I've probably said this before, but I'll say it again—I hate y'all.

I'd be here for Big Pop Girl Ditto, tbh.



I'm perched for the collab with Dr Ora


Smoking Cigarettes
@Robsolete, @godspeed & @Conan

10 @Sprockrooster me @berserkboi @Robsolete @Holly Something | 9 @Music Is Life
2 @Hurricane Drunk | 3 @Empty Shoebox | 4 @tylerc904

Smoking Cigarettes was released in April 2002 as the third track on Tweet's debut Southern Hummingbird, and it was also released as a promo single.

Smoking Cigarettes is such a smooth, relaxing song, and it really lets Tweet's gorgeous vocals shine. It definitely deserved to do better, though I guess I can see how it might be a bit too smooth for some people. It's the first song in Part 2 to receive five 10s, and I suppose a 7.1 average isn't that bad.


@londonrain (6) This is the smooth R&B sound I come to her for. Gorgeous. (And yet you only gave it a 6...)

@livefrommelbs (7.5) My scores for the songs themselves mightn't always reflect it, but getting to know Tweet's beautiful voice beyond her biggest hits has been a lovely treat.

@Rei Ayanami (8) Grown-folk music.

@godspeed (8) Southern hummingbird indeed! This song feels like honey, it's so sweet, soulful, relaxing and comforting. An underrated classic.

@Music Is Life (9) Immediately I love the guitar on this song. This is slightly overproduced, what is that wobble throughout? It makes no sense. This would be better as a straightforward acoustic ballad song. As it is, I just really like it rather than love it. The lyrics are great, and her voice is really pretty. Why did they ruin the feel of the song with that damn wobble?! I’m kind of really upset about it now. (The wobble is great, what a weird thing to get hung up about)

@Sprockrooster (10) A great smoove joint and a massive discovery.

@berserkboi (10) Really showcases what a gifted singer Tweet is! Giving this a full 10 as beyond having no complaints I fear it will get underrated due to being on the slow side!

@Holly Something (10) The best voice in this rate, she's just so smooth.

Legends only:



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Cassie getting repeatedly dragged for her vocals (and not by me) in her eliminations so far...


Smoking Cigarettes is really pretty but it’s not even her best song in this half and it works better as part of the album than as a stand-alone song.

Having said that, I probably underscored it.