a blissful escape of a song to drift off into."

    @pop3blow2 (9.1) preferred Bop Sky: "Oh Sky. One of those artists I expected to be obsessed with after ‘One’ and it just never materialized. I do like her, but could just never get on board completely. This is her strongest song here to me."

    @R27 (10) starts the 10s section by questioning my choices: "This wasn’t included on my version of the album, so I was surprised to see it included in the rate, but it’s a stone cold classic so who cares?" A) It was included in the Ghost EP that came with the deluxe edition of the album, B) It was part of the International and Japanese editions of the album and C) It's part of the album on streaming services. Let's get that straight, okay? dd

    @Stradiwhovius (10) relates: "@joe_alouder once described this as the song which best represents me and the fact it's absolutely the tea stops me from giving it a 10. (I'm giving it a 10 anyway because that'd be unfair but I really didn't want to)"

    @Crisp X (10) considers the video essential: "Even if Night Time, My Time ended up sounding way different than this song led me to expect, I think nothing else she has done define the early 10’s this much. It’s impossible to judge it without the video in mind."

    @Epic Chocolat (10) also mentions the 80s vibes: "Another song I never hear, so every time is a rediscovery and a pleasure. I first heard it on the TV show "Roadies". Like most of my 10s in this rate I dig the 80s undertones."

    @Phonetics Boy (10) on the other hand gets 90s instead: "That one that's more of a 90s classic than actual 90s classics. Sophie B. Hawkins, who?"

    @constantino (10) makes a more current reference: "The biggest hit to have barely any chart impact...pre Motivation, that is. It’s hard to think about a time where a Sky Ferreira release was such a moment, considering she’s just about releasing one song per year if we’re lucky." Not poor Normani getting dragged even here.

    @livefrommelbs (10) keeps it to the point: "It's just so good. Such a moment."

    @Kyle. (10) says Everything Is Amazing: "Everything about this is just so fucking good. Without fail, each and every time, I feel it weigh down my chest. Sky has such power when she hits the mark."

    And @Pineapple (10) agrees: "This song is indie pop royalty. Everything about this, Sky nailed."

    @eatyourself (10) is the first to praise Dev Hynes's work on the song: "whew talk about a game changer. Remember when no one made music with Dev Hynes? Weird times. This is such a classic."

    @OspreyQueen (10) does as well: "There’s this very specific soundscape that only Dev Hynes and like…three other producers in the world know how to tap into, and this song is tied with Losing You as my absolute favourite example of it. Listening to it is like entering a portal to another (better) world."

    And @godspeed (10) too: "A stunner. I come back to this regularly because it always speaks to me and make me feel good. Her performance on this track is sublime, especially when you compare it to Dev Hynes' demo, she really manages to bring more emotion and edge to it. But I also have to praise Dev who produced and co-wrote this song, regardless of the bad blood between him and Sky Ferreira. They really created magic here. It's one of these songs that will never grow old. Simply perfect music encapsulating a universal and complex feeling and putting it into such simple words and chords. Pop music at its finest."

    @japanbonustrack (10) is the first almost 11er: "Almost gave my eleven to this masterpiece..."

    @BeingNormal (10) the second: "Another one that almost get my 11. The nostalgia during my edgy days, when I will constantly blast this song whenever I'm in a bus or car so I can pretend to be longing and sad dd."

    And @Sprockrooster (10) the third: "An 11-contender. Dev Hynes really flexed here resulting into a timeless piece. That beat is so rough and with that lush chorus. OOH. The flavour!" If you guys had all given Everything Is Embarrassing your 11s... it would have still come second, but only by 0.2 points.

    Just like Sky, @Dijah. (10): made some points: "She’s right. Everything really IS embarrassing."

    And lastly, @elektroxx (11), the only 11 giver to provide commentary, gets straight to the point: "This is honestly the perfect song."
  4. #1

    Then I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too
    So I stayed in the darkness with you

    Cosmic Love

    Lungs 1/6
    11 (5) @dontkillmyvibe @Reboot @Oleander @Hurricane Drunk @japanbonustrack | 10 (35) @eatyourself @Phonetics Boy @BubblegumBoy soratami @livefrommelbs @2014 @Kyle. @m_dimitrov @No hay banda @fatyoshi @Sleet @constantino @R27 @pop3blow2 @Remyky22 @Sail On @Trouble in Paradise @Island @sapnu puas @Stradiwhovius @Verandi @Robsolete @berserkboi @elektroxx @vague @enjoy @Crisp X @ufint @Runawaywithme @LTG @Blond @godspeed @Lost Boy @Gabeee9292 @Remorque | 9.75 @Music Is Life
    6.5 @aux | 7 (6) @abael @BeingNormal @tylerc904 @Mr Blonde @Pineapple @klow

    Leaderboard trajectory:
    5: #12 (9.4)
    10: #8 (9.45)
    15: #4 (9.533)
    20: #3 (9.5)
    25: #5 (9.304)
    30: #6 (9.22)
    35: #4 (9.217)
    40: #3 (9.19)
    45: #3 (9.252)
    50: #2 (9.327)
    55: #1 (9.292)
    60: #1 (9.297)
    65: #1 (9.328)
    67: #1 (9.307)

    And here we are. Being the most well-loved song by the most well-loved (or at least least-disliked) artist in the rate, Cosmic Love was always a strong contender for the win, and it did win in the end, despite only taking the #1 at the fifty-voter mark, as before then Video Games and Oh No! took turns in first place. Cosmic Love is tied for the third most 10s in the rate, and it also received the second most 11s (after Ribs). It's also the song in the rate to have received the highest lowest score (6.5), which is fitting for a rate winner. Also, the second lowest scorer for Everything Is Embarrassing being @Trouble in Paradise, the rate's Florence rep, and the lowest scorer for Cosmic Love being @aux, the Sky rep, is pretty funny. You two really did all you could to have your fave to win, huh?

    Cosmic Love was written by Florence and Isabella "The Machine" Summers and produced by Paul Epworth. It was released as the sixth(!) single from Lungs, a year after the album came out. Understandably, it wasn't as successful as most of the album's other singles, charting at #51 in the UK, though it did get a Platinum certification in the US and was also a big hit in Poland and Belgium (not both Everything Is Embarrassing and Cosmic Love being hits in Belgium, maybe the Belgian GP made some points). According to Florence, Cosmic Love is about how being in love means "you give yourself up to the dark, to being blind", and about the writing process, she said: "'Cosmic Love' was a joke title, but it stuck. The most hungover I’ve ever been when writing a song. I went to Isabella's studio after having been to a party, and I was lying on the floor wanting to vomit. We were working really hard on a song and just trying to make this sh*t piano part work, and all of a sudden I hit on one note, and I’d got it. We wrote the whole song in ten minutes." That's talent.

    @saviodxl (7.6) makes the obvious reference: "Some Kate Bush songs had sex and had a kid song."

    Next up, adjectives - @sfmartin (9) starts with: "Magical, powerful."

    @Untouchable Ace (9.2) helps those who didn't get it the first time: "Magical"

    And @berserkboi (10) concludes with: "Amazing!"

    @Verandi (10) might be implying anyone who scored this below 10 doesn't have ears: "Anybody with ears will agree with me when I say this is still perfect."

    @Phonetics Boy (10) praises the video: "That's downright romantic and the video is one of her best."

    @eatyourself (10) has a lot more to say: "I’d love to write an essay on this one since it means so much to me but I’ll leave it at this: it’s the best single from this album. The use of drums + harps kills the gay."

    @Crisp X (10) also compliments the instrumental: "My memory is blurry but I think this was the song and music video that got me through the band. It was the first time I was listening to something featuring baroque instruments this prominently. It was completely out of my element, and while her vocals took a bit to grow on me, I was quickly fixed on the anthemic nature of the songs. They just sound so big, like they’re meant to be performed in amphitheaters with an orchestra. A decade later, this might not be my favorite song on Lungs (Drumming Song and You’ve Got The Love still are battling for my #1). However, this is the most defining, and, with the presence of all their signature elements, the one I recommend to anyone wanting to get into Florence + The Machine."

    And so does @Kyle. (10), and everything else too: "The range (vocally, sonically AND lyrically) of this song is still astounding. The imagery this conjures up without fail is really unmatched and the way she manages to build and build and build is so very special. And that harp solo!"

    @livefrommelbs (10) is going straight to the tattoo parlor after this elimination: "Just perfect. Some of her most poetic, powerful lyrics too. "I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too / So I stayed in the darkness with you" - I mean, come on. Tattoo it onto my damn skin."

    @R27 (10) dramatically exclaims: "The romance! The heartbreak! The drama of it all! This is the best track on her debut and potentially her entire career. My personal highlight would probably be the heart wrenching bridge (“so I stayed in the darkness with you”), but honestly every second of this is excellent. Florence’s powerful wailing has never been more well-earned or affecting than during that final chorus. It’s cathartic, beautiful, and harrowing all at once; as if Florence has become a supernova destroying the entire cosmos around her in the name of her broken heart."

    @elektroxx (10) considers Cosmic Love to be peak Florence: "I feel like "Cosmic Love" encapsulates everything that I love about Florence."

    @pop3blow2 (10) praises my curatorial skills: "Easily one of the best songs in a rate where you can’t turn without bumping into genius." Thank you.

    @Runawaywithme (10) shares another live memory, which were a recurring thing when it came to Florence commentary: "Like with Dog Days, I also have a very close memory with this song after seeing Florence perform it live in Glasgow at the High as Hope tour. I had always loved this song anyway, I loved it’s pulsing, building, verses and Florence’s amazing clear vocals and beautiful imagery in the lyrics, It was definitely a bedroom rave favourite and remains one to this day. I remember at the concert in the back of my mind I kept thinking “I really hope she does Cosmic Love” and then - quite late in the set - Florence told everyone to bring out the lights on their phones, and genuinely the whole place as a wave of light, and then she went into this song and seeing it live was just as epically amazing as I hoped it would be and I remember just soaking in the moment and the atmosphere and being pleasantly really overcome about how amazing it was to be at this concert, and just how happy I was to be hearing this song and the wall of sound created by Florence and her band in the Hydro arena was really epic and felt like it could thundering down at any minute and literally tear the roof of the place, but that was what was so beautiful. All in all, I love this song very much and hold it very dearly to my heart - I feel a very intense personal connection to a lot of the artists and songs in this rate (especially Florence, Sky, Lana and Marina) but I seem to have some kind of very specific connection to Florence that is a bit different than the others. I can’t quite explain it, but it’s like her music, and this song specially it was always a favourite, provided a very specific type of release for me that I really needed at a lot of points in my life." Not you listing the four artists that made the top 5 of the rate, and exactly in the order they placed too. What kind of psychic powers.

    @godspeed (10) describes Cosmic Love beautifully (and also manages to name drop an Electra Heart song nn): "This has, for a long time, been my favorite Florence + The Machine song. It might actually still be my favorite Florence + The Machine song now that I think about it... I know it's not very fair to pick a "best" song on an album as great as Lungs because, honestly, I can think of 4 or 5 other songs that I'd rank very high on this record. But "Cosmic Love," to me, always felt very special and just has something I don't think the rest of the tracks on Lungs have. It is a state of dreaming translated into music. It is romanticism in its purest form incorporated into a late-2000s indie pop song. Florence's voice never sounded as divine and angelic as on "Cosmic Love." The production floats between verses that sound so sublime and dreamy with Florence soft vocals accompanied by a harp creating a surreal feel and a huge chorus dominated by powerful drums that would later become Florence + The Machine's signature. It's a captivating and heavenly song that mixes pop music, a baroque influence and a certain fascination for British folklore. A part of me still thinks this is their greatest song and artistic achievement."

    And @Trouble in Paradise (10) offers a beautiful interpretation: "Look I know there are different interpretations of this song and despite the fear of outing myself as a bit of a masochist, I’ve always heard this as a straightforward love song. I mean not in a “I love you” sort of way but in the “I must give in to the terrifying vulnerability of surrendering my love to someone whose inner world I can never know” sort of way. I take a different view of the love is blind concept. The blindness of our love, the blown out moons and shattered stars, is in how little control we have over the way another person responds to us. Love only comes from being yourself so another’s person reaction to that true self is all on them. You can’t change yourself to be more lovable. And we all have our darkness. We all have parts of us we wish we could change. Maybe it’s how we look or where we’re from or something that happened to us. But being loved means giving into that darkness and letting the other person know it. And Florence finds that her love too is in the darkness. One of the most freeing moments of my life was realizing I loved my fiance even knowing that he is deeply flawed cause it meant I deserved his love even though I knew I was not perfect. Being in love means being with each other in the darkness together."

    And the last commentary of the rate goes to @constantino (10), who hosted the Florence rate: "A deserved winner of her rate. This is MASSIVE. This song is visceral, reflecting how involved Florence is as a writer and performer. The structure of the song is particularly brilliant, it’s just so dramatic. Florence was THAT theatre girl who was actually blessed with the gift of talent and went on to prove just that." That's right, after all this work, I don't even get a rate rep in the next winner's rate. Thanks, I hate it.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2020
  5. Why not both.gif

    Sky did a tremendous job. So thrilled I Blame Myself wasn't the last standing song! Sometimes a silver medal is a lost gold one, but in this case it is damn achievement. So proud of her!

    Also who are the other fuckers in the first 5 voter pool? Since I was among them and I gave it a 10 yet it still not managing a top 30 placement - I seriously want to fight.

    Congratulations miss Welch. Since Lana cancelled herself out of the right I always figured you were the one to beat. And she still stood firmly. A class-A act!
    berserkboi and soratami like this.
  6. Maybe we need a rate of multiple rate winners that got blocked from a second time ddd. All the sheer talent is far too much ddd.
  7. The right winner but what a fucking ride this has been. Bravo to @soratami for running the rate so well. Can't wait for the Sophomore when there will be justice for Foxes.
  8. #96: Four Leaf Clover
    #95: Cover My Eyes
    #94: Quicksand
    #93: Mathematics
    #92: Meddle
    #91: My Hip

    #90: Glory And Gore
    #89: Take A Bite
    #88: Home
    #86 (1): Acid Annie
    #86 (2): Chasing You
    #85: You'll Never Get To Heaven
    #84: Better Than Sunday
    #83: Creator
    #82: Kill My Boyfriend
    #81: Tigerlily

    #80: I'm Not Your Toy
    #79: Yo-Yo
    #78: 57851
    #77: Shove It
    #76: Love Is A Suicide
    #75: Dusk Till Dawn
    #74: Night Owls Early Birds
    #73: Royals
    #72: Say Aha
    #71: You'll Find A Way

    #70: Cinderella's Eyes
    #69: Between Two Lungs
    #68: Grins
    #67: Back Of The Van
    #66: Come Alive (The War Of The Roses)
    #65: In For The Kill
    #64: Lucky Day
    #63: Break You Hard
    #62: The Writer
    #61: Porcelain Heart

    #60: Glorious
    #58 (1): Holding Onto Heaven
    #58 (2): Wondaland
    #57: Beat Of My Drum
    #55 (1): Numb
    #55 (2): Stuck On Repeat
    #54: Earthquake
    #53: Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay)
    #52: I Will
    #51: Radio

    #50: Paris Is Burning
    #49: Lights Out
    #48: Guns And Horses
    #47: Mowgli's Road
    #46: New In Town
    #45: You (Ha Ha Ha)
    #44: Dance Or Die
    #43: Starry Eyed
    #42: The Boy Who Murdered Love
    #41: Wonderland

    #40: This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)
    #39: Under The Sheets
    #38: Stay Away
    #37: You're The One
    #36: Once
    #35: Obsessions
    #34: Howl
    #33: Take My Hand
    #32: I Am Not A Robot
    #31: Buzzcut Season

    #30: Blue Jeans
    #29: Summertime Sadness
    #28: Nuclear Seasons
    #27: Tennis Court
    #26: Team
    #25: 24 Hours
    #24: Hollywood
    #23: Remedy
    #22: Mirrors
    #21: Magic

    #20: Youth
    #19: My Delirium
    #18: Tightrope
    #17: Bulletproof
    #16: I Blame Myself
    #15: Drumming Song
    #14: Let Go For Tonight
    #13: You're Not The One
    #12: Born To Die
    #11: Ride

    #10: Dog Days Are Over
    #9: L.E.S. Artistes
    #8: Cold War
    #7: Ribs
    #6: Lights
    #5: Oh No!
    #4: Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
    #3: Video Games
    #2: Everything Is Embarrassing
    #1: Cosmic Love
  9. Alright, phew, I can't believe that's finally over*. Not gonna lie, this rate was hugely time consuming, due to the amount of songs, voters and commentary (especially the commentary), but it was absolutely worth it, and a pleasure to host it and celebrate all these amazing artists and albums with all of you.

    There are a few people I'd like to thank:

    @aux, @berserkboi, @Crisp X, @godspeed, @Island, @Mirwais Ahmadzaï, @Music Is Life, @pop3blow2, @savilizabeths, @Trouble in Paradise, @Untouchable Ace and @Verandi for helping with the songs selections and for the fabulous album write-ups.

    @2014, @aux (again), @Crisp X (again), @elektroxx, @Phonetics Boy, @saviodxl and @Stradiwhovius for the guest eliminations, which were not only flawless but also a really welcome break for me.

    @londonrain for making the base version of the spreadsheet I used for the rate, which makes everything so much easier and more practical, and @DJHazey for being gracious enough to put queueing his next rate on hold for a few days, so we can have the Sophomore rate a bit sooner.

    And of course all of you for taking part in the rate

    (*it's not actually over, I still have a bunch of things to post over the next few days, plus we all know what's coming next...)
  10. Flo winning = Pop Justice. Cosmic Love is the best song from the debut so I'm super happy with this result. I wouldn't expect Everything is Embarrassing to come this far, glad it did.

    @soratami this rate has been a blast and I hope the Sophomore albums one comes soon cause I know the fun isn't over. This thread has replenished my electrolytes multiple times in the last few months, you're an amazing host and this rate has been super well executed.

    Also, I'm here if you need someone to select songs from one of the sophomore albums!
  11. What an amazing rate @soratami. Messy, but amazing!

    Under normal circumstances I would say I would've been flabbergasted had Cosmic Love not won, but as the final elimination order above reminds us (and shows anyone popping in here), nothing was certain in this rate.

    The sophomore rate is gonna be a journey, too. I want to say if it gets as messy I'll be better emotionally prepared, but I won't. ddd

    Also, I am kinda living for the fact that @Trouble in Paradise was the lowest overall scorer for Sky & the highest for Florence. I mean, I kinda expected that based on some the reveals during the rate, but the fact that it came down to those two in final makes that bit of split-chick-ness, even more juicy for me.
  12. Cosmic Love was my second choice for my 11 and it really is a perfect song. It's going to be impossible to choose one between Melodrama and Ceremonials next time. Amazing rate @soratami, thank you so much!
  13. (I'll just copy this from the Rate Queue thread)

    And so I'd like to queue the ★Quirky Pop Rate: Sophomore★, a 96 song versus rate featuring a selection of songs from the Florence + the Machine, Santigold, Little Boots, Ladyhawke, Ellie Goulding, Natalia Kills, Janelle Monáe, Diana Vickers, La Roux, Charli XCX, Foxes, Lorde and three other artists' (which will be revealed later) sophomore albums. @Phonetics Boy is my back-up host.

  14. Congrats and thank you @soratami for hosting this rate ! What a wonderful hosting, although the results are just not it for me.

    Oh also I am volunteering for picking the songs from Sky's sophomore album

  15. R27


    Excellent job @soratami! I loved all the extra things you've done with this rate too such as the guest write ups and extra songs lists. Can't wait for the sophomore rate.
  16. Thank you for doing this @soratami, it was great fun! Can't wait for the Sophomore rate.

    Great to see Cosmic Love win. There's also a lovely acoustic version which I recently discovered
  17. This was one of my favorite rates ever, thanks sis @soratami! And efficient as ever, you’re already rolling out the next one. Perched!

    Already rooting for

  18. Flawlessly run, thank you @soratami. Cannot wait for Sophomore albums and to discover more music. Cosmic Love was my second favorite Florence so I will take it.
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