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When Cassie's only job is to deliver the vocal convincingly and she fails at that:


Sexual Healing (Oops Pt. 2)
me, @Empty Shoebox & @Holly Something

10 @Sprockrooster me | 9 @Music Is Life
2 @Hurricane Drunk | 3 @abael | 4 @Aester @Empty Shoebox

Sexual Healing (Oops Pt. 2) was released in April 2002 as the last track in Tweet's debut album Southern Hummingbird.

Combining Ms. Jade's iconic verses, Timbaland's banging production and Tweet's gorgeous vocals, Sexual Healing (Oops Pt. 2) is one of the biggest bops in Part 2... and I can't believe it's leaving at third from last. How can you not like it? A mess. Should have been top 15.


@Rei Ayanami (5) Pretty repetitive.

@livefrommelbs (5) This one's just not for me SORRY.

@godspeed (7) The only problem I have with this song is that it doesn't have the same feel to it as the part 1. I get that the goal of those "sequels" is to reinvent the song but I believe they should still feel like they belong in the same vein. It feels more like a remix than an actual part 2 to "Oops."

@berserkboi (7.5) A bit messier than the rest though still overall good! Not as strong as Part Un, obvs!

@londonrain (8) Is it as good as Part 1? No. But it’s still solid.

@Holly Something (9) Of course not as good as part 1 but I like it a lot.

@Sprockrooster (10) A fantastic continuation!

Legends only:

I just noticed there was an error in the spreadsheet (there's a sequence of scores that was supposed to go 9.5 9.5 4 9.5 but I'd put it as 9.5 4 9.5 4, it doesn't affect the songs already eliminated though), so the song that I was preparing to eliminate next actually isn't going quite yet. This also means that the "three different artists losing songs" thing I mentioned yesterday no longer applies, and the next cut is actually by someone who has already lost a song.

@Sprockrooster & @Daniel_O

10 @Sprockrooster me @berserkboi | 9.5 @Maki
4 @Empty Shoebox @Hurricane Drunk @ssa | 5 @livefrommelbs @tylerc904

Redrum was released as a standalone single in August 2017, during a period in which Amerie for some reason decided to go by Ameriie. She has since gone back to Amerie however. Redrum is the second most recent song in Part 2, after Christina's Sunday, which was released last year.

I love an ominous bop, and Redrum was nearly my pick for Part 2. Like Sexual Healing before it, it definitely deserved to do better. At least we're already at 7+ averages, which isn't bad at all (the difference @CasuallyCrazed not voting makes).


@ssa (4) I don’t like the cover and the song is as bad as Christina’s latest non-singles. No thanks.

@livefrommelbs (5) The extra i in her name really didn't add much else to proceedings.

@Verandi (5) This is well beneath her. Trap remains a terrible idea 99% of the times.

@Rei Ayanami (7) Way better than an R&B song referencing The Shining has any right to be. Which reminds me, Doctor Sleep was AMAZING and deserved so much more success, much like Amerie herself.

@londonrain (7) Underrated.

@godspeed (8) A different direction for Ameri(i)e. I really liked "Mustang" on which the airy production was phenomenal and such a nice fit for the singer, but this is really nice as well.

@elektroxx (9) Oh, this is from the Ameriie era. Issa vibe.

@Music Is Life (9) I know it seems to be about actual rum, but is it some purposeful Shining reference? This is kinda dark, but fun at the same time.

@Maki (9.5) Love the eerie vibes here. Quite different from the rest of her songs here, too. This is amazing, considering that the style is modern contemporary R&B that doesn't generally appeal to me.

@Sprockrooster (10) Amerie (known as Ameriie here) shows her most lyrical power here. I love how she doesn't hold back going the outer length for her man's wrong doing, but spelling 'murder' backwards is a nice touch of a realisation she knows what she is doing is wrong.

@berserkboi (10) Love this too!

Legends only:

Poor Amerie really won a weak selection this time around, when career highs like All I Need, Higher, Out Loud, Losing U and half of Because I Love It are RIGHT THERE.

It is a shame none of her great album tracks aside from Crush made it. Twelve of them did get a single vote.

Poor Marvin Gaye.

Excuse you but that song is absolutely iconic. Snoop Dogg and Robyn are truly a match made in heaven.